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In the new study describes the first-ever anomalous case when the child's eyes with half a brain sees more than excellent.

In ten years the German girl that doctors call the Academy of Sciences, there are no right hemisphere of the brain — did not develop for some strange reason. Scan shows that his place in the head just emptiness. However, the girl develops normally, intelligent, sociable, cheerful, riding on roller skates.

"For us, it was incredible to see and realize that something like this at all possible", — says Lars Muqlah, a neuroscientist at the University of Glasgow in the UK.

Her left eye transmits the information on both the left and right portions of the field of view.

Doctors found that the right half of the cerebral cortex in the girl's missing only once in three years, she began to suffer from involuntary twitching of muscles on the left side.

The report on this research was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [].

Scientists have studied how the 10-year-old girl born with half a brain can see with one eye is normal. A teenager from Germany, has both fields of vision in one eye — the only known case of its kind in the world, experts said.

The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to show how the brain of the girl made up for himself in the process of transferring information from the left and right visual fields, despite the absence of half of the brain. The right hemisphere of the brain has not been able to develop while still in the womb the fetus.

Observations showed that the retinal nerve fibers from the nasal retina of the left eye goes to the left hemisphere, just like the fibers from the temporal retina of the same eye.

Experts have noticed that in the visual cortex of the left hemisphere, which creates an internal map (display) of the right visual field, were formed "islands", is busy processing the signal from the left half of the visual field.

Dr. Muqlah of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in the department of psychology, who led the study, said: "We managed to fix the remarkable flexibility of the brain mechanisms of self-organization by forming a visual display (visual map). We were amazed at how only half adapted to functionally responsible for the missing girl the right side of the brain. "

Despite missing half of the brain, the girl shows normal psychological function and the ability to live in normal conditions. She is witty, charming and intelligent, state the doctors.

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