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Fasting increases the flow of cosmic energy. Of the three sources of energy (food, breath, sleep) sleep is the most important: it is easy to see that with proper breathing and nutrition sleep decreases and vice versa. In the beginning of fasting during sleep increases. And this is one of the reasons why the post helps astral projection. While fasting is one of the secondary sources is disabled.

In order to keep the system the necessary amount of energy, the astral body departs from the physical to the "farther away" and thus receives more energy. That's why people carry positions without losing energy, and in some cases even increasing it. (If you turn off breathing astral body also "removed farther"). The deeper the sleep, the passive body, the greater the distance that separates astral double. That is why in the hypnotic sleep a person can rest for 15 minutes as well as 8 hours of sleep normal.

Prolonged fasting makes fly astral double to more subtle worlds for even larger set of missing energy for the physical body. After fasting habit of deep sleep is so sleep is reduced, and a set of energy during sleep is significantly increased. "Newcomers" to begin fasting recommended a 36-hour fast, which takes place once a week. Then gradually increase the time to post three, seven or ten days. And only a year after similar cleaning procedures you can perform long fast for more than thirty days. Moreover, the correct way of fasting is not less important than the post.

Many people think that the main thing — to go out in the vegetable juice for half the period of fasting. Then the health benefits will be provided. This is wrong. I have met people who spent fasting for more than forty days. And out in the vegetable juice. Yes, they have found physical health, to get rid of many chronic ills. But spiritually they become wiser.

Some of them are degraded contrary — have become even more materialistic. And, of course, no siddhi they acquired in the course of starvation, because their head was busy materialistic thoughts. The main thing with starvation — to transform your thinking, to destroy the ego, or at least reduce it, change the character, to alter nature.

And after the post — to preserve the purity of thought, not to communicate with the dirty people who do not listen to radio, watch TV, do not read newspapers. That is not to allow yourself to be again — "like all men." Only then can you get all the divine attributes, called "siddhis", using this old and reliable.


If, at the time when you go to sleep, your conscious mind off partially, he continues to work with the subconscious mind, the material of dreams delivered two worlds. If the mind is turned off completely, you do not remember dreams. Regarding dreams, you should remember the rule: "When your actions in a dream match with the actions of astral ghost, this dream is a projection." That is, before going to bed to be programmed "Aviation" dream.

During sleep, the mind is partially working, and sleep acts as suggestion to the subconscious Will — a force that causes the astral double split with the physical. The Basic Law states that the projection: "When Will covers subconscious mind power the astral body and the physical body is passive, then the astral body leaves the physical." The most enjoyable way projection — out in his sleep.

Control method of dreams

Develop yourself so that you can keep the consciousness up to the time of sleep. Hold the raised hand that it fell during sleep and you wake;

Build, plan to sleep, so that it was dominated by your activities, along with upward (lift, aircraft, flight);

Clearly hold the dream in your mind, try to visually present it during the dive to sleep. If bedtime reading exciting books, these experiences will also strengthen your ability to view (but not take consciousness dreams for genuine consciousness).

Introduction of consciousness into the astral body

Two factors awakening of consciousness during sleep. This — "Sounds" and "applied the correct suggestion." Sounds act as phantom beyond actions cord, and within it sounds cause overlapping bodies. As the number of projections, the mind will connect more often. In the place dreams, where consciousness was involved in the first dream, it will be included in other dreams.

The suggestion that you wake up in one place, will be one of the strongest factors in achieving full consciousness in the astral body.

There are four factors that influence the subconscious will to act in a dream:

A) 1. Dreaming aircraft type 2. Dreams that cause the desire and habit;

B) 1. Intense desire 2. Repressed desire;

B) The desire of the body: 1. Hunger 2. Thirst 3. Weakness;

D) Habit: 1. Long, 2. Settled 3. Desired.


Soul weighs about 9 grams. In order to project the need to slow the heart rate, slow heart beat. To do this, lie on your back, cover with a light blanket, arms extended along the body. Focus on the heart. Instill heart rhythm steady, measured his blows, until the rhythm is established. After a few minutes start counting the rhythm a little bit slower, thinking that the heart is beating slowly. Do not stop to check the pulse. Keep doing this until you feel the heart beating at the desired rate. Astral projection for the pulse to be about 32 — 37 beats per minute. You must be cold, but the room will be warm.

To slow the heart rate is good to use a dripping faucet. First drops should drip intervals of one second. Adjust to the rhythm of the heartbeat drops. Then slowly close the valve, reducing the number had fallen to 35 drops per minute. Over time, your heart will beat in time with the falling drops.

Deep passivity and the fatigue will help in the projection — double rise by about one meter above the bed. If you're not tired, the astral body leaves only 5 — 10 cm for good projection you need to learn to relax. Total Relaxation — the key to success. As a rule, the ghost rises higher and higher as the dream becomes more profound. Therefore, most of the projections should take place after a few hours of sleep.


To your success in astral projection to study well myself. Place a chair in front of a mirror. Look at yourself for 15 minutes each day. Look at yourself, remember every little detail, until you lose all sense of reality. Imagine that your "I" is in the mirror. Study your nose, lips, and so on. Then look yourself in the eye 15 minutes, repeating his name. Convince yourself that you are in the mirror.

Then, before going to bed, focus attention on the road, which will take a ghost. You must have a strong desire to be projected. Try to wake up at a certain hour at night. And they gave their imaginations. Imagine how your ghost walks around the room along the wall, and then returned to the body.


If you are sure that the desire is strong enough projection overwhelmed you, then you should show the following properties:

You have to dream projection of the astral body;

You have to physically somnambulirovat;

3) You have to wake up at night, covered by the desire of the projection.

How to stimulate the desire to:

1. Strive to wake up at a specific point (with a friend or in the country);

2. Further slow heartbeat;

Try to increase the desire to projections by the will of the imagination;

Convince myself that from now on will wake up every night, say, 3:00. Waking up, lie still and let your passive will stimulate the desire of the projection. Before going to bed to seek greater physical inactivity.

Relaxation exercises

Any projection of the twin starts with the total relaxation of the body. If any of the muscles are tense, the output of the ghost will not work. So you need to carefully learn the complete relaxation of the physical body. Here is one of the simplest and easiest methods of relaxation:

Lie down on the bed or on the floor. Grounded. Grounding is this: imagine a red beam of light coming from the Earth in the first chakra, and going into space through the top. Toward him from the cosmos is white beam enters the seventh chakra and out of the first chakra into the Earth.

Defocus think poluzakroyte eyes, look hazy gaze through things.

3. Relax all the muscles of the face.

Imagine that your feet warm water fills. At first the water fills the right foot, the foot becomes heavier, harder. As the filling with water, the leg muscles relax. The water then fills the left foot, then the abdomen, chest, arms and head. Members of the body are getting heavier, more relaxed.

When complete the whole body "water", check the mind's eye once more his whole body, from the toes — whether there was somewhere hard vein. By doing this, you can close your eyes. For advanced students, I give more depth and detail of relaxation exercise in the chapter "The third method. Mirror. "


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