Gestapo for children

The material is very old, but in light of recent events (the removal of children from Russian parents in Finland and the bill of social patronage in Russia) is recalled.

Russian in Germany was jailed for refusing to corrupt their children.
Degeneration of Western civilization is going according to the previously approved plan and only Russian, as always, create problems. Even when emigrating to the country called The "civilized world" (where, as is commonly believed, dissolve quickly in a foreign culture).

This time, in the German city Saltskotten eight families of Russian origin, refused to send their children to compulsory in primary school sex education lessons. For this, they have been a major financial penalty. And after this measure had no effect on them — the fathers of these families have been sentenced to prison.

Aside from refusing to send their children to sex education lessons, where, as you know, immature young souls cave in under the pretext of information on sexual violence and sexual perversions, these parents also resisted attempts to involve their children in the school play «Mein Korper gehort mir" (" My body belongs to me "), in which small children were taught how to protect themselves in the event of" dirty harassment adult uncle ", incidentally savoring the nuances of what is happening.

Only complete moral monsters can not understand that after such lessons and performances in children killed by all the pure, they do irreparable trauma, after which they are no longer able to have those bright feelings that accompany first love. All this inevitably provokes early and promiscuity, and eventually leads to further degradation of the offspring (apparently, this is what is intended so-called "sex education" has actively introduced including in Russia).

Meanwhile, German authorities are determined to break the resistance of recalcitrant parents. In particular, they decided to put a special kind of penalty — "busgeld." Just the name of this fine means "repentance money", which "are intended to show remorse penalized for bad action." "Busgeld" — pretty heavy fine, especially considering the fact that it can put the power of the eight Russian-German families in an impossible situation: pay the fine would mean to admit guilt, while the parents themselves do not feel guilty about anything.

Add that to the German parent, trying to pick up their children from public schools, subject to tremendous pressure from the government. Indeed, since the time of the Third Reich is considered illegal as home schooling, and parents try to take the child with specific lessons, regarded by them as contrary to their moral values.

Officials are not too interested in the fact that the children in these families often learn better than their peers from public schools, stated policy of the government — to suppress through the education system, any «Parallelgesellschaften" or "parallel communities" based on "different from other philosophical convictions" .

Committee on Youth (Yugentamt, institution like child protection services) — the main instrument to which the State uses when fines and prison sentences do not help make parents comply. In such cases, the Committee recommends that deprive them of parental authority over their children.
In one of these cases in 2007, accompanied by representatives Yurentamta fifteen heavily armed police at night against her will by force took away from his parents 15 lenyuyu Melissa Buskeros. However, thanks to the intervention of the court the girl legally allowed to return to his family after reaching her 16th birthday.

In the same situation were Hans and Petra Schmidt. They are suing the state for the right to exercise parental care over their own (!) 14-year-old son, whom they were taught at home. To date, the authorities have already fined Schmidt for home schooling in the amount of 13,000 euros, and arrested their home.

In a similar situation at the moment there are 300 to 500 German families.

There is no doubt that the "best" achievements of Western civilization in the very near future will be borrowed and officials of the Russian system of education.

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