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In ancient times, an Arab poet said: "All life on earth is afraid of time, but time fears the pyramids." Indeed, no matter how many centuries raced over the land, and the bulk of the stone still stands majestically over it …

And … remain an unsolved mystery. Some consider them an encrypted message of ancient civilizations, while others — the creation of the aliens, and others are trying to link them with the appearance of the legendary Atlantis. But first things first.

Mysteries of Egypt

To this day, scientists are struggling with the unsolved mystery: when and who built the pyramids. For a long time it was considered officially that great facility — the fruit of the efforts of the ancient Egyptians, whose civilization existed from III to I millennium BC. Now, this point of view raises serious doubts among many experts. Boulders perfectly stacked one upon the other, between them can not be put in the blade and the edges of the biggest pyramid of Cheops positioned clearly on the side of light with an accuracy of 0.1 percent.

According to scholars, ordinary people with such accuracy can not build, so one hypothesis suggests that the pyramid was built by an advanced civilization living on Earth 8-10 thousand years ago, when the place of the modern Egyptian desert dominated by moist tropical climate and abundant rainfall were . There was an opinion through observation of scientists — they noticed traces of the Great Sphinx of vertical erosion, which usually occurs after a heavy rain storm (sand and wind erosion of the left horizontal).

There is also another important proof of this theory: the valley of the pyramids on the photograph taken from space, scientists were able to discern the contours of the second sphinx — it is located next to the first and thoroughly covered with sand. According to scientists, the figure embodies the feminine members of the aristocracy, collapsed in ancient times. It is up to the excavations that might confirm or refute the new assumption.

Curse of the Pharaohs

Sinister tradition that each entered the tomb of the ruler of Egypt is doomed to destruction, came after the archaeological discoveries of the last century. In any case, it was found so called English explorer Howard Carter in 1922, the tomb of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun. Then, many members of the expedition (over 20 people) after the work in the tomb were killed under mysterious circumstances. "The Curse of the Pharaoh" is not only touched Howard Carter — by 1930 he was the only member of the expedition survived.

On pyramids began to compose legends — worse than the other one. But in November 1962, Professor of Biology and Medicine, Cairo University Dean Taha said that the blood running in the pyramid of scientists discovered the virus that causes inflammation of the airways. After examining the mummy of Pharaoh, professor revealed a whole colony of bacteria similar, with one of them, according to his theory, is able to survive for up to four thousand years. After research scientist confidently declared that "the curse of the Pharaohs" can be easily neutralized with antibiotics.

However, his colleagues the same confidence about the mysterious disease have arisen. Irish medical scientist George Dean found that the cause of numerous deaths — a poisonous fungus dust, formed by the decomposition of litter bats. Other scientists were talking about radioactivity and unknown toxins, invented by the ancient Egyptians against Defilers tombs. Although there is a perception that the pyramids were intended not to bury the remains of Egyptian rulers. But let's not get ahead of ourselves …

Chinese puzzle

"We approached them from the east and saw that it was in the northern group of three giants, and the rest of the pyramid consistently decreased in size to the smallest in the south. They extended to 6 or 8 miles across the plains, towering over cultivated land and settlements.

Great Pyramid was about 1,000 feet high (about 300 meters, which is almost twice as high as the pyramid of Cheops). The four sides of the pyramid Chinese strictly oriented on the compass points, each side of it in different colors: black meant the north, green and blue — east, red — white and south — west. The flat top of the pyramid was covered with a yellow ground, and its edges were once the steps leading up …

I was dazzled by this magnificent spectacle. We toured around the pyramid in search of the entrance, but found nothing. When I asked the interpreter about the age of the pyramids, he replied: "In our oldest books written five thousand years ago, these are referred to as the ancient pyramids."

Described the Chinese pyramids Australian trader Fred Schroeder, a passing along the Mongolian-Chinese border to the spiritual guru emperors in the beginning of the last century.

Yet the fact that in China there are seven pyramids, Europeans have learned only in the mid-20th century, when humanity has the opportunity to take pictures of the cosmos. It was then spotted stone bulk, located near the ancient capital of China Xian Fu. A paper diaries and Fred Schroeder found New Zealand aviator, caused an unprecedented surge of interest in the monolith. However, the Chinese authorities have kept a sharp watch, that not a soul close to this location is not suitable. And the launch pad to launch rockets that bring satellites into orbit, near the pyramid complex — certainly not a coincidence …

Sinister Triangle

"He said, wringing her hands,
Rhetorician and troublemaker
About the impotence of science
Before the mystery of the Bermuda … »

In general, Vladimir Vysotsky was right when he was a long time scientists could not find an explanation for disappearances of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle. However, they still are at a loss, and yet for the second half of the 20th century in this hellish place killed more than 1,000 people. The situation has not changed even after the U.S. hydrological ship in the early 90s found at the bottom of the triangle huge pyramid.

By the size of this structure is three times more than the pyramid of Cheops, and the edges are made of material similar to glass or polished ceramic. Surprisingly, they are clean and smooth, which is not characteristic of an object at the bottom of the ocean. Pyramid explored using modern equipment and found that it did not see any blocks or plugs, or cracks. It seems as if she machined from a solid monolith.

Scientists decided to get serious "triangular affairs", in 2003, found on the ocean floor are two more mysterious pyramid-shaped structures. Oceanographer Verlag Mayer with special equipment able to find out what they are made of a material that resembles glass. The size of the underwater pyramid several times higher than their terrestrial sisters, however, according to preliminary data, they are not more than 500 years. Who built them and why, remains a mystery. Similarly, only one thing: they are made by an unknown earthlings technologies.

A few years ago, naval intelligence the United States has determined that the area of a triangle are often observed UFO ups with water, and the gas is first formed a hemisphere with a diameter of several tens of meters, which soars through the unidentified object. Also intelligence believes that the UFO somehow controls the launches of spacecraft and the U.S. following the maneuvers submarine. It is possible that the Bermuda triangle anomalies associated with the work of the power energy industry undersea life, perhaps Atlanteans who survived the tragic accident. On this occasion, we construct a set of guesswork, for obscure objects are watching the U.S. military, the information about anomalous phenomena in this area is classified. But the open secret of the sinister triangle as anyone and could not.

If they are built, then
Somebody needs!

"The pyramids — tombs of the Pharaohs." This is what we have learned from school history lessons and lectures, guides, necessarily remembering the generally accepted scientific theory. And, by the way, stone bulk could be created quite a different purpose. For example, the Research Institute of Andrew Wierzbicki compared the structure of the pyramid to a satellite dish, "The logic of the device is the same — he says. — Undetermined historians rooms, burial chambers and other alleged ritual structures inside the pyramid actually represent a strongly increased in size waveguides, flat cables, cavity resonators, filters, and other elements that are used in the technique of ultra-high frequencies. "

And if it were only that! Scientist suggests that the pyramids were part of a giant interplanetary communications and messages intended for the same "terminal" located on another planet. For antennas operating in the deep space, pyramidal shape is competent engineering solution. Well, call office administered so-called "burial chamber" — to decode a signal from outer space, you just need to go in and lie down in a stone box, which we take to be the sarcophagus. And then you could hear the words spoken on a different planet with the same "transmitter". Who knows, maybe now inside the ancient pyramids unrequited voices of fellow human beings?
Author: Alain Maslov

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