Foundation for a new life

The logical conclusion of a modern civilization, based on a global parasitism and cultivating unrestrained consumption — obviously. Political, economic, social, environmental and other global issues — only indicator of this process. Antihuman system went into the dressing and its collapse is inevitable. Not really important — so important that it would be next.

Part 1. Coexistence.

After such a good lesson, many now know exactly how to not be in the future. So we have to remember the basics, which will be re-built a new life.

Slavic information portal "Darislav» ( begins a series of commercials, "Fundamentals of a new life" that are based on ancestral heritage and experience of contemporaries. Someone they are understandable in someone cause controversy, and someone will make the first time to think about it. Of course, there are those who will be a fierce opponent of the ideas outlined. But these will be the minority, and they say to themselves, we rollers.

Do not stay indifferent! The future is ours!

Part 2. Cooperation.

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