Gold Red Lion. Made in the USSR

Red mercury, made in the USSR

Alchemy … It would seem that it has no place in the modern world. Well, what sane person would believe that, through some manipulation can be pure gold from base metals? However, the essence of this "junk science" is more complicated than generally assumed. Perhaps it is a forgotten knowledge that can radically change the world.

More Alexandria Democritus argued that there are two types of the philosopher's stone — white and red. The latter is called the Red Lion, or philosophical mercury.

In the XVI century, a specialist in deciphering ancient documents Edward Kelly managed to read the manuscript, dedicated to the transmutation of metals found in the tomb of a bishop with two glass balls, one of which contained red and the other — a white powder.

Kelly brought both powder in London to his friend — the alchemist John Dee. He added a red substance to the molten lead and after simple manipulations could produce Kelly pounds of pure gold.

In 1602, Professor of Fribourg (Switzerland), Wolfgang Dinhaym met dressed in black man who offered to show him the possibility of alchemy (in alchemy Dinhaym miracles do not believe). The man handed the professor a small bag with yellow powder and told to mix it with molten lead. After a while, all the mass in the crucible turned to gold bullion.

September 27, 1666 to the French materialist philosopher Helvetius came respectable middle-aged gentleman. He tried to convince Helvetius, who considered pseudoscience of alchemy, the existence of philosophical mercury. According to him, the mysterious mercury is a salt that is capable of dissolving minerals. He left a piece of this Helvetius mercury. With it, a few days later, the researchers managed to turn lead into gold. The analysis showed that the resulting precious metal — the highest standard!

To the famous scientist Robert Boyle was also once a stranger, bringing with him some powder. Throwing it into the pot with different metals, he had to keep the composition of the fire for several hours. When the specified time has passed, the entire contents of the crucible into gold.

Surprising fact is that, it appears, in Soviet times, magical red mercury was mined in the country, only to export abroad. There is no doubt that those who carried out these transactions, was well aware of its properties, because the cost of materials was more than half a million dollars per kilogram.

All information relating to the red mercury, carefully classify up to the present day. Academician Yu Buslaev in 1992 to a journalist replied that such matter simply does not exist. However, to about the same time that the number of documents, which refer to the export of mercury. And here begins the controversy.

In 1991, a physics professor at MSU Brandt was concluded that none of the methods known to science connection, code-named "red mercury" can not be obtained. True, scientists did not deny the theoretical possibility of the creation of appropriate technology.

In March, 92 th Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar got memo that red mercury in the product do not exist and can not be obtained by chemical means. On the basis of this note, the president of Russia forbade issue licenses for the production and sale of mercury.

However, in April, management of a large group reported that the disposal of the company, there is one quintal of red mercury. The debate. In the end, followed by a formal statement of the matter involved senior officials: that the transaction of purchase and sale of the substance, called red mercury — is not nothing but a means of money laundering. The result is proof that businesses bought and sold for huge sums nonexistent goods!

But in March 1994, the then chief of the Foreign Intelligence Primakov gave memo, which contained information on the production of red mercury in the USSR since 1968. It was in that year, this substance is a salt of mercury antimony acid, was synthesized using a special accelerator, with the participation of the radioactive isotope. Radiation processing of raw materials contributed.

Does anyone of members of the Soviet nomenklatura science using a recipe from the ancient manuscripts? Or red mercury was obtained by experiment? We can only speculate …

Margarita Trinity

Red mercury: black gold party

In 1991, I myself was holding it in his hands. Heavy metal container with about a beer bottle filled with the substance of which was legendary.

Some say that red mercury will make nuclear device the size of an orange. Others hoped to create with the help of new ultrasensitive devices for homing missiles and submarines. And still others were going to cook austere red mercury gold. Some people did it, but the chemistry here was not to blame.

Fifteen years ago, 1 kg of red mercury was worth $ 1 million

Today, when I talk about that case, experts are beginning to smile and to speculate what was in it: Mercury with nail polish? with port wine? with brick chips? They say, well, that does not suggest to buy. Now if someone says, "Buy a kilo of red mercury" — just get in the face.

But only 15 years ago, offering tons of red mercury, prompting fantastic sums — hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars per kilogram.

