Grove: New morfozagadki Mars


First published images groves of tree structures on Mars, and other objects of complex and unnatural morphology of obscure origin.

On the eve of the approaching opposition of Mars, NASA research groups have presented a number of studies of morphology of Mars detected by the detector obtained by HiRISE orbital station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images.

Together, these works are presented in a separate thematic issue of the journal Icarus.
A wide variety of morphologies of Mars, including the entire complex with antropormorfnymi and stereometrically correct structures, to identify the beginning of the study of the Red Planet spacecraft attracted relentless attention.

One of these entities was called the Sphinx, or the "Face of Mars" — bas-relief "portrait" image located on a symmetrical basis and manifested when illuminated by sunlight.
Nothing like this on other bodies of the solar system so far have been identified, which suggests that if not its artificial origin, then at least the originality and uniqueness of the morphology is Mars.


Contribute to the search for and analysis of the morphology of the mysterious Mars bring readers and friends of the portal Research and Development — R & D.CNews. Thus, our reader from Moscow Alexander Novgorodov Protvino drew attention to the presence on the obtained using HiRISE images are extremely unusual symmetrical formations.

Interest in the morphology of Mars not least is supported by the discovery of the planet conclusive markers of the existence of organic life these days — such as methane.

New photos confirm the highly unusual morphologies of Mars.
The most striking of the first publicized image, you can probably together with the editors deem Image Space "groves" of the tree structures in the snowy hills.

The tree structures are arranged in groups, like a "grove" or artificial roadside "landing", and within each group have similar size, shape — and orientation.

The parallel arrangement of tree structures at equal distances from each other forces to be careful about the proposed NASA experts explaining them as streams of dark basaltic sand has on the surface as a result of sublimation of carbon dioxide ice.

NASA scientists also draw attention to and analyze the strange shapes of sand dunes of Mars, Mars characteristic branching of Education, received the code name "spiders» (spiders, «spiders"), mud volcanoes — and more.

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