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Mysterious rock falls, materializing out of the air, the sight of dozens of astonished witnesses — that is the essence of the phenomenon that occurred in 1955 in the small town Mayanap, located in the south-west coast of Australia.

After 45 years, a similar phenomenon was observed in Boyap Brook, Western Australia. These and other cases of poltergeists in Australian journalist Helen Hack described in a book entitled "Secrets of the green continent", which was published in 2002 in Melbourne. Hack known interesting publications on the subject of UFOs, ghosts, anomalous zones and other mysterious phenomena. Within a few years, it is transmitting on television Sydney on the history of the development of the continent, Aboriginal mythology, the legendary subterranean land Bynum, mysterious creatures inhabiting the supposedly protected areas, and other wonders of Australia. Helen's passion for the paranormal began at an early age when she met her future husband, Thomas Hekom. In 1981, the journalist visited the farm of Tom parents, who were engaged in sheep farming. The farm is located in Mayanape.

The author describes his first encounter with Mayanapom: "When Tom first told about the poltergeist on a farm, I thought he was kidding me. Soon we went to Mayanap meet with parents. Chet Hekov kindly met me. The living room is the dining room table was a large pot filled with small stones. Mary, the mother of Tom, explained that the stones that had fallen from the sky in 1955. Then, my future mother in law almost word for word repeated story about Tom rockfall on the farm. My fiance in the same year was only six years old, and he did not understand much, but Mary has recorded the events in his diary in 1981 and remembered everything perfectly. "

Helen later interviewed witnesses who could find. They were about twenty, and most still live in Mayanape. The drama began May 17, 1955, when the stones fell on a modest hut Smiths.

The Smiths, Australian Aborigines, have worked on a farm in Hekov. Alan Smith sheep, and Peggy was cleaning the house. On the night of May 17, his wife heard the eerie prolonged roar. Alan went outside and walked over to the doghouse. Faithful dog Achilles, who helped guard the flock, bared his teeth and growled menacingly. Never before has anything like this happened with the dog. Achilles then howled again, broke the chain and ran for the hills. After that came a shrill whistle, and stones rained down from the sky. The night was clear, the moon shone brightly, and Smith later insisted that there were no planes in the sky was observed. It seemed that the stones appear in the air.

Dimensions of their size ranged from gravel to small boulder. One of the heavenly sleep broke ranks lantern hanging over the porch, and Smith, fearing for his head, he hastened to hide in the house. Imagine his surprise when, in a hut and stones fell on the table, standing in the middle of the room. At the same time heard pounding on the roof of the house. All this, lasted about three minutes. Witness the stone castle was and Peggy. How the stones got into the room, is unclear. Whether materialized out of thin air right in your room, or passed through the roof, without disturbing its integrity.

Recovering himself, Smith ran to the house owners. Bill Heck, Tom's father, initially did not want to believe, but still went to see what happened. When he saw the hut and courtyard scattered boulders, he decided that the shepherd did it himself. But this phenomenon is repeated, and one of the stones poltergeist has hit Bill on the head, so that was bleeding. This time the stone rain lasted less than a minute. The Smiths and Hackee that night did not sleep, but am rockfall was not renewed. According to them, the stones were warm to the touch and very slowly cooled down. In the morning, Bill Heck went to the police. There he also did not believe at first, thinking that the sheep farmer was crazy. However, in the weeks rockfall was renewed several times.

Gradually witnesses were neighbors Hekov, and once he and the chief of the police station. The phenomenon always occurred at night and always on the outside and inside of the hut Smiths. In addition to the stones falling from the sky empty bottles, potatoes, rusty knives, sheep bones and even a doll, what the children were playing in the beginning of XX century. All of these items were warm. Many of them as evidence seized by police.

Sometimes accompanied by a poltergeist wavering lights hanging in the air above the hut, blue and orange. Their size ranged from a little spark to the size of the full moon. The lights appeared and disappeared at the same time with a rockfall. During 1955 poltergeist renewed 43 times. Police came to the farm, newspapermen, meteorologists and the curious from all over the country. No reasonable explanation for the phenomenon has not received. Smith visited his elderly relative, aboriginal, and he explained that Alan was angry distant ancestor named Iannik. The Smiths have decided to move to his tribesmen in Linford Hill. Hackee were very happy as a poltergeist and a constant presence on the farm unauthorized persons harmed Cattle

With the departure of Smith rockfalls on the farm ceased, but appeared in Linford Hill in the house where the family lived is now a shepherd. Accidents Australians moved several times, and poltergeist persistently followed them. After a few months of Peggy died of nervous disorders caused by supernatural events of recent times. It was followed soon after and Alan by hanging himself from a tree. With their death rockfalls stopped.

All these events have managed to recover Helen Hack, who interviewed her father-in-law, their neighbors, relatives, Smith and other witnesses. In her book contains many photographs taken in Mayanape in 1955, and clippings from newspapers of the time. Some of the photos depict fallen from the sky objects: stones, bottles, potatoes, and knives. One of the photos captured the frightened residents of neighborhoods, armed with rifles.

Thomas Hack recently rebuilt the farm again, hut Smith stands on the old site, on the floor and on a table scattered stones. Sometimes Mayanap Paranormal investigators come to look at the physical evidence of poltergeist activity that took place half a century ago. Helen plans to arrange in a farm museum dedicated to the anomalous phenomena Australia.

Maria BUUK
UFO 2009

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