Geniuses and villains bygone era watch online

Geniuses and villains bygone era watch online
This cycle of documentaries affects very exciting and at the same time such a controversial question: Geniuses and villains — who are they? The genius of some and the ruthlessness of the other specifically affect development course of development of the world's population. Specifically, these people make history.
We all live in the 3rd millennium, we use the benefits provided to us, or else suffer the evils of our society. So to whom we owe more of our daily lives: the good genius or ruthless villains?
The creators of this series will try to find out who has brought a more robust and tangible contribution to the development our society. Try to get to the question of what determines human genius and why it is given to only a few. What force drives these unique people and what drives some to serve in the good the world's population, and the other — to the possession vseobyatnoy power over the world at any cost, even at the cost of millions of human lives.

Geniuses look and villains of the outgoing era many series online

movie 1: Ivan Aivazovsky

2 movie: Alexander Alyabyev

movie 3: Irakli Andronicus

movie 4: Niels Bohr

Motion Picture 5: Vasily Vereshchagin

Motion Picture 6: The Robert Wood

Motion Picture 7: Nikolai Gogol

8 movie: Alexander Green

9 movie: Robert Hooke

movie 10: Leo Silber

movie 11: Richard Sorge

Historical figures, people of destiny

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