Germans see a UFO, but they do not believe


FRANKFURT AM MAIN. (Sergey Latyshev). In 2009, more than a thousand citizens of Germany have reported seeing UFOs, but official experts say that it seemed to them.

According to the Mannheim-based Central Research Service by unusual celestial phenomena, for the past year there were received 1,050 communications of citizens about what they have seen UFOs, but almost all the "visual contact with the UFO" as a result of the investigation, "found an explanation."

In most cases, the representative of the structure Werner Walter, they talked about were in the sky at the coast balloons. In second place were bright planets such as Venus and Jupiter, which are often mistaken for UFOs. In some cases, a UFO took the International Space Station (ISS), which, having acquired new "sails" in the form of solar panels, has become more visible in the sky.

Based on these responses, the thing only in the imagination of some live excessively exalted burghers, although it is hardly any doubt that there is no contact with a real UFO, of course, would not have got the attention of the citizens in the proposed statistics.

Meanwhile, according to independent observers, evidence of the existence of "flying saucers" so much as, however, and the fact that the governments of all countries are trying to keep them confidential, that doubt the existence of the phenomenon is simply impossible.

Disagreements are possible only in regards to how it fairly and adequately explained.

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