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The term "protocol" is taken from the computers. This is the term used to describe the interaction of information flow in communication channels. This term is suitable to describe the interaction of information flow between the senses and the mind.

How does consciousness defines the characteristics of a flow of information from the senses? All the feelings and attitudes towards them are generally described by relying on common criteria accepted by society. In turn, each of the senses, as the sensor sends information to consciousness, which is systematized according to specified criteria. As a result, we can say that in a society there is a single protocol between sensors — feelings and human consciousness. Why on earth there is a definite structure protocols that people use in everyday life, while providing the life and development.

Can we say that the protocol is the basis for the exchange of information in the interaction of two sentient beings?

To a certain extent this is true. It determines the need to respect the identity in the information interaction in every sphere of life. Therefore, in each of the areas of life: physical, astral, mental, etc. must be uniform criteria for information exchange not only between reasonable or rational beings, but also in relation to the perception of the information world. However, the man of the spiritual world, for example, may have other information communication language or other senses. The need exists due to the fact that each of the areas has certain specific areas of the physical constants that are one of the reasons for the change is not only an information exchange protocol, and information coding. In this sense, the common man is not easy to understand the principles of interaction with beings from other worlds. After contact is itself a kind of means of establishing a single algorithm of communication that may seem strange to man the earth and even be rejected them.

In turn, of course, that the construction of the Universes and the development of life in them suggests that the protocol for information exchange in each area is unified in the universe and will provide any level of communication between representatives of different civilizations. At the same time we see the diversity of languages spoken on Earth. It is possible that each language is formed on the basis of the causes of all kinds. List them.

1. Determine the original language spoken by the planet, which came to Earth or those people;

2. Language of communication is the result of learning from the people who had earlier forced their language and use the language, which may not correspond to the structure of consciousness of this nation, including the language, the plantations colonizers;

3. Other reasons.

The variety of languages spoken among them allows you to install and the most important, which are more informative from the standpoint of information exchange. In addition, each civilization has a limitation in the creation of language. These limitations relate to the level of civilization, and in the first place — with the original spatial area it occupies in the universe of large areas of basic and intermediate polarization, including vertical levels.

Ability to communicate between civilization provided a common language exchange, similar to the Earth adopted English as the international language. Our Big Universe such language is Russian. However, the language is more developed than the Russian language used in the physical world. Language of global communication in our Great Universe more diverse, not only in the number of characters — letters of the alphabet, but the number of formed images, which can reproduce the language.

With each change of epochs of world exchange protocol changes. Similarly, changes in global communications protocol communications channels Big Universe. However, in every civilization, the previous language of communication and exchange in the channels of internal communication. In this regard, each civilization develops their language as they develop and experience the world of information cooperation. Civilization therefore, not limiting themselves barriers of communication, able to develop more cooperation in quality.

In the next part of this section should be considered information exchange in each area of the vertical row. The main source of information in the universe is a great crust. Collected here are a combination of any information that may be used in any space.

Each of the spheres in the exchange of information as a kind of projection of an informational nature, respectively, and protocol. All universes are one of Big Universe also provide a kind of information tool, which operates only with the information that corresponds to the place occupied by the corner of Civilization in a Big Universe. In this sense, every civilization operates a well-defined protocol information related in part to the protocol, which uses Civilization, located next door. Therefore, considering the similarity of the languages on the physical plane, it is possible to predict the location and the people of this planet to the planet, the language of communication in which the information presented in the comparison, as the source language. In this sense, the world of a nation, such as the Slavic, located next door and removed as the manifestation of differences in the language of communication. In other words, the Russian and Belarusian peoples coexist in a global scale, it is possible that in the neighboring polarizations. Similarly, the Ukrainian people furthest planet from Earth, but borders on the planet of the Belarusian people. And so on.

However, this explanation does not mean that the planet is a neighbor of the Belarusian people, for example, the planet of the Lithuanian people. The boundary of the physical world is not the same neighborhood information, ie, Planetary. Physical boundaries are not a projection of an informational nature, and the projection of a scale that now can be described as the ability of civilizations is not only big universe and universes galactic scale project to the area of physical world information to manage your people, settlements on the site.

I must say that the severity of this analysis is not clear due to lack of evidence, in turn, decreases in relation to the history, left its mark on the process of development of human civilization in the overall information exchange between the nations of the planet, and with the people who lived before and have left the planet. For example, the characters that are used in several countries, brought about by these people from outside the neighborhood of the planets do not prove those people in the Great Universe. Therefore, the main result of this analysis can be considered as the direction of the subsequent search in relation to the discovery of the law of psychophysics and mental Physics projection spheres of space and information environments.

Thus, any combination of information that exists in every corner of the Great Universe is ultimately a projection of the lithosphere, and in-depth analysis — the projection of the galactic scale.

Continuing the theme, consider the limitations of information spectra, which are related to the polarization of the plan, where these spectra manifest. Obviously, the information spectrum corresponding to, for example, the polarization of our physical world, will be manifested in the next polarization different information structure, which may be close to the spectrum, but the information content will be somewhat distorted. Is not this what we see in the vicinity of languages of different nationalities?

We will not consider the opinion of the Orthodox, for which the analysis will not be a point of support in the study. However, I must say that the resonance properties of the mental plane, do not allow a range of information exist in two or more areas, if this information is not associated with other spectra, ie, structured with them and showing no clear source spectrum, or whether the information is protected screen, protecting it from the inductive effects from external to it of the mental sphere. In this sense, the consciousness of every person is protected shell, as well as our physical body is protected skin from the environment.

Thus, in the mental sphere energospektry information may appear in the information spectrum of different polarizations, but as projections. So close languages spoken information can only be a sign of the polarization source close mental spheres.

Without extending the scope of the topic in depth, adding only that the similarity of national languages of communication can be the result of the similarity of the structures of consciousness created in the works of their designer on different technologies. However, this is not a final conclusion. The spiritual world has many faces, so in this direction is necessary to continue the search.

Consider the process of information exchange in the minds of the transmission of information through feedback (OS), which carries out one of the bodies, for example, a person of the physical world. Problem-solving process provides a set of knowledge embedded in the information field of consciousness. This set is identified with the knowledge that the subject known, but it has not worked as well as the knowledge that accumulating physical entity in the process of developing new material from various sources. Correction of problem analysis via a feedback channel.

If the problem is complex, the data can be analyzed and accepted, when the source is not in compliance with the information field and the result of analysis. In this case, a new analytical information is not in harmony with the logic of building the information field of consciousness. As a result of the presence of disharmony is passed as the flow of information via the OS. This information is perceived by consciousness through the feedback channel as a force informational influence on the organs, disrupting harmonious before his condition. Therefore, physical person feels this disharmony. It is reflected in the physical bodies, primarily through increased pressure and headaches, and fatigue due to the high cost overruns on the restructuring of the energy of the information field of consciousness.

In this sense, the physical entity performing the regulatory OS via perception and transmission of information streams of consciousness. In other words, it is a regulatory instrument of transfer of these information flows. At the same time a physical entity is a tool for consciousness collection and processing of information on the physical plane.

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