Many people are concerned the question: "Are there ghosts?" And the simple answer to these things saying, alas, does not exist. Some people believe in ghosts, spirits, monsters, demons, and angels. Other stubbornly deny the facts of their existence and try to explain the strange phenomenon of a person from a rational point of view.

In the twenty-first century, there is ample evidence that in our world there are masses of entities, the occurrence of which no scientist can not explain

There are a variety of photos and videos, which capture the ghosts or spirits of dead people. Most of these materials are fake, so-called "fake." But there are sources, the authenticity of which no doubt any way possible. Many photos are not fake, and some videos that are tested many times by experts, were considered genuine and without the presence in them of any kind of installation.

Indeed, the world of spirits there. This was given to know the rock carvings of ancient tribes. Just as they are present in societies more civilized order, for example, in Egypt, or Aztec tribes. There are still some areas of religions. Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. These three religions of the world tell us about the presence of some force that controls human. This power can be both good and evil. The soul is the most valuable intangible essence of all religions. It was for her and fight the forces of good and evil. And it may be that the souls of men and is haunted, which "filmed" on video or camera.

In modern times, some churches, as well as in the previous century, the ritual. One of the areas of the case relating to the ghosts, is an exorcism. It is believed that the dead spirits can move into a living human body. Exorcism — the ritual, which is held to exorcise the demon. It is held in private and in a very big secret. Sometimes people claim to have seen demons. And describes them as black smoke, like a human silhouette with red dots in the eyes. Eyewitnesses said that after their presence in a particular area were negative consequences. Some had severe headaches. Others felt the chills and dizziness, and some felt the presence of some "dark" force. But all the words of people, and people make mistakes.

Other sources, which prove the existence of supernatural forces are psychics. For example not far to seek. The most famous psychic of the last century was Wang, who boldly said that life is not the end, not the beginning. Life and death is a cycle that is repeated many times. And the man is not alone in the world. She has said that there are other dimensions and worlds that people will over time, and that we should not fool around with ancient magic, especially with the Grimoire and Lemegitonom for there contain powerful spells, using which one can condemn your soul to eternal torment.

Of modern Russian psychics have many powerful and talented people, in particular Natalia Banteeva or Sergei Leonov. They took part in the same show, "Battle of psychics." And both of these psychic in one voice saying that the spirits, demons and ghosts is not fiction and not an optical illusion. Just not everyone is willing to understand and believe, and certainly not everyone is ready to accept it. All this is separated from us by an invisible boundary of worlds that keep everything to us, and does not allow a person to enter into their world.

So long as humanity has reached a certain level of technology and intellectual culture, the debate about ghosts and spirits and is open.

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