Earthquake off the Solomon Islands tsunami generated

On Wednesday, at 6.35 local time (10.35 MSK) in the Solomon Islands was a third day of the earthquake. Magnitude was 6.3. This time the epicenter was located in the sea near the island of Santa Cruz. Hearth tremors occur at depths 10.2 kilometers.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the United States about the threat of a tsunami on the islands of Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Kiribati and other areas of the region.

Anxiety was also declared in Japan, the warning is valid for the entire Pacific coast of northern Hokkaido to southern Okinawa. According to experts, the height of the waves, which will reach the coast of Japan, will not exceed 0.5 meters.

The tsunami that arose in the Solomons, destroyed several villages. Wave height in the affected region reached 0.9 meters.

In particular, the AFP citing a representative hospital in Lata — the provincial capital of Temotu — announced that the island Nendo destroyed several villages, according to the physician, they can live about 700 people. Five people, including a boy aged 10-12 years, were killed. In return, France Presssoobschaet about three wounded.

Meanwhile, Russia's Far East coast is out of danger. As the head of the Sakhalin Tsunami Warning Centre Tatiana Ivelskaya, in case of formation of tsunami traces of it can reach the Kuril Islands after 9-10 hours after the quake.

Earthquake of magnitude 8.0 was recorded in 05.12 MSK in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Nendo. The earthquake was at a depth of 33 kilometers. Later followed by a series of aftershocks, including a 6.4-magnitude tremors and 6.6.

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