Ecologists have found in the Dnipropetrovsk region second Chernobyl

Scientists: "Under the Dnipropetrovsk was a nuclear explosion"

Dnipropetrovsk scientists proved — near Nikopol real second Chernobyl.

Researchers have officially confirmed that in the Nikopol district on the site of the former was mine uranium, dangerous levels of radiation.

They announced the results of the analysis of soil samples produced in a certified laboratory. Recall the recent ecologist Nikopol Babinin Yuri and his colleague from Kharkov Vedmidsky Alex said 4 km from the village found his Dovgievka Chernobyl. Environmental instruments in the wasteland left over from the mine sites showed a 20-fold excess of normal radio. In this case, the local people graze cattle on the radioactive waste ground and dig mine communications in search of scrap metal. The regional authorities have stated that the problem does not exist, and environmentalists use uncertified measuring devices.

Now engaged in the study of soil samples Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine and the International Academy of Sciences Vladimir Goncharenko and his colleague Sergei Kitsenko. "My device is certified," — said Vladimir Goncharenko. Scientists first measured gamma radiation (radio waves can be of three types), but it is only a little higher than normal. And then began to explore the beta radiation — in a sample of soil from Dovgievki unit immediately broke peep. "You see, 645 micro-roentgen per hour at a rate of 40! Alpha and beta radiation is more dangerous, but it short range, look, I take the device on two feet — and he falls silent, "- explains the scientist.

"If I eat fruit grown in the ground or popyu milk cow that eats grass out there, all these nuclides fall into my body. I declare that the territory in the wasteland polluted. Just not very often, and spots. They need to identify, protect and disable "- says Goncharenko. His colleague Sergei Kitsenko generally made a shocking statement: "We have identified the wasteland than thorium, radium and radon (normal decay products of uranium) as cesium strontium. And these products indicate that there was either a nuclear explosion, or plant operation. "

Chemist, a member of the expert group EBRD Chernobyl Valery Kuhar, doubts that the mine was a reactor or a nuclear explosion, "It can not be. But in the extraction of uranium cesium and strontium were formed. Most likely, during the silo work to use the equipment with radio sources (eg, sensors for diagnostics of quality metal construction — work as an x-ray). "

Kiev environmentalists say the radiation under the Dnieper could threaten at least the entire area. "In Dnipropetrovsk region is mining and processing uranium ore for nuclear weapons during the Cold War." For those who live there, threatening cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, "- said the head of ekoassotsiatsii" Green World "Yuri Samoilenko. And Vladimir Boreyko adds: "With these spots under Dovgievkoy radiation dust wind can spread the Ukraine. Within tens of kilometers is a real danger. "

Bred BUSINESS. Recall wasteland already interested oblprokuratura, which recently sent to the local Administration office order to eliminate irregularities in the storage of dangerous waste production. There also confirmed that in 1959 here on the underground section of the Eastern Mining mined uranium.


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