Encrypted reality

Reading the fundamental works on the esoteric, you know, that the separation of heaven and hell, the kingdom of God and the Devil's possession — is a reflection of the real structure of the universe. We can all see that our world — the arena of battle between two powerful forces.

Encrypted reality

It is known that for a long time temple of black gods were built in some places, and churches — in others. Why? Since the mid XX century, scientists from different countries have a lot of research so-called geopathic zones, where for some reason most people are sick and dying animals, depressed or non-existent vegetation. It turned out that the Earth is entangled whole host of power grids lines of different sizes. In the very coarse (knots crossing) there are such terrible band, as the Bermuda Triangle. In a fine-mesh, where the "nest" may be only a few meters, "cancer" of the house, pathogenic "spots" in the apartments.

The ancients, it appears, were well aware of the existence of areas with high negative or positive energy background. Knew and used them for their own purposes. Black magicians and Satanists — in the interests of the devil, the white magicians and followers of religious teachings of light — in the name of good. Many will remember from school, as described by the ancient structure of the Universe: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — the seven luminaries in the sky, the seven heavenly spheres of existence. All they move around the Earth, have an impact on our planet and the people living on it. In addition, there are five crystal spheres of the fixed stars — a place inhabited by celestial beings.

We are used to attempt to explain the picture of the world at the level of knowledge of the ancients. But do not give themselves the trouble of thinking about what it actually — a figurative description of the real picture of the Universe.

Seven heavenly spheres, according to esoteric teachings — this is actually not the orbit of motion of various planets, the Sun and the Moon. It — seven different spaces, separate universes that make up a whole — the Universe. And our land — only a small part of one of these areas-spaces.

You may ask, why is the Earth stood as the center of the World? Yes, stood out. But not as a planet, with its exceptional situation, but as a symbol of one of the seven worlds areas together form the so-called Semisferu.

Our universe has been on it at number three. But there are two lower, "rough", and the top four — "thin" in the world. We are the link between the second and fourth parts Semisfery. All the worlds interpenetrate each other: the evil comes to us from the bottom of the rough worlds top good thin. Our universe, including the Earth, is an arena of struggle, clash of light and darkness, God and the Devil.

However Semisfera — this is not the entire Universe. No wonder we had promised to reveal to you the secret of the twelve worlds. You did not forget about five crystal spheres of the fixed stars — Habitat gods-gods and angels? They called Pyatisferoy, are the second part of the whole universe. And much more ancient.

Of these places very little is known. Basically just what Pyatisfera Semisferu created to maintain balance in the Big Universe (so called together the worlds of five-and Semisfery. Created to prevent the self-destruction of its unstable structure.

How is linked worlds Semisfery? You can show this by the example of our universe and nearby worlds — the second and fourth. The second world by its energy structure and the density is lower than ours. Fourth — thinner — above. Crudest energy structures of our world — is both the most delicate areas of the Second, and the most subtle — the most serious of the Fourth. For example, crystals, neutron star-dwarfs, formed after the supernova explosion, etc., close in energy to the most subtle manifestations of the Second World. A plasma, X-rays, and so on — to the rough Fourth.

Through these border states are energy and information and energy between the three worlds. But to penetrate the barrier between neighboring worlds requires a huge expenditure of energy for our civilization is unthinkable. Except for one option — the explosion of thermonuclear devices. It allows you to punch a hole between the worlds and keep it for a long time. But what are the implications of this experiment!

At the same time, there are ways to penetrate the world of the world that do not require such barbaric and destructive to human experimentation. The gates between the worlds are located in places of power or otherwise — the intersection of power lines.

People of old, choosing to commit such zones mystical rituals, called them places of power. Since ancient times in places (and to them, and includes, in particular, the county of Sussex), temples, shrines, settled mages later in places they built monasteries. It was here opened the gates between the worlds, they go through the energy-stream from the second and fourth spheres in our third. -This is the energy and information and being used to the dark and light.

Interestingly, the intuition to our ancestors: for religious purposes does not need to choose the places with the highest energy. For a person in such areas, and any other forms of life is very difficult to exist. They can truly be called geopathogenic dangerous to all living things.

In these areas, there are always strange effects: mirages, the magnetic field, the failure of devices, the disruption of the clock, the appearance of ghosts and other mysterious phenomena.

In most cases, contact with neighboring worlds is for informational purposes and people who meditate in the centers of good bands, ascending prayers in temples are such energy and mental state that come into direct contact with intelligent beings fourth area, and through them, even with the Fifth. These people are known as diviners, prophets, seers.

But under certain circumstances, contact ceases to be merely informational. He moves to a new level. Continuous operation in the area of increasing tension and strength of vertical energy flow, and the conditions for direct physical contact between the world-spheres. According to the esoteric sources — opens the door between the worlds. And then you can get from this world to another world, and vice versa — from him to us.

In places of power to our world can interact as a fourth, more subtle, and the second, more rough world. The reality is that in its inner essence, we belong to the fourth world, and for us in the second world is largely foreign. Simply put — a dangerous and hostile in nature, as it seeks to penetrate and subjugate all of space, which interact. That is why since ancient times, the idea of higher and lower worlds, why the kingdom of the devil in hell, and the kingdom of God in heaven. And if there is not, of these worlds, draw their power and ideas of black magicians and their opponents?

