Energy flow from the Moon. WHAT DO Mahatma

The Moon is Divine and the Divine energy. No divine energy — is its own energy, planetary. It is not a negative, but in relation to a person is not favorable.

Discomfort that one experiences from the planetary energy of the moon, is that the flows are coming to Earth, neutralizing human mental activity. This is one of the reasons why you want to sleep at night, especially its impact is felt after four o'clock in the morning, on the part of the earth where it shines.

Moon is a powerful satellite. She, like the Earth and the Sun, created by God. We can say that the moon — a continuation of the Earth. They are connected by a single field, and the Moon has the same divine qualities, as the Earth. She attune to Earth on nurturing a reasonable field of the Earth in the face of humanity, but unlike Earth, which works more with the physical body, the moon comes out to a higher human contact. It affects the human consciousness and its energy many times strengthens his mind, if he turns to her for help. But the moon does not make grades. It enhances people's actions and thoughts, both good and bad. It strengthens the hypnotic, the impact of one person to another, as with a good purpose, and with the poor.

It flows are neutral, but it can emit and targeted Divine flows, they also incorporated in it. These flows are associated with human health and are used only in the positive direction. A person must understand them and use them. It is written a lot of books in antiquity. But will not be superfluous, if it is to remember and to transfer this knowledge in modern terms, based on the modern concept of life, knowledge associated with the moon and healing.

If the healer learns to use the various phases of the moon, we can work more effectively Healing flows.

With the full moon
The moon has the largest vozdeystviemna field of human consciousness. She radiates energy flows disturbing vibrations and makes as if the person to be more active. The field of human consciousness becomes more receptive, more active contamination of his emotional body. People are more expressive at this time, especially on the second day of the full moon. Any of their negative or positive emotion increases several orders of magnitude. Their emotional body, the crude from negative emotions, as if exposed, and the most sensitive to the thoughts and actions of other people. Contaminated negative perception of the world field of consciousness, always shows through the prism of his painting activities that disturb the emotional body. This effect applies to the daytime.

For people who have taken the path of spiritual knowledge of self and the world, the moon is a good service, increasing as a magnifying glass, bringing out their internal problems related to pollution of the emotional and mental bodies. They are aware of it and with the help of spiritual knowledge to quickly solve them. Moon increases the strength of positive thinking, with which they are working on them.

A man who does not want to recognize the world in which he lives, and themselves, not derive from this action useless.

With the full moon increases the concentration of energy inherent in certain types of plants. If the plant is to break at this time, it will remain as it is big. When gathering herbs Traditional Healers include these features associated with the Moon, and use the healing power and energy plants, resulting in a full moon in a noble cause.

The moon's waning best is working with the purification of the body from all that prevents him, no matter what disease it is not expressed. At this time, the divine power of the moon, planets, God created and associated with this energy does not decrease, on the contrary, increased, but the increase is due to transmute vibrations that help cleanse, get rid of man from what he interferes.

On the growing Moon transmuted streams going away decrease, and increase the flow of force able to fill every cell in the body of the divine energy, energy health. That is why the operations are best done on the growing moon, because the operation intended to physically remove the problem in the body, not the transmutation of negative energy. So need help of the Moon which will give effect to wound healing and recovery.

Reading prayers to the Lord in these moments are necessary because they increase the impact of the Divine energy of the moon.

The moon, as a planet, and performs its space mission.

It has a specific energy, because it contains within the "magnet" that attracts the negative thoughts of people beyond Earth, including information about the magical effect. Its mission — to absorb these energies in order that they do not spread in the cosmos.

When they accumulate to a certain number, the powerful stream sent back to Earth and distributed to the people who gave birth to them (or those that gave rise to such power), settle on their aura, and the astral body. This usually happens during an eclipse of the moon.

Black magicians have long known about the properties of the moon and try to increase the power of your actions, using this knowledge. With consciousness, they can pull them and strengthen, thus its negative message.

They know the frequency of discharge flows on Earth and use those points to ritual.

At full moon, they can also use the power of the energy flow coming from the moon at this point especially powerfully to strengthen his own power of thought aimed at people. Often the object of their actions are unhealthy, psychologically, people. They are particularly excited at this time, which means that virtually defenseless against them, for their own uncontrollable negative emotions always associate them with the astral world. Through his work, and the black magicians who make these people or zombies donors, even if there is no direct, visible contact.

In this regard, the moon, in the minds of many people is a weapon of the dark forces. They believe that the planet itself has magical negative impact on people. This is a false statement.

The moon is the divine creation and the forces of Light, it just flows are specific and can be used by people, for good or for evil.

Moonlight and the human body.

In the human body there is no place for the accumulation of energy coming from the moon. There are no channels through which the moon passes through it. Lunar flow only externally for field of human consciousness, but this action is enough to use it for good. The energy of the moon can serve the people faithfully and to achieve good purpose — to identify pollution thin bodies and fields to then with God's help get rid of them. Sufficient to list the emotions, traits that emerged, and turn to the Lord, asking to remove them and read the prayer "Our Father."

Healer, including improve your knowledge of the phases of the moon and its effect on people, can more directly focus its work that will accelerate the achievement of its objectives blissful.

An excerpt from the book "What do Mahatma"

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