HARA — energy center of the body of man. Part 1

HARA — energy center of the human body.


Class warriors, ie managers and advocates a kind of closest to the knowledge of the processes of the universe to the Russian wise men had the ability to move into other dimensions, to influence the minds of others, to introduce themselves to other states, to send wild animals to the enemy, control your body skillfully than today's yoga. What do the ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. Part of this class of warriors who have dedicated their lives only martial arts and military training, passed their skills and knowledge and from generation to generation, and formed for centuries genetic codes.

Learning new most favorable places (in the valleys of large rivers) to stay free and independent peoples descendants of Slavic-Aryan birth and the founders of the Indo-European group in the first century AD were called Cossacks

Cossacks — (to Az Ak) going to As (the starting point), Ak (white, bright, luminous) Warrior — Warrior of Light.
Professional warriors laid in their genetic codes and having the above skills were called Cossacks Kharakternyky. Ability to manage the upstream and downstream energy of the Earth and the cosmos, to concentrate them in yourself and use, gave Kharakternyky opportunity at times to increase their physical potential (and thus be invulnerable) and complex influence on the enemy, even at a distance.
HARA — energy center of the human body.

Ha — upstream energy of Earth.
RA — downward flow of energy of the Cosmos.

Warrior, wielding energy center HARA — and there Kharakternyky. Ability to see with their eyes closed, to hear a "closed" ears, feel the back of the enemy, to dissolve before his eyes, or neutralize the enemy by cutting off its power, or consciousness, to change a rhythm of time, and much more, was the creation of legends and tales of courage and invincibility of the Cossacks .
Despite the fact that for many centuries of knowledge, and with them the many abilities were lost during delivery men, descendants of Cossack Kharakternyky can be found in our days. Genetic memory and deep ancient Slavic historical roots continued to be the mother earth defenders of Holy Russia.
Sound "Ha" is at the bottom, the body (do not know how to properly napisatSmile), "Ra" — from the chest. Saying "Hara" — we connect these sound vibrations in the middle — in the solar plexus. Kharakternyky, saying it is a combination of sounds (real or himself) as it includes himself in battle mode
And so after the ceremony naming set about training howling Cossack, which began with the training of his view (see Razin view the historian Saveliev). As a result of such training Kharakternyky must master the ability to radiate power through the eyes, such as eye move an object or cut the thread (see N.Kulagina). Then his mentor, usually by his mother's grandfather, performed staging Cossack imagination in all senses. Visual imagery, auditory imagination, tactile, taste, etc. Then during future sessions Kharakternyky inculcated quality of "the use of force for the good." Next Cossack learned to feel a current of strength in different parts of the body: arms, legs, head, etc. These training sessions are usually on an empty stomach as hunger sharply increases the overall sensitivity of the organism.
Its opposite — "active trans" or, as it was called Cossacks, the state of "Hara" (Ha-Ra positive — the light, that is a positive enlightenment). The state of "Hara" instead of passive braking and sleepiness (as in hypnosis), causes immediate activation of the majority of psychophysiological mechanisms. Unlike hypnosis technique samopogruzheniya it can be instantaneous.
That this is the ability to instantly switch to a higher state of enlightenment and had to reach a young Cossack. The initial transition from dominant in the ordinary state of consciousness the individual soul to a higher level of identity of the spirit (the highest "," I ") is a student with a mentor and was called" Kharakternyky connection to the sky. " This procedure was of a ritual, and was one of the initiations. At the beginning of the student maximum attention was focused on what may be, usually at the heart of which was to attract the mind (as the heart is the seat of the spiritual consciousness, so the "Mind" focuses on the heart, on his right side). Then disperses attention, as a result of soul consciousness as it dissolves (the inhibition of the left hemisphere of the brain, that is first narrowed consciousness, and then focuses on what or feeling, or emotion, and the center of consciousness goes to the right hemisphere). There remains only the consciousness of the body (Stage conventional hypnosis, when the "I" of the soul leaves, and the body to "gullible little brother" can inspire a variety of settings). The method is good: for treatment, for variety, zombies, etc. But the howl-Kharakternyky be different, so the process continues. Next stops as the thought processes and perception of external and internal environment. Then immediately turn off all the emotional mental processes. At this point, it is a translation of consciousness to another student's highest level of his "I", which flow into and the "I" of the soul and the body (the synthesis). Now the "I" of student increases, the brain turns on, and the consciousness begins to function in the new TT now, but at another level. Thus, an initial entry into the "hara". A further student enters it yourself, and instantly using a secret name of their higher 'I'.

