Franak Vyachorka and Andrew Krechko — on the loose

After a 12-day administrative arrest on January 10 people released activists of the democratic forces Franak Vyachorka and Andrew Krechko.

Franak Vyachorka was one of the organizers of the rally of solidarity with citizens detained in prison in Akrestsin in Minsk. The rally was held on December 21 2010. Vyachorka and Krechko were arrested December 29 and December 30 — sentenced to 12 days of administrative arrest.

As the Franak Vyachorka, while serving administrative detention, he was interrogated in prison KGB investigator Batsvyankovym.

"The last examination was held on Friday, January 7. I was questioned as a witness, and the investigator questioned me on the events of December 21 as well as the 19th," — said the activist.

In this case, He said, Investigator let slip that the purpose of their actions — "prevent the consolidation remains the opposition."

"Personally against investigator told me that I will no longer be absent, because if I go further detention is not in Akrestsin, and in the detention center," — said Vyachorka.

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