Encompassing training snipers at the moment there

Comprehensive training snipers now no

"The quality of the snipers, their equipment and weapons in the U.S. Army and the Bundeswehr is much better than ours," — said the newspaper's gaze Airborne Special Forces Lt. Col. Vladimir Palkin. Thus he commented on a statement the Ministry of Defense to implement the latest concepts of work with snipers in the Russian army.

The structure of combined arms entered the Army sniper units. On Friday the official dealer said Sergei Vlasov Army. "The implementation of the concept of improving the system of training and deployment of snipers in the services and arms of the Armed Forces will allow to solve the puzzles on the formation of highly professional corps of snipers," — said Vlasov.

According to him, the brand new concept of formation of sniper units "will change the quality of the educational process in the joints and parts of the introduction of modern technologies and techniques."

In accordance with this concept into service of new units will go several types of rifles with different rates of major combat settings, snipers get guns and surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, including laser.

"Individual and group equipment includes a pair of sniper Sniper complex, clothing, gear and equipment required to execute the tasks and life support ", — said Vlasov.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense, brand new concept involves conducting a multi-level selection in the sniper unit and the passage of the snipers in special training centers of once every three to four years.

Recall that in the current time in the Armed Forces sniper individual units do not. In infantry units around the state have put the 1st sniper within each department.

On what the configuration of the formation of sniper units can bring to practice, told the newspaper gaze veteran 2-Chechen campaigns, Airborne Special Forces Lt. Col. Vladimir Palkin.

Eyes: Vladimir V., how would you rate the beginning of a specialized sniper units in the army?

Vladimir Palkin: When I commanded the SWAT teams on reconnaissance missions, in my possession were scouts and snipers. In the reference, of course, they do not have to go to the chain — in the infantry units that airborne. Since in this case its full performance as sniper he fails to perform.

Apart subdivision snipers, which will be attached to an infantry or other units will be able to more deliberately influence the enemy's fire. More useful would be.

Gaze: What specifically can be expressed this utility?

VP: The person who is consuming huge distances and the accuracy in the advent of the defense or in the office or platoon, currently more subordinate offices or platoon commander. And it makes oral orders specifically for the separation. On the scale of the same branch of snipers can be conducted more substantial destruction of objects, and of the snipers will be more mobile. The last principle to the same thing as antisnayperskoe also not standing still.

Being in a chain, a sniper knocked one of the first. The commander, sniper, radio operator, machine gunner — these are the people who are trying to kill the enemy first.

Yet there is one point. Special units of snipers can spend more time on self study. Ability nestled movement, camouflage, as the expectation of its goal, its destruction and secretive departure — all these requests more high-quality training.

Look: What is the situation with the preparation of the snipers in the current time?

VP: In 1987, I enrolled in college. Prior to the actual moment of a systematic and proper training of snipers I beheld only in our 45th Regiment — Airborne Special Forces it. Believe me, specialistsniper — This piece product. He asks for a long-term training and should not be engaged in digging trenches in the office. Since it is necessary to work personally.

In the linear part of the training given to snipers is not the amount of effort and time required. There are excellent hands. But the sniper case — a set of activities.

Visited us guys from the "Vympel" and "Alpha". I watched them: the band is working on a plan, and snipers — quite separately. So it should be. Since the sniper task — do not move in a chain or a column of its own units, and operate at a distance of: detecting targets in front of their own units to destroy them, to provide non-hazardous movement. And, of course, hit the enemy first, if it helps his arms.

Look: In other words, you believe that the creation of separate units of snipers training such professionals in the military will improve?

VP: Of course, should improve.

Gaze: How organized sniper case in advanced zabugornyh armies?

VP: What about the organizational structure can not say anything. But the quality of the training of snipers, their equipment and weapons in the U.S. Army and the Bundeswehr is much better than ours. Though in Russia are buying single decent weapons, and some results we also have.

How do I know the competition, held not long ago in Krasnodar between snipers Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry and other structures, the snipers have shown good results.

My sergeant was in Yugoslavia, there is also arranged a competition between the U.S. military, Germany and Russia. He got it from some distance in nickels from SVD, but it's sporadic. Encompassing training snipers on the moment.

Look: Can we assume that the union of the snipers in separate units will be a step towards embracing the preparation of such professionals?

VP: You know, I was most amused that time (I read today the words of Defense) that Serdyukov said on wages sniper. He said that the sniper, if any, should receive as a sniper, in other words more than just a shooter.

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