For mine Makeevki watched aliens


Makeevchanin Igor Aksenov recently often stare at the sky, but that the lens of his camera gets an unidentified flying object had no idea.


Working at the Bazhanov mine named assistant chief of the area, he often runs in the third outfit change. Therefore, most of his lens fall sunrises and sunsets, the night sky. So in that late evening, July 7, Igor decided to go to work to capture the full moon on the background of headgears.

— When photographed, then nothing but the moon was not visible, he says. — And when he decided to check what happened, I saw three luminous objects. Immediately tried to repeat shots. But alas — it just hung the moon.

At work, Igor took pictures in different ways. Someone with interest, some with excitement. But no one at that suspected him of fraud. And the witness himself at a photo shoot did not experience any emotion.

For comments, we turned to the experts in the field of ufology.

— It is quite everyday phenomenon. In fact, the so-called aliens regularly visit our planet and the Donetsk region is no exception, — the scientific director of the Center for Space Relations Gennady Leshenko. — How do we know extraterrestrials constantly monitor our civilization, cleaning and adjusting its ecology psycho-emotsionalnoee state earthlings. We have for them — a sort of younger brothers who need to take care of.

In this case, Gennady Ya believes that all stories about hostile aliens — pure fiction generated by our fears. Civilization, which owns the fantastic technology can erase our world for a second. But the fact of frequent UFO sightings in the region can only attest to the fact that in the fight for our environment including higher intelligence.

Source: Evening Makiyivka.

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