Experts: No action against floods Transcarpathia not save

Scientists say that it is necessary to fight the causes of floods — deforestation and clogging of the small rivers.

All flood event, which annually takes a lot of effort and money can not save Transcarpathia from flooding. Is claimed and Ukrainian experts say that it is necessary to fight the causes of floods — deforestation and clogging of the small rivers.

Anatoly Petrunya prosecutor Transcarpathian region said: "This is trouble for Transcarpathia: illegal logging, transportation of stolen timber.'s All there is. Plus a lot of cases, when the forest cut down by unidentified persons, of course, without the Forest Service can not do here."

Another reason — illegal buildings on the banks of rivers.

The other day Transcarpathia again flooded. This December flood — people say — sometimes there was even stronger than the tragic flood of 2001. Dozens of villages and hundreds of hectares of land affected in Svalyava and Vynohradiv, Volovets, Mizhgirya, Khust and other areas.

Not even center-aided tracking precipitation, water level and temperature in the region — so far the only flood control project in Ukraine, which is fully materialize. Every five minutes here see as the region is formed and where flooding will flood wave. If by the end realize the flood program, you will be able to capture and manage the flood waters.

Did not help and the dam, which gave Transcarpathia own money — with some 50,000 households.

Transcarpathia accuse government that does nothing. Authorities blamed Transcarpathians that do not give the land for the construction of fortifications. Experts see the reason in deforestation. And at the same time, we recall the power of Transcarpathia convinced that wood processing industry of the region is in a quandary: and Lumber and timber enterprises need to find a common language for an urgent response to the problem issues — namely, to increase logging, reports TSN.

From timber operations, according to the regional governor, the budget goes too little money — about one percent of all revenues. According to officials, this is too little for the area, most of the territory is covered with forests.

The damage suffered by the current Transcarpathia December flood is not yet known. The region is the fourth devastating flood in 12 years and the tenth for over half a century.


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