Fitness experience entering into the "hara", can acquire the ability to instantly go into a state of the body in any position, in any very complex movement, involvement in any difficult (at full gallop, to jump). You can do any work at all to be able to "Hara." In this case, the sharp increase competencies Cossack Kharakternyky. The perception of the environment is a constant flow of intuitive superconscious. Internal and external environment is perceived directly, there is no monitoring and analysis. Instantly processed all mental processes, which are called to realize, "stops and adjustable time." That is a complete transformation of the soul in the ordinary person "I" of the spirit. Practically there is a process of the center of consciousness of the "I" in a completely new body and a new identity, and most importantly a new psycho-and bio-energy situation (that is, at this level is not just Kharakternyky over feels, and may have to change the situation, time-stretch, work with the space, and so on).

All listed empowerment carried students aged 12 to 21 years, and after that was the final rite of initiation ritual warriors Kharakternyky.
At the beginning of the sorcerer sent young minds to the world of the Cossacks, Navi, making them a special rite of entry into the Otherworld. Subjects were placed on the ground, on his back, and they have never had to talk to except the Magi conducting the ritual. After talking with Heroes ancestors initiates their minds back to the world Reveal. On the sacrificial fire consecrated talismans and military weapons. Then future characterniki had to undergo four tests. Magus one raised them from the ground and let down to the "river of fire" — the site of the hot coals of a width of 5-6m. It had to be overcome is not a very fast pace. The second test is that the future Kharakternyky was blindfolded walk to oak or generic post (using the phenomenon of clairvoyance). The third test is to verify the howling on ingenuity and ability to solve complex problems (guessing puzzle). Finally, the last test was Kharakternyky over time leave the chase, hide in the woods or in the long grass, and then get through the barriers to guard the sacred oak (assigning other eye), referring to the leaves by hand. Only after all these tests, a person could be considered a true warrior of Perun, the Cossack — harakternyk. After work, release the test was accomplished, which commemorated all those who fell in battle Cossacks.

