Great Harry Houdini out of curiosity killed the student


August 26, 1813 the famous Napoleon Bonaparte won his last victory. The two-day battle at Dresden on the Elbe River, 165-strong army defeated the French emperor 227000th Bohemian army of anti-Napoleonic coalition (Prussia, Austria and Russia).

Later, in October of the same year, is in the battle of Leipzig, called the "Battle of the Nations", Napoleon suffer a severe defeat, after which the Russian troops seize Paris, and the Emperor of France renounces the throne.

August 26, 1883 eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia — one of the most powerful and tragic in its consequences in the history of our planet.
The volcano exploded with the force of several nuclear warheads, then covered with ash area of over 800,000 km ² and has caused a tsunami, from which the islands of Java and Sumatra, killing about 36,000 people.

August 26, 1907 the legendary illusionist Harry Houdini showed one of his most amazing tricks. In chains and thrown into the water basin water park in San Francisco, Houdini surfaced in exactly 57 seconds.

The documents, the future magician, real name is Erich Weiss was born in Budapest in rabbinic family, although Houdini himself claimed that his birthplace is the U.S. state of Wisconsin. His parents emigrated to the U.S. July 3, 1878, when Erich was four years old. Initially, the family settled in the town of Appleton, Wisconsin, and later in New York.

Harry publicly showing card tricks in the entertainment business since 10 years. In 1892 he took the nickname Houdini after a French magician Robert-Houdin (Gooden). Later added to the names of Harry's name in honor of Harry Kellar, although the evidence is already close to his childhood friends called him Harry and Erie. In Houdini's early career was dominated by numbers and self-liberation from the handcuffs of the tanks with water. For marketing purposes, he practiced spectacular stunts that could be witnessed droves of onlookers. So, one day he was hung in a sack to the eaves skyscraper but was successfully released. Another time was in front of multiple audiences through a brick wall. In 1903 he was thrown from a bridge into the Thames, handcuffed and shackled with a 30-pound ball, but after a few minutes came up, waving handcuffs. In 1900, Houdini London hit number "The disappearance of a live elephant", which was later reproduced them in New York.

C age staged stunts Houdini was given more and more difficult. Even after successful performances he often found himself in the hospital. In 1910, he became a star in a movie. In the same year put the number of vents to release the gun for a few seconds before firing the fuse.

In the last decade of his career, Houdini produced a number of books that reveal the secrets of his skill. He was seriously concerned that under the influence of popular in those years spiritualism many magicians have their tricks to mask the visibility of communication with otherworldly powers.

The circumstances of the death of Houdini shrouded in mystery. It is believed that during his tour in Montreal, he was resting in his dressing room when he suddenly attacked a local student and made several hard blows to the stomach. The abuser was convinced that the famous magician will be able to withstand any pain. Nine days later, Houdini died of peritonitis.

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