End of the world in 2012 is not expected


Last week, NASA Earthlings pleased by the news that soon the end of the world is not expected, writes "The New York Times."

The same was said last year, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. That's the good news. On the other hand, those who hoped in 2012 to get rid of all the debts on loans and mortgages, will be disappointed.
CERN hastens to reassure citizens that the result of the launch of the new Large Hadron Collider no black hole is not formed and the earth did not swallow.

NASA was forced to make a statement in connection with the fact that enlightened humanity, calendar of the ancient Maya, has estimated that the world will end December 21, 2012, when the completed 5125-year cycle called the "Long Count". Web site postings and a video posted on YouTube

Writers and directors directors have made good money on the predictions of doomsday. Thus, the screen comes a new disaster movie "2012" directed by Roland Emmerich, who specializes in disaster movie "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow."

In the new film coincidence axes of the Sun and the galaxy 21 December 2012 cause powerful solar storms on the surface of the light, the neutrino the solar wind reaches the ground and spilled on her neutrino rain. The Earth's crust is thinned and nachet sliding into the ocean. Los Angeles falls into the ocean, the crater Yellowstone wakes up, starts a volcanic eruption and ash cover the entire North American continent. Tidal waves will roll over the Himalayas, where the world government secretly built a fleet of "Noah's Ark" on 400000 picked men from around the world who have, like Noah, the Flood survive and revive mankind.

There are other versions of the apocalypse — the collision with the planet Nibiru, rushing at us from outer space, or the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth. Those interested can conduct a search on Google by typing "2012" and "doomsday" and choose the most impressed them the script.

However, reputable astronomers claim that all this is nonsense. Ed Krupp, director Giffitskoy Observatory in Los Angeles and an expert on ancient astronomy, says that all the cosmic doomsday scenarios are explained by ignorance and violence of pseudo-scientific fantasy.

NASA astronomer David Morrison believes that science fiction in the pursuit of long dollar had gone too far and should not lead people into a state of panic and paranoia.

Morris receives daily to 20 emails from psychosis brought to people who ask him how they can best prepare for the end of the world — can kill yourself, your loved ones and pets that are not in the throes of the end of the world 2012.

A spokesman for NASA Dwayne Brown on request "New York Times" said that the space agency is engaged in analysis of space flight, rather than feature films, and the case of film critics.

Astronomers say it is not unusual to combine the axis of the sun and the center of the galaxy. This happens every December with no visible effects, except for enhanced consumption of intoxicating beverages in the northern hemisphere. Incidentally, in 2012, the full alignment of axes not even happen.

If in our direction moving some planet, then everyone could see it now. With regard to solar storms, the next peak of solar activity will be in 2013, and then only in a moderate scale, astronomers say.

Geological apocalypse is more likely. In the end, earthquakes and eruptions occur always, including in California. Someday may occur catastrophic earthquake in Los Angeles, and will revive the extinct volcano crater in Yellowstone. After all, we are all sojourners on earth. Crashes have been and will sooner or later, but that "sooner or later" is measured in the time span of 500 million years old, and by this time accumulated enough warning signals.

Ancient Mayan astronomers were fine. They were able to predict the position of Venus for 500 years into the future, and therefore they deserve better knowledge and interpretation.

In the Maya time was cyclical, and so the researchers, Dr. Krupp and Anthony Aveni, say there is no evidence that the Mayans predicted that there will be something special at the end of "long count" in 2012. The inscriptions are Mayan references to dates before and after the "Long count", as well as the birthday of a man is not the end, but a continuation of a new cycle of life. Therefore it is better not to stop payment of loans at the end of the world will not be able to write off the debts.

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