And from then on fresh-baked Cossack — Kharakternyky had to maintain their own power and ability. And since muscle tone determines the mood, so he needed daily at least 2-3 hours, engage in physical activity emotionally positively stained. Also needed daily care for your brain, you have to stay at least one hour in a deep trance (state of "Hara"). Kharakternyky life every day at least 4-6 hours of paid professional understanding and special training. Since in the case of forced absence for 10 days is a loss of fitness and lose their ability Kharakternyky and had to start practicing again. He also always hoped to help their gods and ancestors, and always was absolutely sure that this assistance will be provided.
Was applied to the wound … the web, and sometimes plain land. Used as an antiseptic, such as dried lovage.
Action healing potions intensified prayers, chanting special — magic — and magic spells. Treated, especially the word — is not the prototype of the modern psychotherapy? Charmed "Kharakternyky Cossacks Cossacks famously massacred encased in armor of enemy troops — they did not take any sword or bullet. Power of sight Kharakternyky could turn back the enemy force and the wind filled the sails of the Cossack "seagull" in a dead calm with ancient conspiracy. Was able Kharakternyky and "untying of ghouls." By Cossack beliefs, killed in battle then pursued the enemy soldier hit him in life, sent his disease and failure. So, before you start treating the injured Kharakternyky went to the underworld, and gave the enemy dead Cossack ransom … at the camp they were usually no more than five or six people …. hardening system. Returning from a grueling campaign, restored the Cossack forces with "green" bath: go swimming in the river after the dewy grass overgrown, wander into them until the skin is not gather enough pollen healing … And then, blissfully happy, long dry off in the shadows. "Magic" Dew, repeatedly reinforced miraculous power plants, increases resistance to disease.
Our ancestors developed a special system of cleansing the body of toxins: drink a liter or two of beer with honey and a mixture of fragrant herbs and soared in the bath for your pleasure! Bath was considered at the Zaporozhye Sich and the best remedy for the common cold.
Kharakternyky also credited with the ability to direct "daze" or "Ommaney" the enemy magical charami.sami enemies Ruban
Another amazing feature Kharakternyky was their ability to shape-shifting. In general, "Lycanthropy" (turn people into wolves) in the Slavic lands has its roots deep. The earliest records of it are preserved in Herodotus (V c. BC) in his famous "History", where in the fourth book, "Melpomene" describes the manners of the Scythian people neuritis, which may turn around in the wolves. Herodotus more than two millennium closes with numerous ethnographic data volkolak beliefs were living in Ukraine until very recently. In general, the cult of the wolf at the Indo-European people is a very ancient and complex, and is directly connected with military functions. Wolves patron saint considered the Slavs Egor (George Gregory), who replaced him in the pantheon of Perun. In pagan times, the image of thunder were accompanied by two wolves, finds his Horta (dogs
The cult of the wolf seems to be associated and ability galdovnikov using special "vertsadel" (mirror) to see for several miles around and know the enemies' plans. In common with the traditional healers of all kinds of knowledge and Kharakternyky Arcane potion — break-grass to remove the chains and locks unlocking, Nechuy-grass to find treasure, chaklun-grass (ie, magical herbs) for invincibility in battle.
The learner has to make his own, often simple choice — if he should get on this path, the path of "Kharakternyky" because, to take this course, no return. And it's not bullying — it's reality.
Reality, which is breathtaking.
For example, at a certain stage of my teacher training. Second teacher (it remains for life) comes from a parallel world. I would say more that the student should be able to walk himself to the second teacher. The desire to remain with the second teacher ("characterniki" called his father) is so great, a world where he lives, is so beautiful that without the help of a real coach to break away from reality easily.
Try to imagine an oak or cedar forest, where the thickness of the tree reaches the size of a football field, where the flowers are the size of 5 x 5 meters, and the smells and the colors are dazzling. The majesty of this place, even the most courageous and experienced warriors make cry like children.
Ability to travel, both in the past and in the future, the ability to navigate the terrain on certain corridors, dominating time working with a number of armed opponents blindfolded, and much, much more, it would seem, is not real, is confirmed by the actual training . This is not a fairy tale.
Each newborn or Cossacks Cossacks, besides blood father but the mother was the godfather and godmother. About bybore godparents biological parents cared advance. It is not to be relatives (as adopted now). Godfather's father picked up — it should be a reliable man (kunak, Odnosum, sister, etc.), which had a lot to learn. It was he who first formed the spirit of the Cossack. And the important factor, and the godfather and godmother should be able to participate in the education of children — to live close to his godson (goddaughter).
The Cross was looking for blood from the mother of her friends (preferably at least a little older than her age).
If the family was born a Cossack, the main burden fell on the cross — he did of a Cossack soldier. The main task of godmother in this case was to create a Cossack in relation to the girl-Cossack woman as his wife, mother and hostess.
If born Cossack, the main role was played by the cross. It was formed out of the girl-woman Cossack woman as a wife waiting WinSock implementation, patient mother and gracious hostess. Godfather in this case formed in relation to the Cossack Cossack, as the warrior-protector, as husband, father and head of the family.
After birth. Child does not hurry raspelenovyvat. Quickly teach him to move arms and legs — was not an end in itself. The child should first see and understand a subject unknown to him, and then touch it, "take the tooth."
In the future, the process of "saw-consciously made" accelerated. That's what a Cossack in a critical situation. And there is no panic and unnecessary movements, because at first appreciated, and then I did.

After christening Kazachenkov put his sword (dagger) or bullet (before the arrow), which is called "by heart." And watched his reaction: if it starts to play with her — good will Cossack, if tears — there is something to think about.
Further, the lad always tried to surround it with things that were not applicable attributes Cossack life.

In general, such "guessing" was conducted during the time of training, education Cossack. Now it would be called "test". Therefore, the Cossacks were made as follows: first Kazachenkov placed in certain conditions, then looked at his reaction, identified advantages and disadvantages, and only then began to adjust and develop the necessary skills and qualities.
year at Kazachenkov much was the first time. It was first planted on a horse, put on his father's sword, the father took the horse's bridle and led him around the yard.
And another ceremony occurred a year of birth. They gathered all the men were kind and Maltz on the sacred place of his village (or farm). At Don was called "natural boundary" in the Black Sea "Kruglik". There, the actions of that passes by on a spiritual level and type of knowledge to a new generation. With 8 years Kazachenkov moved into the male half of smoking. At this time again the rite in the tract.
With 8 years leading role belonged to the cross. That he largely taught Maltz Cossack science. But the blood was like a father to head the process. Man and blood fathers as to complement each other. A father could be too soft on his son. Godfather same could be too severe. Therefore a father stopped the cross, when it could take a dangerous turn, and did not allow religious father to spare his son.
Example learning vision flying bullets:
— carried out on the bend of the river, the arrows (cross) is 80-100 meters from the Cossack with his son,
— 10-15 away from watching the shot is a target
— the signal father godfather expels a target, I should note kazachonok bullet fly past.

