HARA — energy center of the body of man. Part 2

Coordination with internal force

Then it was time to follow the practice is more difficult and dangerous. On a long stem, mounted horizontally above the head of a man, hung long mesh with stones, about to step from one another. Late at night from one end of the barrel bright flame lit at the same time, driven by a grid with stones. Young Cossack had to go to the light along the stem and not be hit by the weight of stones that swayed in the grids across his path.

Had to move quickly because the fire was closed after a while, and the threat to remain in the darkness of those moving rocks. Only human actions consistent with its inner strength to hold it that way. Only with the achievement of this impartiality, human actions are instinctive accurate and fast, which guarantees the prosperity of passing that way. In Toltec practices described Carlos Castaneda, there are so-called "race power", in which a man, acting entirely intuitive, passes all obstruction in its path.

Entry into force through rhythm

More were taken for science variety of true rhythm of movement. On a typical path that wound among the rye, at the correct distance from each other spread out the stones. Late in the evening had to speed path, catching the rhythm of the movement, which is not allowed to stumble and fall. Were taught to enter into one or another rhythm that ensures strength and tireless in long passages.

Full disclosure powers of man

Full disclosure forces man has achieved in this exercise. Man summer planted on a hill near the well and poured water onto the wooden buckets for as long as the person becomes completely wet, and not seen in the difference between themselves and the water that flowed incessantly upon him from all sides. Cossack then transferred to another hill where left to dry under the scorching sun. That seat lasted almost the entire day was lost feeling the scorching sun. The evening raised the boy and led to the forest, in the shade of which he gradually came to himself, was surprised watching the same sensitivity, which he bought — the trees grew in front of him as pillars of elastic energy. Right next to the big oak, which is only found to be a young Cossack left in the dark one on one with the forest. From the gloom suddenly made him a rapid lethal attack from all sides.

Reaction to such a sudden threat to a person who has taken the outer protective shell, can be only one. Happened awakening inner strength, which rose from Major spinal energy revealing it in half. From the outside it looked like a volcanic explosion of force that sweeps away everything.

Then he learned to use the force is already in practice during armed clashes with the enemy. Similar examples may be found in Carlos Castaneda when under the influence of special efforts teachers students repeatedly deposed his attention to a place where the fear disappeared and they became so powerful that they were afraid of even large wild animals, etc.
Strength and health were recruited, walking barefoot in the spring when the snow has not gone up. His feet were blue and freezing, but the smile on his face shone. Shows how long can last the time, constantly evoking youth of the night, when the time passes very slowly. They did this in order to develop the student proper sense of time. At night, students should also listen to the sky and zvedy, including his second, subliminal perception.

Stop time and move to another spatial dimension

Stop time and move to another spatial dimension achieved by these practices. Chose the water high steep hill, which was not visible bottom. Young Cossacks gave up a stick, which he had to keep both hands in front of him, and offered to run down the mountain. Under the Mountain was made hidden from the eyes hollow, where Staley straw, so at that Cossack straw and fell, breaking away from the cliff. But ignorance of the Cossacks led in time of separation from his foot cliff to "stop the world" because the front was nothing expected, except for certain death. So we learned that behind the visible world through the "stop" of his time. So learn to enter into the other dimensions of the environment.

Very similar techniques found in the literature of the martial arts and of Tibetan esoteric. In the works of Carlos Castaneda about the ancient Toltec tradition describes exercises that are used to trigger nagvalnoy, unconscious part of man by stopping the internal dialogue.

The practice of stopping the internal dialogue

To stop the internal dialogue of the Cossacks used the practice. Student planted against a conventional wheel, which included two marks at opposite his place or two mirrors. Sitting still, Cossack was to follow for those marks on the wheel, which spun. After some time, a DC voltage of spying marks on the wheel turns off the external account, the person is an altered state of consciousness. Turned off the natural state of the first attention to the world, a person goes into a state of the second, revised attention.

