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A home should be a space in which it is possible and necessary to restore power, feeling their security. However, the film is not so rare to be with us from the outside, from the "big world", in the household of any errors we make on their own, making the house dangerous.

The guards at the door

In the tradition of Feng Shui in the hall should be a pair of combat "Unicorn" — rhino, with the horns pointing toward the front door. This dual mascot (the guard most of the world's peoples, cultures and traditions walking in pairs) is often considered only protect against looting and "wicked little people" — but, believe me, rhino horn also reflects an invisible evil that can penetrate the outside of the house.

If there is no man in the house, or it was old or small — you can resort to an even stronger couple guards — crocodiles or alligators. It recognized "the guard gate!" However, in a family in which a lot of men, boys, teenagers, particularly with a difficult temperament, preferred rhinos. Guards alligators can awaken in an active, courageous head of the family fighting excessive ambition, aggression.

Slavic traditions protection from the negative mean, first of all, the use of "salt track." Outside the door, just below the jamb, prosypte strip salt. Update it to the new moon and full moon.

If you are sure that your home is a bad man, with "evil eye" — put in the corner of the hall a new broom, tied with a red ribbon. After the departure of unwanted guests drop the threshold obmetite pinch of salt and a broom.

In a country house hang outside, above the door, a pair of horn or horns of a deer or elk. Inside the house, do not want to keep such a thing, but from the outside it will be an excellent guard amulet of power aggression of any kind.

Negative inside the house

We create within our housing area necrotic, stagnant energy. She stops and holds our life force, egregore luck egregore love. All good drowning in it, as in a swamp. This — the deposit and storage of the old things that are kept "just in case."

The smaller house, and the more people living in it — so care must be evaluated and viewed the contents of each shelf, each box. Thing that did not use more than one year (other than gold and silver jewelry and crystal), a source of low necrotic radiation, a kind of "smell of decay." Especially dangerous for old textiles — clothing, bedding, blankets, pillows.

Very importantly, where and how to store knives. The tips of the knives and forks in the drawer does not have to look inside. Otherwise, they create a "deadly arrows" Sha, who will constantly disturb and undermine energy defenses inhabitants.

Now look under the bed. The idea is that there should be a smooth, well-grated floor. The contents of the boxes, packages (that you have it now?) Stored under a bed or in a bedside drawer — a figurative reflection of what is in your health and your energy. Like it? By the way, Feng Shui masters noticed that women who sleep on beds with drawers for storage, arranged at the bottom, is much harder to drop weight. And energy these people are less secure since the night of their natural protective aura involuntarily "distracted" by the contents of the "podkrovatya", and could not recover fully. If you can not move all these things in a different location — at least put between the mattress and the warehouse layer of aluminum foil.

Inside the house, to bring good energy and prevent any negative, keep a picture or statue of the mythical white unicorn. This animal has exceptional strength.

To the world!

We can not spend my life in the four walls. So, we'll go "in the world" — to work, to school, to go into business and tourist travel.

It has long been a reliable protection from negativity considered clothes inside out. Either there is a hidden closet article of clothing that can be worn that way.

Protective powers have hand joints. If you sew your clothes inside the seams (the most critical places — around the armpits and behind the gates) manually red thread — it would be armor from the negative, and keep involuntary attacks of envy, anger, etc., which can be directed towards you from strangers people. The clothing of the child, I would advise mothers to sew the eye, in an inconspicuous area lining.

And finally, you can resort to the help of the mascot — semiprecious stone. Defenses have long been seen for agate and cat's eye. This should be a real natural stones, not pressing and not a fake, and you can use them as charms, pendants, hanging on a bag or purse clasp.

If we believe that evil is everywhere, and just looking for the crack to penetrate our souls and in our lives — so be it. Work with the dark, scared areas of consciousness, strengthen the spirit — and then you'll be able to withstand any external negative.

The case — trumpet

On the phone to us can be made negative attack. It so happens that he is talking on the phone cause unpleasant emotions, do not call in time, speak grueling topics, and give up, or break the conversation seems obscene? Then twist the arms of the free "nevermind." Fig — a strong defense against any negatives! If it is — it will be reflected, if it is not present — well, then just work-out fingers.

Another way — after an unpleasant conversation burn wooden matches. If a match flashes back and forth — the negative, your protective shield them that occurred. Light a new match as long as one of them breaks out smoothly. In general, a wooden matches advise in every home — this is the easiest indicator of a problem and the subject of defensive magic.

If you use a mobile phone, and you need to guard against unwanted power of this device — Hang it jade bead or cut crystal.

Natalie LO YANG

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