From 12 to 16 — one more cycle in the education of the Cossack. And again he began and ended the rites in the tract.
With 12 years kazachonka started to drive on the wheel (to go), and other significant public events. Its main task — to watch and remember.

And in the 16 years of his willingness Cossack waited more serious test — basically it was a hunting predator (wolf, wild boar, etc.). And after such education and training is obtained by "seasoned Cossack." However, there is a refinement of the "mother" of the Cossack appeared in the third generation. Of course, if the first and second generations were carefully prepared and survived the battles and battles.
What could consist of a such a Cossack, a better description of art:
"… From the forest came in loose Austrians. Thirty people. Rifle on the edge. An officer with a drawn sword on horseback. In a clearing knee-grass begins to turn yellow from the hot August sun. Austrians withdrew from the edge of the forest fifty paces.
Suddenly, there was not clear. From under the horse slipped something unusual black-green, knocked the officer out of the saddle, like a top cranked over the fallen, whether gleaming tusks, or teeth, and ran into the midst of petrified soldiers. Make out that this was impossible, because it's something to keep moving and spun loach in unimaginable dimensions.
Located at the edge of the Austrians began to come to life and made to fire and forget that it will not save their comrades, as the spinning mass is in the center division, reserving a broken and bloodied body of Austrian soldiers.
But suddenly darted from the left is another vague silhouette. He flew to fabricate the shooting so fast that no one could catch it outlines. Yes and no longer able to see anything in this life, because the silhouette moved roaring and snapping fire.
Most fortunate four soldiers. They pushed their fears in time dropped his rifle, and now there is a terrible picture in the center lay side by side, as after a tornado half a dozen people with terrible stab wounds; another seven people were breathlessly from the forest with gunshot wounds, and on the sides of the surviving Four frozen two — the cause of all the events. Both were dressed in low black sheepskin hat with a protective top, a tunic and trousers of the same color and previously unseen soldiers boots with wool foot and leg of a thin skin. In the hands of one had two long dagger, the other — two revolvers.
And the faces of the unknown … Eyes — both bulging — did not express any anger or hatred. Soldiers read them only one thing — it came death, led by the Most High.
After all this war obedient than those four could not, probably no one found all the Russian-German front … "
..state itself has three levels of Jasna dive. The first two stages are available with respect to the talented and tenacious seekers. But the third and most mysterious is the level of protected area, called Kharakternyky — lyadyu. Lyad — this wasteland frontier where man meets his death. Only experienced Kharakternyky may hold adept through the test. Possible and most, but it does have a kind of anchor in the world. Death may otherwise tighten in the world, Navi and can not get out. That is, not being able to, you can either die or just go crazy, go crazy … The forces within and without. By the technology impact on the enemy with a loud laugh. Kharakternyky could disappear from view and appear in unexpected places. Could in a short time to move long distances as a horse, and PELCOM using tayny trails Force …
Manipulation of space and time are important conditions Kharakternyky skill. But the basis of all these miracles — a special understanding of and relationship with nature, with the world of power. For example, using the method of rhythmic rhyming phrases sung by a certain rhythm of the pendulum, characterniki entered into a special communion with the outside of his place, as if dissolving themselves in it. Hence hypersensitive to the slightest fluctuations of power and the more the enemy. Still there was a term for training entrance Yasnu "turned inside out." That is, having a third deep level, what do you have to turn inside out and the external world turns into the inner world and finds like jelly, jelly-like consistency. And any movement in this viscous space entails moving everything around. And your task — to prevent disturbance to these waves disperse, and twirl them around in the vortex of a tornado-torsion-wave-top. As a result, the source of disturbance extinguishes itself. It looks like a whirligig in the water. Another good image and spider webs. Pull the thread and one comes into effect the entire system web. The more the victim jerks, the more confused and calm … (Yu Budarov).
Crepe Slavic troops were so-called "characterniki" (Kharakternyky — literally owning hara center, hence the "harakiri" — deflation life force through the hara center, located at the navel, "to the Islamic Republic of Iran" — to Iriyu, Slavic paradise, hence the same witch doctor — knowing hara, with recovery should begin any treatment), which India has called maharatha-mi — great warriors / Sanskrit "Maha" means the great, great, "Rath" — army, army /. These were the people who own the Slavic Spas. The basis of this martial art is the human ability to transfer his consciousness to more subtle levels of existence — first in the astral body, then to the mental, budhicheskoe and finally in devakonicheskoe. In total we have seven bodies: there is still Aatmic, sattwic and body of man. Our ancestors were in charge of all his subtle bodies — think, for example, of the seven dolls. So far in the Cossack environment are of the opinion that during the fight characterniki communicate with the Lord. In this state of consciousness warrior gains the ability to control time and space, and influence by suggestion on the minds of other people, for it is easy to get away from any attacks, while he has the ability to deliver crushing blows to enemies. The man who owns the Slavic Savior, has the ability to feel the approach of "their" bullet: his neck as it begins to fill the weight and chill, and he either evades bullets, or stops it on the surface of the physical body. This invisible to the uninitiated "armor" is called the Golden Shield. Russian healers still called hara center "spool" …. in the old Slavic Five soldiers were cut through the dense wall of troops Darius unfolded, were cut back, and again went to where there were — in the desert. Riders rode into battle naked to the waist: they were caught on the fly enemy arrows, or simply avoid them. They fought with two swords, standing on horses. Healthy, full of strength Persians "went crazy" and could not understand. Action shooter in "tsakuga-Zen Kyudo" have a dual character: he shoots and hits the target like myself, but, on the other hand, it is not due to his will and desire, and the influence of supernatural forces — his devakonicheskogo body Rodovoditelya people or demon state. Shoots "it", that is, the "spirit" or "the Buddha himself." Soldier does not have to think in the process of firing any of the purpose of, or of contact with her — just "it" wants to shoot, "it" shoots and misses. Teachers were taught Kyudo. In the bow and arrows shooting could see was "the way and the means" to become involved in the "great doctrine" of archery. According to this kyudo viewed not as technical as well as quite a spiritual act …. Everything happens after the complete peace of mind ", — the expert of Kyudo. In dzenovskom sense that meant shooting immersed himself in pointless, does not exist for the world of human emotions, seeking a state of satori, ie to transfer his consciousness to a spiritual level. Enlightenment, according to Japanese concept meaning in kyudo simultaneously "being into nothingness, or a positive nothingness", ie Being in the spiritual / devakonicheskom / body. Only able to "out themselves" / outside of the human body / in which a soldier must give up all thoughts and desires, he was associated with "non-being" out of which came back again, "in being" only after the arrow flew away to the goal. Thus, the only way that leads to enlightenment, served in this case, bow and arrow, making it useless for the interpretation of the ideologues of kyudo, any human effort to work on yourself without these two component parts.
Initially focusing shooter focused on the breath, which has in kyudo more important than in other forms of martial arts. In order to balance the breath, the soldier, sitting cross-legged, took a position in which the upper part of the body kept straight and relaxed, as in Zen meditation. Then it was regulated unconsciously.

