So, what is a man? Well, first, the physical body. Then there are the seven auric bodies of the twins. Even more subtle matter is our soul. Finally, the last component, which is the root cause of a person's life — the Spirit, the Divine Spark. Material body — the rough part of the man and the most vulnerable, as it is the most short-lived instrument of the spirit, cobbled together as it were "in a hurry."

This is the final tool, thanks to the efforts of all the upper plans. In the earthly space, we can use ripe fruits of what was sown prudently us in subtle realms of existence in our lives there as a disembodied spirit. And get from the crop nutrient joy. Or grow a great sadness because we were too lazy to remove grown sweet fruit, for they will be a long time to decay in our body. There is one very important rule: we can not use any plan until you will gain some strength on another level, which is above it. The reason for this law is that each layer of the aura, and each level is positive with respect to the underlying layer, or plan and negative with respect to the location above. To control their lives on Earth, we must first learn to consciously enter the etheric plane in the body of the etheric double.

Etheric double is born earlier and later died of his physical twin. After months of training, pranayama, you will see the etheric body in a blue haze over the skin. Look at Figure 2, where I tried to portray a schematic outline of the twin. After six months, the lessons, you will see that the etheric body is composed of millions of thin hairs that penetrate the physical body inside and out. For these luminous guide lines as volumetric drawing, the physical body is built.

Body — is one of the bio-robots living spirit, which he explores and studies the laws of the physical world. To perform the difficult task of his Spirit, and a thousand times not to return to Earth in the form of passive person to keep the body clean and in moderation, and always manage to take care of his health, mental development and performance. And do not let him be lazy. Then after the death of another, we may be finally and impolite to knowledge of the laws of the Earth. And we will not leave the Supreme Spirits "for the second year" in this colony with a crooked sign nailed "physical world." Let us learn from the brains in the higher "space" class.

The second rudeness — lower astral body. Otherwise it is called vital or emotional. Vital has a more subtle, and therefore less visible matter. The matrices of this emotional counterpart constructed etheric body. And by "drawing" air — materialized physical counterpart. So dirty and dark colors in the lower astral body over time and manifest in the physical body as a dirty disease and dark deeds. Vital counterpart is made of molecules and atoms hundreds of times smaller than the physical molecules and atoms, and separated from each other at much greater distances than the hulking atoms of the physical body. Then, when you learn to leave the earthly body in his emotional double, you are surprised to find that your astral atoms easily penetrate into the space between the physical atoms and electrons. If we compare the atoms vital body with space ships, and the physical electrons with planets, we can imagine the following scene: starships Sirians swiftly fly through the solar system where the sun — the nucleus, and its 12 planets — electrons.

Third, the human body — the lower the mental cocoon. It is also sometimes called the pranic body. Prana — is a global life-energy that is present everywhere and always. Our Spirit takes the prana from the infinite reservoir space for its real manifestation in the world. When the Spirit slowly leaves the physical body in its proper death, prana happily freed. Part prana obey orders only individual atoms or groups of atoms that make up the physical body before, so the hair and nails grow long dead. It also happens that the human soul has long flown away, and his body still lives, reeling, restless, on familiar streets and alleyways.

Each atom retains only as prana, as it needs to enter into new combinations of life. And most of pranic body quickly returns to a world power. Effects of concentrated thought Prana can be transmitted at any distance, that strongly influence the bad people and sick animals, as well as swing and inanimate animate objects in the air. But you need to continually exercise your imagination, so it does not drag you like a wet fly on the table. At the level of the third body in man are five different types of prana subtlety, strength and color.

Fourth cocoon of man consists of more rarefied matter. Its something in nature and called the astral double, although the broader concept of astral worlds and bodies are 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the auric layers. Fourth auric layer nurtures the heart chakra, is focused subconscious. This body is the instinctive mind. The whole life of our grosser bodies depends on the subconscious. Instinctive mind accurately controls all chemical reactions in the physical body, cell division, growth and replacement of bones, flesh, skin, healing of wounds on the body. He is the cause of our evil or beautiful habits and tendencies derived from past lives. Human child is always born with a ready character that can never be completely remake in one life, it is impossible to immediately grow an apple tree from an acorn. "I'm sorry" in this instinctive mind. Still unconscious body in charge of all our automatic activity, that is, the work that we do without thinking. It programs the structure of the skull, ears, eyes, height and width of the body, causing life line on the palm of the physical body. Therefore, if you do not see an aura, then a round structure of the skull, the width of the palm, and pointed ears can learn a lot about a person's character, his ethical qualities and inclinations, and not to deal with this type.

The fifth call cocoon body intelligence, body of abstract thought, the higher astral body. Intelligence shown not only the ability to reason and figuratively deep analysis, but primarily through self-awareness and a speech by the desire to express themselves in writing. The fifth body is "in charge of" all kinds of human art. The long neck and thin elongated fingers — a physical sign of developing the fifth body.

