Garbage was flying over the village … (PHOTOS)


About two minutes between 17 and 18 hours hundreds of townspeople watched Kyshtym spiral in the sky glowing object. Bowl with a luminous tail cone could not be a mirage, as a similar pattern was observed in one day, thousands of people living between Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg.


Witnessed an unusual spectacle and became a resident of Chelyabinsk Alexander Zaiko. Between Kaslo and Kyshtym about chetyrehkilometrovoy height he saw the ball, sends a beam to the west. Then he flashed at him, released a thick cloud where and disappeared. But Alexander had to press a button cell phone.




Skeptics deny the existence of UFOs, knowing that it is the remnants of exploded over the Arctic after a failed launch of an intercontinental missile "Bulava". However, the rocket blew up the day before the appearance of a mysterious object in the sky.

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