But this is only the beginning of a serious conversation, because the power in the world, in fact, more than two. Remember the mysterious Semisferu, mentioned above? This — the third power of the universe, although it is not clear what it is like. Anyway, if away from the division into black and white, and look into the past, we will see — all of our ancestors were pagans. We used to believe the talk about what they say, were dark and underdeveloped, and therefore believe in such nonsense. But this is nonsense: the Greeks and the Romans had developed nations, the ancient Egyptians — too. And what, they were so underdeveloped that owning secrets that we still can not comprehend, believe in the existence of the host primitive zverobogov or man-sitting on Mount Olympus? No, their gods were just a reflection of the forces of the universe that had a powerful impact on our world. It is no coincidence gods at all different numbers — this is normal. After all, some forces are gaining strength, others are weakened. The world is constantly changing, and with it, the gods changed.

You can, of course, assume that the result of struggle of the forces of the universe came down to the confrontation between the two most powerful — Light and Darkness. But most likely, only thousand-year tradition makes us believe in such a simple scheme of the universe. In fact, the forces are still a lot, and we do not live between the angel and the devil, but in a much more complex world. To the question of why we see it is easier than it is, to answer one more esoteric theory.

In the battle joined at Light and Darkness

Other authors propose a simple model of the universe, divided into two interrelated parts. Yes, the world in which we are born, is much larger than we think. At birth, the whole world opens up to us, as what we call reality and the otherworldly. And descend on us terrible congestion, which the body normally responds standard — a powerful protection, quickly and permanently blocking the channels of perception that are not required for the survival of man. Only a few (people with psychic abilities) to varying degrees retain access to the beyond. All others will remember all his life an amazing picture, appeared in front of them at birth and grieve for the lost, always asking the same question: "Is it — all?" Of course not! Otherwise would not have been at all times so strong interest in magic, demonology, astrology, etc. That's why people are sent to different newspapers incredible stories, which tell of his contacts with the transcendent world, with strange creatures that inhabit it.

All the forces of nature and acting in it, can be divided into "black" and "white." The first requires the influx of energy from outside. They're always hungry and instantly find any loophole that would give them the opportunity to borrow from us energy or embodied in any way in the world. Why is it they want? In order, incarnate, to connect the two halves of the world itself. We, too, aspire to it. Think about it: after all, it seems, there is only the world that surrounds us and is perceived by our senses. But where, then, come from magic, astrology, and all the strange and secret science that take, like, have a delusion or a strange game of mind? No, this is not a game of the mind: the images of the other world, and ways to communicate with them (sometimes very difficult) inspired by the world. So he expresses himself, and shows the trail, which it can pass.

The forces and beings that we call "white", live at much higher energies and therefore do not need a human. They — it's a different story because it is talking about higher powers, of God, and in the framework of a short article it is not "vtisnetsya." Restrict ourselves to those whom I have called "black", the entities have self-interest in our part of the world. They invade the nightmares into dreams, evoke the terrible images of folk tales and fantasy novels

Our ancestors were well aware of the existence of the beyond the world and had a pretty clear idea of it. It is difficult to say whether we are the power of his imagination as to cast images for any "barabashek", or different kinds of people may be in a defined, their, guise. It seems more correct first idea: no wonder we call people transcendental world entities. Maybe there they are in the form of energy clusters or no constant shape. In our world, they receive it. In any case, over the centuries children inherit from their parents view the outside of, the nature and rules of communication with the beings of the beyond world, securing images of goblins, mermaids and demons in the mind, seeing what they have been taught to see the older ones. People always felt very close to the presence of some forces that do not have names, but acted, interfered with their daily lives. The skilful management of these forces depended too much to ignore in this skill. So for centuries evolved by trial and error protection system that permeates all areas of life of our ancestors, how to attract "their side" of allies from beyond the world, the principles of peaceful co-existence of the aliens and their "domestication." Furthermore, the most talented people to gain access to transcendental powers of the world, use some of them for their own use. Such people become sorcerers, healers, seers, etc.

Worldwide, there are a huge number of other types of "fabulous" things that enter into our world for the sake of gaining power and material form, which gives them the ability to experience the thrill and take actions that are not possible in their half of the world.

To sum up what has been said can be a Book of researchers Sergey Lebedev and Alexei Lidina "Peace shadow": "What can you conclude from all this? First of all, you can judge the apparent degradation of the mighty in the past kind of beings. But this does not mean that the forces that prefer this kind of realization, left us, returning to his part of the world. We have lost our belief system provides a person and shadow forces to live side by side, without causing harm to each other. And essence, lost the usual form, coming into the world, we have to look for new ways. This is not harmless, because in the clarification of these new forms, their character and principles of the new generation of an exposure to them may have too much time. And this lack of knowledge could be devastating to many of us. Who has not read or heard about the strange phenomena that occur in the ordinary city apartments? All of these "Barabashka" poltergeists, no fires to determine the cause, other oddities — all of them — manifestations of shadow forces that have no stable form of exit … spontaneously invade our lives. For the old system was equally ruinous and urbanization, and the loss of traditional tribal culture in the country, the inability to pass on the legacy … the most important rules that are … descendants still believe children's stories … "

Yes, Lebedev and Lidin right: we are not left in peace, because we live in one world, just like in almost two separate rooms. Hence, the beyond tribe will break in other ways, dropping the old masks and putting new ones in a lot of people come up to them.

Victor Potapov

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