Frosts in central Russia on Tuesday, will be replaced by warming

Period of frosty and sunny weather in the central regions of European Russia ends its successor has come from Tuesday warming, which will be accompanied by snow, blizzards, and sometimes — freezing precipitation and ice, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Monday will be the last really chilly afternoon in the center of European Russia. Tuesday frosty anticyclone will move away to the east. Starting from the north-western regions, will increase the influence of the vast Atlantic cyclone moves out of the north-eastern Atlantic. In European Russia will pour warm and humid air masses, "- said in a statement.

The sky will be tightened solid clouds, already on Monday night frost will weaken to 7-12 degrees at night, warming will continue, and thermometers show from 3 to 8 degrees below zero. Wednesday will be even warmer at night in areas CFD expected from 5 to 12 degrees below zero, in the afternoon from 1 to 8 degrees, will be a little snow, and to gain further south wind.

On the night of Thursday the south wind speed will increase to 10-15 meters per second, the expected snowstorm. In the west and south, and then in the center of the district will change snow sleet. Patchy freezing precipitation will be forming ice, there will be a thaw in places — will be from 4 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius.

"Prior to the weekend in the center of European Russia are expected to damp with little precipitation and moderate wind weather, at night with a small" minus "- about 0 to 7 degrees below zero and near-zero temperatures during the day" — the report says.

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