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When traveling to a new place, when meeting new people, we often feel uncomfortable and insecure. How much time does it take to acclimatize to a new apartment or a team? .. The circumstances are different, but the cause of discomfort one: change the background of bioenergy, which used to people. But you can help your body and mind and to accelerate the process of adjusting to a new environment. For over 10 years I have been using for this psycho who taught me doctor bioenergotherapist K. Vorobyev.

It's pretty simple, yet effective. A person should imagine that he — a tree. What specifically did not matter. Visitors can take advantage of the Druids horoscope horoscope or other vegetation, which shows the date of birth, but you can not hide the icon and imagine yourself: men — oak (poplar), women — birch (linden).

So, you — the man-tree growing where you live or work. Calm down, relax, throw out extraneous thoughts out of your head and imagine You substitute the sun leaves, roots sucking juices land, grow and develop. The more detailed and brighter will this picture, the greater the effect of psycho.

After 5-10 minutes, you will be fully, the amateur "transplant". Determine in advance where the plan to transplant himself to a new city, a flat band. Fit this exercise and if you are going on a business trip or vacation in warmer climes, responsible for meeting.

"In principle, sufficient to transplant himself once. But for best results, exercise should be repeated many times. But remember: you can not carry more than 2 times a day. So decide in advance how important it is for you upcoming business, change in life, and plan as much as possible transplants, so you feel comfortable and confident. Experience shows that when you move to a different city, a new apartment, before a long trip, a change of "transfer" must be done in advance — for 2-3 days

Now that she is a "change." Imagine that come with working with shovels and dug you neatly without damaging a single root, a single leaf, bark not even scratched. Carefully put you in a truck and drove.

Travel must take no more than a few seconds. One, two, three … and you are on the right meste.Vas unloaded and put in a prepared hole. Roots covered with earth, the earth lightly tamped, sprinkled you with clean water.

Again you felt like the same place. Sharpen your focus on this, repeat to yourself several times: "I feel at home here (name, where)." Your roots are strengthened rapidly in the new soil, start drinking water and juices land leaves bask in the sun, thick bark protects against all adversity. All is well, all is normal.

After doing this exercise, you can return to normal: Now you are ready for change, forthcoming in your life.

Vlad Ilyin, master of white magic

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