For the tireless work of the KGB. January 6


In Borisov arrested activist Alexander Molchanov

21:47 This was "Our Cornfield" said his mother, Galina. According to her, the KGB officers came to the house after Alexander returned from work. "Conducted a search and confiscated the system unit, flash. Sasha laid hands in handcuffs and taken out. Said they were taken to Minsk ", — says Galina. Molchanov some time was a member of the movement, "Bison", but in recent times in any organization was not. "On the Square went as an honest man," — said his mother. A woman complained that an invasion security officers broke down the door of the house, now the family does not know how to restore them.

The search in Dmitry Vinogradov of Miadzel

Dmitry Vinogradov

18:30 January 6 Myadel was searched at the entrepreneur, social activist Dmitry Vinogradov.

KGB and police went around all the rooms have reviewed all of the things took a computer system, a laptop and two flash drives.

Dashkevich and Lobau was accused of beating passers-by

15:30 Today charges were exhibited chairman of "Young Front" Dmitri Dashkevich and the coordinator of the Minsk "MF" Eduard Lobau under Part 3 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code.

Boys accused of attacking bystanders and beating them with fists and metal tongs. In turn, the Young claim of provocation special services.

Malady was taken immediately after the exam

14:18 Now the Young Julian Misyukevich is in the State Security Committee. As the guy managed to tell your friends as soon as he passed the exam at the physics department of Belarusian State University, took him out of the KGB. Probably Misyukevich questioned as a witness in the case of the riots. Other circumstances still unknown, the press service of the "Young Front".

Slonimsky activist questioned, and was read an article about him criminally liable.

13:56 Interrogated Boris Kuczynski in the district KGB — how it got to YouTube, with whom, what was done, etc. The KGB he was held for more than two hours. After the interrogation, according to Boris Kuczynski, he was given to sign the protocol, as well as read an article about the criminalization of participation in an unsanctioned event. After that was released. Boris Kuczynski was angry at how he was detained. I recall that after he left the house to go to the post office, passenger car pulled up to him. From it came two men who identified themselves as employees of the KGB and, according to him, forced him into a car. Mr. asked the driver to stop and wanted to enter, but the car had already been discontinued.
Boris Kuczynski only recently spent 15 days in Akrestsin for participation in the Plaza.

The search Zhlobin at Valery Rybchenko

13 53 In Zhlobin in the flat head of the regional organization of the Left "Fair World" Valery Rybchenko Homel KGB officers and police conduct a search. As the former deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation of Marat Afanasyev Zhlobin, spetssluzhbovtsy first major police entered the apartment Rybchenko when there was only a minor son activist.

Afanasyev "We came with Valery to his apartment, where there were already two Homel KGB officer and a local policeman. They showed documents and the search warrant, signed by the Minsk prosecutor. As I understand it, the search is connected with the search for those responsible for the damage to Government House on December 19 . I offered my services as a witness. however, was removed from the apartment. policeman quickly led to the streets of their witnesses. "

Valery Rybchenko in the presidential election campaign "For Fair Elections" was the local coordinator monitor the vote, organizing the work of independent observers at polling stations. It was also known that Homel KGB calls today for an interview as a witness Oleg Shabetnik of Rechitzy, who coordinated the campaign in the region of Vladimir Neklyaeva.

The searches have reached and cars

Milan Michalevic

13:33 As the wife of us Ales Mikhalevich Milan, now KGB officers perform inspections of the car "Skoda Felitsyya" belonging Mikhalevich. The car was parked near the house, where they live Michalevic by Kiseleva Street in Minsk. Now KGB dig it out of the snow. Car key was in Ales Mikhalevich during his arrest on December 19. Ales times were transported to their "Skoda" people affected by overclocking the stock. It is significant that the KGB began to inspect the car, without waiting Milana Mikhalevich.

The KGB — again

13:23 Journalist Vladimir Khilmanovich repeatedly been called to the Grodno regional KGB office in the events of December 19 at the Independence Square in Minsk. The first time — at the end of December was drawn up "survey" today — the record of the interrogation. Vladimir Khilmanovich after questioning revealed that he had been called as a witness. He believes that he was asked the standard questions that are asked of all those who were in the square to determine whether he was involved in the events, and to what extent. The interrogation took place over the criminal case opened into the so-called riots in the capital, said the journalist.

KGB lieutenant colonel complained to the Prosecutor General

13:02 Retired KGB colonel Valery Kostka today handed over personal complaint to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich. He demands the return of the computer and the recognition of non-pecuniary damage causing it. As already reported, "Freedom", December 20 KGB officers searched his apartment in Smalyavichy, as well as on the farm in Smolevichy area. The searches were carried out in the case of the riots in Minsk on December 19. KGB officers seized a computer belonging to Valery bone. In it, according to the owner, was all the documentation on his farm. Costco said that he was not on December 19 in Minsk.

A search in the Gomel UCP office

12:38 In Gomel, in a private house on the street Polesskaya, 52, where the office of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, and several other community organizations, police and plainclothes officers began a search. Mobile Phones regional party leaders are locked. Police breaks off negotiations with the activists and a landline phone. It is clear that the search was related to the events of December 19 in Minsk.
It should be noted that the leaders of Homel branch of the United Civil Party did not participate as an activist in the election campaigns of alternative candidates for the presidency because of the lack of "common candidate". In the elections, they organized observation of the early second primary election in the civil campaign "For Fair Elections". This is not the first search of
the office on Polesskaya, 52. As soon as the elections begin — whether parliamentary, whether presidential or any other public campaigns — in the office Polesskaya intelligence agencies and the police make the searches take computers and prints.

In Homel police and plainclothes officers crammed into apartments activists

11:58 In Gomel on 11-hours of police and plainclothes officers burst into the apartment activist Yevgeny Yakovenko. In the early 12 th hour pavdyasyatka policemen and plainclothes men, among whom was a district of the Central district police station, Mr. Chuchvaha, laid siege to the city cottage coordinator created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantine Zhukovsky. Why is this attention to the gentlemen of Zhukovsky and Yakovenko, is still unknown. In the recent election campaign Zhukovsky th Yakovenko worked in a team of Vladimir Neklyaeva. They collected signatures for Neklyaeva white-red-white flags and banners of the "Tell the Truth", were active in propaganda work.

Slonimsky activist taken to the KGB

9:57 Boris Kuczynski went out of the house to go to the post office. To him, passenger car drove up, got out of two men of the KGB and asked to go with them. Boris on the phone Kuczynski said he did not know why he so delivered to the KGB. He asked the driver to stop and wanted to get out of the car but it did not produce.
Boris Kuczynski only recently spent 15 days in Akrestsin for participation in the Plaza.

Another trial of an activist after his release in Akrestsin

9:37 January 6 in Grodno held court over the youth activist Ales Kirkevich. Summons issued to him during the ten-day of his release in Akrestsin. He is accused of involvement in "unauthorized meeting" during a meeting of the presidential candidates Statkevich and Vusa.16 December during a visit to the presidential candidates Statkevich and Uss they refused to meet regional philharmonic hall premises. However, next to the assembled voters. The situation was later remedied by submitting another place to meet in the auditorium of vocational builders. There and moved the column under white-red-white flags. Ales Kirkevich charged with Article 23.34 Part 1 — participation in an unsanctioned rally. In fact appears as the use of the national flag as unregistered symbols.

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