Whether we like it or not, the feeling
the reality that underlies these
legend, soaked us before birth. And how would
man may swaggered … I do not think that
light there is at least one sverhmaterialist that
would not flinch at a meeting with the monster.

This is surprising phenomenon has generated an incredible amount of fantastic stories, was fertile ground for stories of folklore and literature, because few writers cost without at least one story about the phenomena of ghosts. Well, at least to start with Shakespeare.

Ghosts are, according to something important, hidden from the people, think of Hamlet as the whole affair plays unfolded exactly what the prince told his father.

In the legends of ghosts and living bikes give sinister properties: remember — "do not go to the cemetery at night — get up and carry off the dead man you to your grave" … In the West, the ghosts of the victims of atrocities to walk around ancient castles, rattling chains, wearing his severed head under his arm and shook the crumbling galleries and corridors sepulchral howling.

Sense of the reality of what lies at the heart of these legends, soaked us before birth. And though a man swaggered … I do not think that the world has at least one sverhmaterialist who would not flinch at a meeting with the monster.

Our personality — a very complex structure, and, if very rough — in addition to our body, it consists of the energy field, which feeds it, and exactly the same as its contours, and even the internal structure and aura — a field that surrounds us and in which he concluded, in eggshell.

After the death of the field shall be exempt from the body and go to the information-energy space.

This is the soul.

Me in my healing practice not once ever seen, as it comes out of the body.

The first time it was like this: I went to the patient and found her unconscious. Lying in bed on his back, his head on a pillow raised, the field around the body is almost palpable: at a distance two to three inches is only a weak cold feeling. But at the head and above! — All her energy is there, the soul went over my head and just cling to their feet for a patient's head. I did, what prompted the most primitive reasoning. He grabbed her hands and feet, these energy per capita are pulled back. The effect was momentary. She woke up. It turned out that all my manipulations she saw, but as if from above from the ceiling, and when I pulled her feet, she had a feeling as if I pulled her physically.

Want or do not want to, but the soul is material, but this is a subtle form of matter, any other matter, also not yet available scientific technology levels.

Once she tried to … weigh.

American Product Recovery make special table, which recorded the weight of the patient and started measuring and counting. Counted every milligram, which is injected into the patient. And the result — the weight difference between a living person and the same person in a state of clinical death — 30 grams.

Here you do not immaterial. In those thirty grams of concentrated most difficult — the top of the cosmic evolution of human personality.

Ghosts — the body is deprived of identity. For them, there is no barrier or distance …

Here is a case of family legends Shevich noble family. Shortly before the First World War, one of their relative went seem to Vitebsk, to stay with friends. They lived in a recently bought a nice house. Naturally, she was taken on arrival nice room and she began to get a night. Suddenly a door opened into the room without knocking, without asking permission, not even an apology, came a young and beautiful woman, dressed just like home dressed people clearly not the nobility. Looked astonished at such boorish guest, went to secretary, opened it, dig, did not take anything, and just closed without a word, walked out. As for the guests, so it just choking.

The next morning at breakfast it in response to the duty courtesy of hosts: "How did you spend the night?" First, just as graciously bowed, and then still nepreminula chided them for what they are badly brought up workers. The reaction of the hosts for it was somewhat unexpected:

— "Wait wait, that children will go …" And when the kids are gone, they told her that was it really.

Once this house belonged to the merchant. Then one day he came home ahead of time and found his wife and her lover. What he did with her lover, this history is silent, but his wife dragged him to the basement and walled up alive in a niche. A few days later he saw her. She did not threaten, do not grind the teeth, she just stood silent reproach. And then the merchant has repented. I went to prison, and the house was sold at auction.

And since then, she walks around the house. Day and night. Children are used to it and consider it someone from the household. Grown accustomed to — also, and do not pay attention to her. Currently runs and walks. Especially because of anxiety from her no more than a shadow.

A similar incident occurred with a group of tourists, who caught the rain and they asked the village to the barn. Suddenly they see a home for them in a businesslike young man comes a cowboy, goes through the barn, opens the door to the storage room, comes back and closes the door …

They wait until it comes out, because rain delayed and something needs to come up with dinner.

But no owner and no. At this time, the hostess comes out and the first thing they ask her about why the guy in the cowboy comes out. And she says:

— "Oh, that Vaska! Three years, hanged himself, since then, everything goes."

Tourists do not believe fairy tales, looked in the closet, and there really is no one there. The hostess just laughed: "Well you by God, which is incorrect! We've been here and sprinkled with holy water and a priest was called, and all the work".

No fear, no anxiety, so, — phenomenon. No more.

The English, in which the inhabitants of the country house ghosts are one of the national traditions, estimated their age. It turned out that the average age of ghosts — 400 years. Then they fade away, there are less and less, and then completely disappear.

I assume this is because the power structures associated with the work of the body, the violent death still have to finish off of the land. But in this incorporeal form their earthly existence is delayed for centuries. After living for a full energy structure with no body can not be. No wonder the bright ghosts are people forced to end his life at a young age — killed, executed, suicide.

However, are not the only ones.

