End of NATO is not far off?

Libyan confrontation, which began as a domestic political clash with the opposition Gaddafi in February, for obvious reasons, urged NATO to intervene. Initially, the mandate to support the enemies of the head of Libya was signed before June 27. But managing the alliance has extended his stay on Libyan soil for another 90 days. Or the rebels were so weak that without the help of overseas friends they will not survive. Or supporters Gaddafi proved too tough a severe competitor. On the part of the judge of that is problematic. However, some conclusions can be made by simply analyzed the place of action.

Head U.S. Department of Defense with the scandal resigned. In its own official farewell speech by Robert Gates explicitly warned all NATO members that at the moment it is necessary to strengthen the defense. Who is afraid of the outgoing minister, remains a mystery. If 20 years ago, the block is strenuously opposed the communist threat, the fall of the Berlin wall and the complete collapse of the European socialist alliance members were visibly reduce subsidies NATO. At present, one third of the costs of the North Atlantic contract paying U.S..

The main part of all the costly NATO military operations began on the initiative of the United States. Conducting such action requires large investments not only means yes and human resources. But Europeans still continue to cut defense spending. This situation, according to Gates, forcing U.S. taxpayers to bear on his own shoulders immense burden of the defense budget of the organization. Enraged minister predicted the future of NATO's sad.

Of strongest so far, and we can confidently say that the main, a member of the North Atlantic is a coalition of frustrated emotions, Gaddafi continues to meet in a relaxed zabugornom favorites, attuned to the disgraced head of NATO's Libya is completely friendly. At a meeting with nedavneshney Ilyumzhinov plans to open a discussion not confrontation NATO strikes. The theme of the talks was the future development of chess sport. In the process of communication Gaddafi admitted that does not want to leave. Internal Libyan conflict, the recent death offspring, as the pressure of the power of NATO failed to break the country's favorite. Areas under its control on all right.

It turns out that members of a powerful military on this day, the contract can not find a compromise in their own circle. At the same time, Gaddafi, with attached to it NATO labels a "world of evil," holds very constructive meeting. And that means flirting North Atlantic alliance with countries that have long been seeking to gain membership in the NATO treaty? Alexander Hramchihin, IPiVA deputy director, said that NATO has the ability to preserve the unity and the coming.

According to a professional, this union outlived its usefulness and is doomed. But survive in this "half-dead" state will be able to for some time. Hramchihin drew an analogy with the activity of the CIS — regular summits to sign any papers, but the effect of this activity is actually no. In the future, NATO is waiting for something similar. In this case, energetic desire to Georgia and Ukraine to become full members of the alliance expert explains echoes davneshney unshakeable belief strength of this association. And yet, the combat readiness of the unit has long been not the one before that — to begin military action union tries all less often.

Inglorious and you may say, a failing operation in Libya; resounding resignation of the Minister of Defense, which is practically a key member NATO, The lack of sufficient to maintain the combat capability at an appropriate level, and, most importantly, the inability to find a compromise vnutridogovornoy are beautiful performance of the real state of affairs of the North Atlantic Alliance. Maybe quite soon once harsh world "warrior", protecting their own interests, will turn into a nominal working only on paper, the club of "old comrades". Already at this time to join NATO means become slave of the United States.

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