Then comes the heavenly body. This cocoon of spiritual mind, the higher the mental. Otherwise it is called superconsciousness. In people with advanced sixth body often comes a moment of insight, they hear and feel God. This leads them to the lofty and noble thoughts, desires beautiful and pure actions. What is considered good in people, noble, great, comes from the spiritual mind. As the sixth body the person has a strong sense of the reality of the existence of a Higher Power is growing awareness of the unity of all humanity, the unity of the world. Spiritual mind intelligence reports are true, to which he himself will never be able to reach. Super-consciousness is the source of inspiration of brilliant poets and writers, composers, and the prophets. Hence shamans, psychics and magicians top draw their knowledge of the past, present and future. Physical signs of a person developed the sixth body — ogurtseobrazny elongated skull and bone outgrowth at the back, in the form of the little horn. There is another feature: the right eye of the magician, compared with the left while the pupil has advanced.

Seventh cocoon — the highest body. In occultism it is called karmic body, causal, keternym, our true soul. Karmic cocoon — the only component of the aura, which does not decompose after physical death. The causal body is the lower bound, the roughest part of the soul. He has many names, but the essence is — the soul is the cause of all of our development in the course of billions of years on Earth and on other planets in the form of minerals, plants, animals, and hundreds of different bodies of humans and nonhumans. Man recognizes in himself the existence of the One Spirit, when immersed in a deep meditative communion with the soul, when in a state of trance, raising the vibration of the third chakra to the level of the seventh. In these happy moments, called enlightenment or nirvikalpa samadhi, a person feels inspired every cell in the body of its unity with God. Physical signs of development of karmic body is "Hole of Brahma" — Through the hole in the cranial vertex. In some Eastern sects priests drilled his pupils artificial hole in the forehead and in the darkness, that they possessed clairvoyance, telepathy and other Siddhas. In my opinion, artificial hole in the skull does not lead to spiritual growth of their respective owners. Quite the contrary. If we, for example, want to help the plant and become a hand to pull him up unblown bud, just tear off the stem and the flower will never bloom.

The first three bodies aura (etheric, emotional, and the mental body is lower) connects the soul with the earthly life, they have for it is as important as the clothes, dishes and furniture. Young souls usually give birth to well-developed lower body. In the higher nature of man, these bodies do not play any role. They are mortal in the first place.

Strictly speaking, the existence of the soul is not necessary for the functioning of the physical, etheric, and vital pranic body. In the streets I am constantly confronted with soulless people in the truest sense of the word. Need to be kind to understand why these people needed us, and we to them. These bio-robots Spirit creates the Earth with a special purpose — to create resistance cosmic souls, for without a fight can not develop any fine or coarse matter on Earth. Some, very few of the earth people develop to such an extent that in their old age suffered body produces the human soul. On Earth, the first beginnings of future souls are formed through the formation of primary clusters of subtle energy on lattices of minerals. Rocks, like people, characterized by the same stages of birth, growth, maturity, aging and destruction. When the stone dies of old age, this little bundle of energy on the small embodied in the body of plants, then in animals. He moves gradually from simple to complex organisms and eventually inhabits the body of the earth people. To become this lump of immortal human soul must undergo millions of years of evolution in different earthly bodies.

Ten years ago, wandering the streets of various cities, I tried to auram opposing passers to determine for themselves the percentage of mental and heartless people. It turned out that 30% of passers-by, sleepily wander the Earth does not have a human soul. In occultism such bodies are called "Golem". It is very likely that I was wrong in his calculations, and the overall percentage of heartless people in the world is much higher. Yes, golems are mortal, they are born and die once. But they are true earthlings, and you and for them — invaders, space aliens, zapblonivshie Earth for selfish purposes of their own development. Remember, the aliens do not arrive on Earth in spaceships — they are born into human bodies and mingle with other people. You and I are these extraterrestrials with higher planets, which should bring the light of the knowledge of earthly humanity, frozen in its evolution to "larval" stage of development. Just as long as we are "overworked" in the earthly life, and temporarily forgot about it. But this book, I hope, will help us to wake up and remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going and why.

General glow in the aura golem strongly shifted towards the red spectrum. Another distinguishing feature of disposable people — they do not read philosophy books, the more occult, do not understand classical art and are not able to create. And do not have the mental, karmic and follow the subtle bodies. Each of you may choose to make of himself "nothing" of the gol-ma, after a work-out. To do this within six months to concentrate his mind on the way you invented. Frenchwoman Alexandra David-Neel in her book "The mystics and magicians of Tibet" interesting talks, as she "molded" such a natural person of his imagination and the void that during a trip to the mountains, he served and protected her from enemies. In the East, these artificial people called "Tulp". Tulp, created by man, usually has only two or three thin body and within six months was dissolved again in the air, if not constantly feed your thought forms. Initiate can create Tulp with one physical and subtle bodies of the six, and this created by people living on the earth itself is much longer than its creator.

In more detail, as you alone "give birth" any living physical body with the will and the imagination, is told in the practical part of this book, in the chapter "The fifth method."

Three higher body (astral body of intelligence and mental body) constitute what we in everyday life is sometimes incorrectly referred to the human soul. For most people, these bodies do not die for a long time after the death of the physical body and at seances famously posing for the souls of the dead. Yet truly immortal of us is considered only the seventh auric body. More subtle body also immortal, but in this book we speak of them will not, otherwise it will turn into a multi-volume work.

Of the day to you nicely and properly build twins, should be well and thoroughly study the anatomy of their thin bodies. So let's take a meticulous look at the main functions of the main chakras and subtle bodies of man.

George Bor

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