A woman recently buried his father. This could be viewed by a dream or a hallucination, but that night she spent the night girlfriend. This is a large room in a communal house built before the Revolution. Just lay down, both heard shuffling footsteps on the parquet. Typical steps, the steps of his father. Not sleeping, watching — not visible, but audible. But the most characteristic thing that the farmer with a huge dog frightened huddled under the bed and waited. Moves closer to the piano, knocked cover: "to" — "D", "up" — "D" … Lid is closed … And no more sound. Naturally, both scared, lights were turned: the piano, which has long left alone, was open.

— The grave would have to go … Was not long ago.

Recently come to their deaths, to remind them of their natural duty to the dead. It's not doing it its natural, they do not know to say goodbye to her this incarnation.

And sometimes come to tell something really important.

In the village of my grandmother died. Daughter left the house with the site. After the funeral, she stayed for a while to clean up the case with the inheritance, and in the middle of the night woke up with a start and sees — a mother in a new dress is in the middle of the house and stares.

— What is it, Ma? … Oh!

Mother called to her hand and went to the stove, knocked on it and disappeared.

The following night — the same picture. And at the same place knocks.

Told her husband, the fun of. Then she broke down the brick. He stopped laughing when a brick was discovered a neat parcel, and in it fourteen gold coins of Nicholas coinage. Grandmother's father before the October revolution was wealthy, that from him and left. God knows how they managed to carry coins through dispossession, link, war …

When ghosts are themselves, people by surprise numb and can not take advantage of that for which proper, they are the souls of the dead, — communication.

However, few people know about. React to them hysterically. And for good reason. If the ghost appeared, then it is he wants. And not always he himself can start a conversation. So, Should this occur, we must try not to get lost, and ask him, "What do you want?"

Maybe it's something unimportant to you, for it has a cosmic significance. But really fulfill his request should definitely or it will be more and more restless or deleted. And this is bad for him.

Most often, they are asked to look after the grave, hire the service in the church, sometimes just light a candle for the repose of his soul … And do not do this — sin.

Besides, the deceased relative may say something, warn … No need to refuse to communicate with them — they know a lot more than the living.

But there is the other extreme.

At the end of the last century, a craze was spiritualism. People went crazy, causing the heart to communicate the known dead.

The most well-known scholars paid their research in this area. Among them Mendeleev, Bekhterev, Freud … Serious researchers and global names. And no one was in a hurry to say, "This can never happen, because it can never be." A rigorous scientific experiments different productions and thoroughness.

One such experiment, conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Ryan, classic studies in this area, are still baffled by other researchers and philosophers. And it makes us think about how intangible intangible.

Prepared a bath of melted paraffin, through ritual, often described in books on magic, summoned the spirit and asked him to put his hand in hot wax, and then remove it. Air encountered noticeable movement transparent hands, as if she was moving a transparent glove. Then, when the thought that wax cooled, asked to do it again, and again, as long as the wax is not wrapped around the invisible hand of the ghost of several layers.

And then he was asked to leave. A glove with all details of hands, a man's hand, with all of its individual parts and even papillary pattern remained. By any means other than as described above, it is impossible to get a glove, no matter how hard you try. Even assume that you made a clever substitution, focus, but then what?

You can, of course, to clothe the human hand in exactly the same way in a paraffin shell, but as it turned off?

Remove without damaging?

The souls of dead people still have exactly the same properties as the souls of the dead. At least, this kind of observation is more than enough.

In the annals of unlikely event — the phenomenon of twins. We know there are many. In particular, they say that many saw Lord Byron in London, while he was in Greece and was lying unconscious in a fever.

Lenin was not long before his death frightened guards suddenly walk without bodyguards who said in the Kremlin. After a long, aimless wandering through the corridors he disappeared.

This phenomenon has made such a marxist noise that Krupskaya had to quickly compose "memories" about the last journey of her husband, although the state of the tyrant at the time was so …. He is not that walk hand-pick what he could not …

One rather bold girl from the environment of the famous Moscow healer Boris Aleksandrovich Ivanov ozoruya, had a curious experiment with his soul. They spun a plate. It invokes a known set of famous people who have to say, very weary of the constant jerking bezdelnits entertained. But now, after watching too pleasant expression, one of them suggested, "Let's call a live person. Well, Boris, for example. What, I wonder, will happen?"

So called.

They have in the company liderstvovala girl very powerful not only energy, but also physically, that way under a hundred pounds, if not more. So she drove saucer. The rest were afraid — What is unknown, risky, because they have no one else to live did not cause.

Aroused. BA something or other, quite connected, and then …

As later found, at this time he was traveling on the subway, and it is the most natural occupation zakemaril. Suddenly he heard — his station. And not very awake fell backwards onto the platform. While lidershu rose from his chair and stampeded on a buffet. That is, she involuntarily repeated his movements.

This experience suggests that at seances so-called "psychics" causing otherworldly soul, come in contact with them is so close that sometimes I completely identified with those who caused it.

This identification does imprudent. You never know what properties caused by the soul? Also, there is never certain that this is the very soul, not imitation, which is created by the forces of evil. Imitation, which bought his vain curiosity active spirits and as a result does svihivayutsya …

However, such imitation may be the self as art, as a temptation, promised mountains of gold … How to distinguish? It's easy — crisscross the ghost, read the "Our Father" — will disappear, it means — it is an evil. Disappears — boldly ask.

Only by curiosity, cause they are not worth it. Honest to God.

D. Nazin.

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