Evacuation in Guatemala because of the volcano raised to 33 thousand people

From 10 to 33 thousand people, according to various sources, evacuated in Guatemala after the eruption of the volcano Fuego, according to local media on Thursday.

Guatemalan authorities announced Thursday the highest "red" level of anxiety in connection with the beginning of the eruption of Fuego, located 50 kilometers from the capital.

Fuego activated sixth time this year, in the early morning of Thursday marked the explosions in the crater and ash emissions to a height of up to one kilometer above the volcano crater. Experts reported that the lava has flooded the southern slopes of the volcano in the area of about 7 square kilometers.

At the moment, the evacuation continues. People on buses, trucks and cars are taken to pre-prepared temporary shelters. Such measures were not in vain, because, according to the latest data volcanologists ash has covered three villages at the foot of Fuego.

According to experts, this eruption Fuego is the strongest since 1999. The authorities have warned of the possible adjustments of a normal air routes to be flown aircraft in case the volcano emitted ash reached a height of 1.5 kilometers.

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