Four elements and characters of the people

In the European philosophical tradition, the four elements, or primary element considered essential components of our world. In astrology, the elements are also components of the human character. Signs of the zodiac are divided into four groups of elements, and although in the horoscope and the nature of each person represented in one way or another all of the elements, often dominated by the element of the sign under which the person was born.

That elements determine the temperament and psychological compatibility of people. Better compatibility between the single elements. In life, people do not even know astrology and do not recognize it, intuitively choose friends and mates of people born under the same element or friendly to her. "Friends" of elements in pairs: Fire from the air, land and water.

Element Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire symbolizes energy, activity, action. People born under this element, express themselves through actions. By temperament they choleric or sanguine. They are enterprising, energetic, outgoing and are often leaders. Fire people are independent, tend to expand, uncontrollably strive to achieve. However, their solutions are not always deliberate, they are afraid of losing time, and miss the chance to act in a hurry and hoping for ourselves and good fortune.

In personal relationships it is inherent romance, they openly express their love and are willing to fight for it. But striking individualism and the pursuit of self-realization will not allow them to fall into dependence on another person. No matter how strong their love, they are not willing to sacrifice ambitious goals and not let ruin their talents. They can fall out with friends, to part with friends and loved ones, if they are too limited and do not allow them to be realized in life.

They themselves do not usually interfere with other realized, in contrast, may inspire. And do not require close friends of victims, although the behavior of the elements of Fire often appear commanding manners. Fire People are dictators, but more often to those who are inclined to dependence and subordination.

Aries — the most militant of the fire signs, it's more all set to fight for "a place in the sun", but rarely poses a long-term goal.

Leo — the calm and balanced character of the Fire, he most confident and therefore less of a hurry, knowing that success is still to come.

Sagittarius — the most volatile of the fire signs, he did all future lives and puts the most long-term goals. True, they have it may change frequently.

Elements of the earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth symbolizes a stable form. People born under this element, express themselves through the results of their labor. By temperament they are more phlegmatic or melancholic. They have a lot of penetrating power and persistence in achieving goals. Although outwardly they often seem inert and apathetic. But they are practical, prudent and cautious, well aware that they need and how you can achieve what you want. They operate on a carefully developed plan, but if the situation changed dramatically and plans broken, not always able to navigate and usually suspend operations until all the circumstances. They love the comfort and pleasure, but are willing to endure the hardships and restrictions, if any practical sense.

In his personal life, they tend to have close relations firm, but not to the dissolution of the senses, but to the well-coordinated interaction, a joint goal. They are characterized by loyalty, responsibility and reliability.

Earth people generally unsociable and struggle to find a topic of conversation, especially with strangers. They feel better and familiar environment of long-familiar people. Therefore they try to bind those they love and very jealous, if a person has their own goals and interests. A person can ruin the fate of Earth and the talents of their loved ones, preventing their personal choice.

Taurus — the most passive and lazy character of the Earth, it is more prone to all the pleasures.

Virgo — the most flexible of the signs of the earth, the fastest response to change and to new information.

Capricorn — the most single-minded of the signs of the earth.

Element Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air symbolizes the intellect, and the ease, mobility, changeability. People born under this element, express themselves through thought and word. Usually sanguine temperament. Sociable, clever, curious, always aware of everything, but their knowledge is not always deep, and memory is not always strong. Their interests, likes and moods change rapidly. Air does not like boredom and monotony. Air people are easily perceived knowledge, logical thought, but the reality is often very impractical. They are more theoretical or inventors whose inventions embody the others.

In the privacy of the people of Air also fickle, and sometimes careless. Their connections are often fragile and superficial. They do not need more love and passion, and in friendship and interesting conversation. They can love a man, but equal to them in mind and having similar interests. And even better — has a lot of different interests, they do not feel bored and do not run away from it.

According to other people, they are friendly and try to be objective and fair. Do not try to put pressure on the rights and remake it, and even more so to his tie. If your loved one tends to be realized something, they either help him, or do not intervene.

Gemini — the most hectic and moving from an air sign.

Libra — the signs of all the air is prone to long relationships, feelings for him are just as important as the mind.

Aquarius — the most unpredictable of the air sign.

The element of water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water symbolizes the feeling and intuition. People born under this element, express themselves through emotional distress. In this case, apparently the feelings and emotions do not often occur, but quite rapidly. By temperament is phlegmatic or melancholic. This is usually creative people with imaginative. Often, they are addicted to mysticism and have abilities of clairvoyance and magic. To their purpose, they are winding path, by their way of life often appears as a constant change of interests and goals. In fact, all that these people are interested and engaged, at least a short time, it makes sense and serves as their main tasks of life.

In personal life, they are tuned to the intrinsic link, complete unity and trust. In these respects they are not boring, and it is not close, on the contrary, it is in such a union, they feel comfortable and free. After the trust exempt from fear, suspicion, uncertainty, and other confounding life experiences. Love is most important to them and they become ruthless, if someone is trying to destroy their happiness.

Water people are flexible and do not tend to put pressure on others to interfere with their choice. They are easy to identify the weaknesses of people, but spare other people's feelings, even in anger, trying not to sound the most vulnerable point.

Cancer — the most practical and enterprising of the signs of water.

Scorpio — the most stubborn signs of water, it is the least inclined to shy away from conflict, and able to respond to the aggression of the same.

Fish — the most mysterious of the signs of water, it is more prone to all care and a detachment from reality.

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