Giant jellyfish has appeared on the field


ENGLAND. Residents of Oxford County in confusion: one of the barley fields suddenly there were huge circles. This is not the first case in England, but for the first time mysterious drawings were formed in the image of a jellyfish.

Monster 183 meters long from head to tail the terrified locals.

— We have seen earlier in the structures of community butterflies and birds. But this is the first jellyfish in the world — says an expert on crop circles Karen Alexander. — She's just a giant, three times more than all that were before. We are looking for an explanation. But it seems that the image appears out of nowhere.

Surprisingly, until now, no one knows how these pictures appear in the margin.

Skeptics believe that this is the work of artists that are equipped with modern computers and aided by numerous volunteers. Others suspect travel companies and hotels that create the influx of tourists to the "anomalous" places.


But others believe that the work here UFO or some other unknown force. "Summer nights are too short for the job" — they say.

Medusa can be seen only from a height


In just one night, this monster settled on the field

Olga Kravchinsky

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