Shooting can be done while standing, kneeling and on horseback. In the moment before shooting arrows direct, physical and mental strength of samurai were focused on the "great goal" that is, on the desire to connect with your devakonicheskim body, but not in any way wish to target and hit the target.
aniytsev and Cherkasov, from the mouth of the Kuban, Don, Dnieper and Dniester Cossacks went to thirty large ships to aid the besieged Troy … With these memorable times, well-armed, desperate and skillful in battle, the Cossacks held for centuries in fear of the Persians and the Medes, Greeks, and Turks … crepes Cossacks were so-called "characterniki" special secret Cossack caste owns Cossack Savior, amazing science of combat, it was a symbol — WHO-The Big Dipper and the rejection of "vzvirshnosti" that is, no intermediaries, no earthly power over himself in bout time but God. It is to Him Kharakternyky vozletal spirit and thoughts during meditation instant — mana, whispering secret prayers — Stos …
In this exalted state for a very accelerated time, and the enemy was retarded, he could escape from any knocks and he put a deadly foe retribution. In the control room with a variety of opponents could Kharakternyky as "Charmed" enemies, that they lost sight of him, and in a rage to destroy another. A whirlwind blows his checkers is so swift and strong that it seemed to be affected by a few moments, and then began to fall apart. At the sight of the other covered the mystical horror, and they immediately "obablivalis" loses force.