"The machinations with red mercury was at least two aspects — the member of the Security Committee of the State Duma, LL.D. Alexander Gurov, who led the 1992 special commission of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation which conducted its own investigation on the red mercury. The first aspect — economic. With these fake transactions to Russia pumped more money to the beginning of privatization. Perhaps more so laundered and dirty money earned from drug trafficking, and legally invested in factories, real estate. The second aspect — the military-political. There was another version. Ostensibly hype with red mercury was aimed at the same time discredit the Soviet Union in the sense that he is not able to control more of its nuclear facilities. Western media then shouted: "Russian selling agent for combat power 10 times the plutonium gun!"

The more that Yeltsin did then signed a secret order of creation and distribution of 10 tons of red mercury. At the factory went representative of the Supreme Council, to check how an order. It turned out that these companies have always produced only ceramic tile. And about red mercury have not heard anything. Spies forty intelligence world arrived then in our country to look for information about this matter. As a result, the U.S. government received a document similar to the following: "Deals with red mercury questionable. Rather, all this fraud. " Imagine my surprise when, six years ago, Basayev said that the possession of nuclear weapons, including red mercury. Hence its crooks cheated. Maybe someone wanted to warm their hands on old coal — to scare the world Russian nuclear terrorism.

I've been working on a mystery "CD" — continues Gurov — wrote a book with the help of experts has been documented: there is no extra-heavy materials with special properties that allow weapons to bring a new level, in nature. "

"… There is only a certain modification of mercuric oxide at $ 30 per kilogram, which chemists really called red mercury. Apparently, a catchy title caught my eye talented PR man — and a grand scam began to gain momentum. In the early 90's was a time of troubles, — said Nikolai Shingaryov, director of the Information and Exhibition of the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy. — Then all cars sold exclusively. Remember the popular anecdote: "There are two businessmen. One says to the other: "Buy a car for a million chocolate." — "I agree. I take. " Diverge: one went looking chocolate, the other — a million. " So it was with this mercury. Under it borrowed, and the result and the money disappeared, and the product turned out to be hollow. "

"One day a friend of mine brought this to the study the most mercury, — says deputy director of the NGO" Khimavtomatika "Alexander Popov. — After the analysis, I asked him: "Do you have any mercury found there?" "No, — he says. — This is generally a strange mixture … "Later, when the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation conducted its own investigation, Russian Academy of Sciences is also not found in the proposed sverhveschestva her samples. The fact that red mercury was made of anything — for example, from organic compounds to make it difficult to determine what kind of animal. Layman's believed red mercury certain strategic goods which could only be obtained by criminal means, with plants that are supposedly its produce. "There is red mercury?" — "There." — "Give a kilo." — "Let a million bucks." Reseller provides, hoping to sell, say, in the U.S. for three million. And over the hill will make analysis and immediately sent to the mother … "

In the early 90's Russia lost 5 trillion. gold rubles

According to some experts, during the Second World War, Russia has lost $ 2 trillion. 700 million gold rubles. And in the early 90's when there was ragrablenie our country — 5 trillion. gold rubles.

Director General in Yekaterinburg concern "Promekologiya" Oleg Sadykov in 1991 swore to me in an interview that was turning two hundred billion, sells new strategic commodity — red mercury. The same figures reported at the time, Boris Yeltsin and gentlemen Burbulis Rutskoi, seeking to Sadykov broad powers. Post a comment "AIF" to explain his insistence on this scrupulous fact, Gennady E. Alexander and flatly refused.

Former Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov: "The prosecution was in 1992 version of the legend of red mercury started to get through Burbulis access to budget funds to the beginning of privatization. I certify that the materials of the criminal case indicated that no red mercury really not. Another thing — how to use this myth to cover up the smuggling of this strategic raw material. Note the then confusion intelligence, open borders, etc. Dozens of trains disappeared without a trace. In the end, the prosecution adopted a resolution to dismiss the case for lack of evidence. This means that a surgical procedure was not found a gram of this mysterious substance. That is left to the West coaches allegedly red mercury, somebody got to them a lot of money — and the case had to stop because you can not be tried for stealing something that does not exist! The investigation did not give an answer, who started this misinformation. "

Whoever the original authors of the legend of the red mercury — security services, criminal gangs, corrupt officials — an invention has been successful and paid off in full. And if the ghost of red mercury, albeit under a different name, suddenly there again, it will be a sure sign — someone again took a lot of money for a new stage of privatization. Incidentally, he is not far off.

Valery Buldakov

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