Gregory Kastusyou appealed to Metropolitan Filaret

"At This year, Light Day in Belarus for 20 days marred by violence against the citizens of the state, the scale of which is unprecedented since the Soviet era, and which passed all bounds of common sense, justice and morality, "- writes in the appeal of former presidential candidate Grigory Kastusyou.

"It is impossible to justify the broken glass doors deliberate massacre of hundreds of civilians (in including women and the elderly), "kanveernyya 'verdicts on the basis of written reports from the same script, refusals to provide medical assistance to the victims, an endless number of searches, seizures, arrests, threats. It is impossible to justify retention in jail people who not only do not have to do any violence in the events of December 19 2010, but also tried to stop him — and has seen literally thousands of people who have seen with their own eyes "- said Kastusyou.

"Inhuman when people, in addition to the unfair imprisonment, and even unreasonably denied the opportunity to meet with friends. Simply awful when trying to wrest from their hands grandparents small child whose parents are in prison. Such actions a fortiori, if they are the source of public authorities are serious harm to Belarus because raskalyvayuts society, destroy the very foundations of peace and tranquility in the country. I am sure that you, as a pastor, also share this concern, and so I ask you to raise your voice in defense of justice and morality, to urge the authorities to release all prisoners for political reasons and for an end to all repressive measures — said in a statement Kastusiou Gregory, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Party, former candidate for the presidency.

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