Spas — endless steppe and a bottomless well of the spirit! Kharakternyky control space and time, knew the secret of hypnosis, mind reading, spells, incantations, prayers oberezhnyh he could "dissolve" in the grass of the field of pure and become invisible in the tree crown, to merge with the horse, for weeks to eat or drink, and he feels his bullet: grows cold head, and a Cossack evades her, seeing her flight.

In battle own methods fives held together, which increased many times the result of their ability. Every saint was responsible for certain other one for the next, and all the five looped a single concern and care, a single force and a single spirit, becomes one swift body and … his flight was terrible! The main law of the five — do not be afraid for themselves, and they were cut easily through any lava or column enemy, turn around horses, and again cut a corridor, in a forest clearing … Fear not for himself, but to preserve the life of another, entrusting his life to caring friend. If you're going to think of themselves and fear only for themselves — die and destroy the rest, and it is unforgiven sin. There is no bond holier partnership! This is an ancient Russian law squads — "for his friends!" And now I'm almost going to show you what it is …

Yegor took the bench stockpiled Finn, rolled on the left sleeve linen shirt above the elbow and suddenly slashed acute Fink bumps between the elbow and the wrist. Blood poured on pre postelennuyu oilcloth. He waved over the wound again with a knife — and the blood was appeased. Third waved — and wiped his hands with blood, avoiding sitting and pointing his hand … It was burning a fresh pink scar, the wound healed. Lebedev even touched his fingers chopped seat and shook his head. He saw Bykov in battle and stopped his ability to marvel at, but this "trick" it shook … Meanwhile Yegor loaded his "TT" and gave it Solnyshkin, went to the opposite wall of the room, padded mattresses.
Lebedev saw an almost imperceptible movement of the body during the actual Bykov shot, it swung the pendulum passing shot by … Screen shot, click on the bricks and bullets scream Irina merged all together, but the Bulls was just calmly on his shirt and blood traces lesions not was. He quietly asked again:

— Shoot the chest, series, three times …

Rumbled shots, and Yegor unscathed stepped away from the wall, the mattress behind him opened heap four holes with ragged tufts of cotton. Solnyshkin puzzled look at the gun to Egor and muttered:

— Witchcraft-oh!

— No! — Said Bykov — it Cossack Christ, and he is of God and not a witch … and fun to finally convince you of the power of these techniques, I will show the upper limit Kharakternyky. He quickly stuck needles in the mattress a clean sheet of paper and took two steps to Solnyshkin:

— Shoot the center of the sheet by me.

He stood in the left side to him, closing his eyes and whispering a special prayer grandfather Skipper, hearing the howl rising shot and turned his head sharply to the left and saw a flying bullet … Swift gave her palm of his right hand, made a fist and to stop its terrible power, accompanied by a flight hand, slowing it and all the more powerful clenching iron fist … She pulled her hand behind him and gave up … warming it inside …

Flip shot no one heard and no one noticed, is so lightning speed were movements Bykov. He exhaled sharply and opened his fist. Everyone jumped in wild confusion and shouting, spellbound looking at a bullet in his arm and a virgin sheet of paper …

— I can take a bullet and chest and he did it, but there is a big black eye, and I need you to train.,, I will teach you a special, disguise, unknown to the enemy fire skhlestok transient techniques, one of them rolled over, we recently checked out the Germans and had a loss … how to cure themselves and kill the enemy with bare hands, to learn all that you can accept. But before each class you have to dedicate themselves to the special Cossack prayer to comprehend through her space and time, and begged the Lord himself force myself to defend the homeland, and retaliation enemies … If he hears you, and you will be worthy of His grace, then you become immune to worldly weapons, and your body will move faster thoughts, and maybe even the world … Christ punishes enemies and treat one another. Now I will show his good side … Merciful Savior … Ilya Ivanovich, go to the mat!
— Why?

— Go-go … now undress from the waist up.

— Just do not shoot me — Okaemov grinned, pulling his shirt over his head.

— Look carefully — showed Bulls back Elijah, turning it — that the bullet entrance hole and it sits under the lower front edge.

— Ten years is sitting, — nodded Okaemov.

— I told you that I needed surgery.

— Say something to say yes no lie in the hospital.

— Place hands on your hips and do not move, be patient, — strong fingers Yegor ran him in the ribs, and the twitching of Okaemov tickling, warm goose poured his open body, and it rocked in a light sleep. Suddenly the Bulls pulled the skin, dramatically davanul fingers white bundle, and it burst like boil. A trickle of black blood has expired from the hole, Yegor whispered prayer, strongly gripping the edge of the wound, and he swayed like a magician … and loudly said — That's it! Dress yourself … Here, take a souvenir.

Ilya Ivanovich puzzled look on a wet dark bullet in his hand, the skin was raw on one side slightly, but the blood did not flow. Yegor said:

— Then glue up, but so do not be …
But in combat, used in a different way. The most common technique, described in legends — shelter from enemy eyes of the military detachment. If scouts noticed superior to the forces of the Turks or the detachment of Tatars, Cossacks, and decided not to join the battle, characterniki 'hidden' detachment from the enemy. And, as you know, in the steppe near the ground and not zaroeshsya of century-old oaks can not hide. Therefore, 'looked away' — dismounted and placed in a circle, fasten the muzzle Cossacks horses (not to accidentally neighing, sensing nearby Tatar horses), and in the meantime Kharakternyky stuck around Cossack lance. The result was a sort of improvised fence — and that in some odd way characterniki inspired 'infidels' idea that they see before them only a grove of trees, to which attention is drawn not to be — and should pass by as quickly as possible. What happened.

Among other qualities attributed Kharakternyky were: the ability to transform into beasts, incredible durability and resistance to pain, ability to heal, including knowledge of different herbs, roots, etc. ………………
Flint — Cossack analog Hard Qigong "Father called his art silicon. He said that the person owning silicon, he becomes like a stone.
Getting started is the school?

A very simple things. Sons tied the blindfold, accustomed navigate the world by ear. Then — only the smell, already tying and ears. Engaged thread, all the while carving out a single character, which resembled an onion in cross section. Cut as long as the sign does not begin to sound, becoming the key to the corresponding inner space. This can be achieved only only one way — you had the sign "see" the inner eye and accurately reproduced. This opens the inner vision of the true content of the things in the environment. Beyond that a new vision was rebuilding their lives. Sleep, dress, eat, work had to be on to the vision, until it becomes a human being. Went further assimilation military equipment, which was based on the element of air with the aid of access Stribog. Totem signs that connected martial techniques into one, a black steppe eagle or falcon.
Taught the transition to a state of altered consciousness with this simple exercise. The young man put his back to the sun, that he saw his expressive shadow on the wall. Put the task is — to touch the hand wall, there comes faster than a shadow. In terms of conventional concepts, it is possible. It is impossible if you work in the same dimension of time and space. Desired results sought student who was studying to move into such a state of consciousness changed whereas, when a man went out for a moment outside of reality, going into space with another score time. The gradual development of the art of making motion Kharakternyky ultrafast, invisible to the eye. When such a person on a horse broke into the ranks of the enemy, he could put it there very much damage. The ordinary man in the surrounding area did not fix movements kira, which was always an attack out of the blue.
The inclusion of the "true vision" and to achieve fairness

This ability is acquired in mastering such exercises. The young man in the late evening they planted on the ground and he had to look along the high fence so that individual to see both sides of the left and right eye. Right eye was bandaged tightly tied, and the left side of the fence lit fire, which blinded her left eye. We had to respond to the man who stalked the dark right side fence. In this way, includes the rights subconscious hemisphere of the human brain, including another view of the world energy. Translated from the human consciousness Tonal right to left Nagvalnuyu, tell familiar with esoteric literature reader. With this purpose, still taught the same to own the right and left hand.

There was also a practice. Set deep in the woods at the edge near the swamp, full of all "evil", the six pillars in a circle with a diameter of fifteen steps. Late at night in the same place between the posts ignited a fire. Young Cossack had to walk on the outside, the unlit side of the rings, looking straight ahead. It is walking in darkness, and then closer to the fire, blinding his eyes, and the flickering shadows of pillars do their job. They expand human capabilities, including a full view of the second side of his mind, because it was necessary to "see" and control the situation where conventional sense organs were blocked. Of course, it was terrible to a young person to go into the darkness of the fire toward the eerie howl that swept out of the swamp. Went so far until it was immaterial whether the fire you are near a swamp with "unclean."

So to achieve the required impartiality of flow events in life. Steeled the will of man, which every moment was ready for any action.

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