Practice often compounded when the axis with the wheel also revolved in a horizontal plane, and the Cossack, who was riding on it, the following is not only the mark on the wheel, but also for others. Such technology Toltec esoteric tradition are called "overload tonal" when the system is due to extraordinary vision (peripheral vision is predominant) and perekontsentratsii human attention, conceptually logical perception was turned down, and in its place came "nagvalnoe," three-dimensional perception of reality, which is the only could perform such a "superhuman" task.
See the "sweet spot"

We can also add that a very important thing was thought to find the "sweet spot" in any case. For that teach young people to bake bread. This is a very subtle art, because it was necessary to get not just bread, but one that has become a thing of power. Cazacu allocated the necessary products and leave him alone with the stove. Today we know how difficult to hold all manufacturing operations to keep the taste of composite components. For example, in preparing a simple Ukrainian borscht or the same bread. You had a special "vision" to control the cooking process and feel when it is time to remove from the heat, when to add one or the other component. Analogous to the "vision" was developed in Western Europe during the search for the philosopher's stone by alchemists. Only the achievement of a corresponding expansion of consciousness to guarantee success in the case.

Then the Cossacks were to the forest to collect medicinal plants, long and carefully telling about each of them. Taught to "see" the impact of plants on human rights. Art developed to the point where any of the herbs Kharakternyky able to make the necessary medicines for this or that illness or wound healing. Knowledge of medicinal plants was mandatory for Kharakternyky, and for ordinary Cossacks at the camp.

Understanding the animal

Kharakternyky studied to understand the animal and be able to associate with him, putting his left hand, say, in the heart of a horse or a dog, listening with the right ear breathing animal. So always have on hand in the protection of loyal friends camp, smart horse in the battle.

Taught to enter the spirit of a bird or animal. They planted, for example, a Cossack on a tree trunk, like a horse, but kicking back and gave the right hand hawk. Achieve energy merger Cossack with a bird and release it. We had to see what I saw with my own eyes the bird from a height.

Soft fall

The fighting on horseback were always fraught with the fall of man to the ground. Because young Kharakternyky taught gently fall. Again, practice was very simple. Well watered Cossack Vodka, and when he acquired the appropriate state, offered to climb over the high and wobbly fence. Continual drop of wattle technique taught
relaxed drunken man, who from any height unharmed could fall.
State of "suspended animation"

Cossack laid face up in the long grass, offering to watch a hawk soaring in height. Cossack heart beating at the same rate at which the hawk flap their wings, and a Cossack is gradually becoming a kind of state of suspended animation, but with the awakening of consciousness. So cold, and the "dead" man is not attracted the attention of the enemy, because in those days, a dead man on the road or near the camp was not unusual. So scouting secret plans of the enemy, went out of the difficulty, if it turned out. This same technique allowed long stay under water, waiting for the blow threat.

State of waking dreams

Very interesting was the technology transfer to a state of probuzhennogo dreams. Flared up at night in the wide field of the ring of fires, would be clearly covered the entire area in the middle. Senior Kharakternyky four lighted torch, two of which gave the student. Those torches and fought in the lighted circle. Senior gradually pick a rhythm attack that consciousness of the young Cossack Blears and he entered into a state of slumber. Surrounding things become hazy, losing its clear form. Time becomes very stretched and sticky, like jelly. In this state, a senior, and "wake up" the young Cossack, OPEC his right shoulder torch. So learn to move to the other spatial dimensions, condensing or stretching the time to enter the "dreaming body" if the terminology Toltec on Carlos Castaneda. At this time, and opens the way to all the magic arts. For example, a person could still stand or walk in the middle of the square, full of people, and no one noticed.

Truth and accurate actions in life

Taught Feels true and accurate actions in life. "Burn" in the chest around the heart of light, and the light was fading, when Cossack unworthy act, which was contrary to his conscience. So led him to that moment when you wake up a new consciousness and everything is clear and understandable.

Technician training youth in Kharakternyky were many, there is no way to list all, and is not now in need. Training took place in a medium Kharakternyky who every day doing something with the student to hold it by human knowledge. It does not necessarily have any special training. Were just a long talk by the fire, divorced late, and there were stories about the highlights of military life, which took place at that time in Ukraine in constant clashes with the enemy, and it was also a lot of jokes and pranks in order to gain alertness and balance the spirit. For example, during lunch from under the nose young Cossack quietly picked up a loaf of bread or a bowl.

Rite in characterniki

When the teacher saw Kharakternyky that the student is ready, it came rite in characterniki. The tradition was so. Cut a clearing in the dense forest. Felled trees are not removed from it, just cut a bitch. At the end of the clearing select two trees at a distance of two meters, which are tilted to each other by doing something in the manner of scissors or a cross, and then, cut the middle tied the treetops. It turned out something in the manner of a figure eight, but with a cut-off bottom. At the intersection of the eight dark night lit bright white light. After a smooth intervals shouted pop gun. Cossack was transferred to the dream state in which he had to pass the clearing into the fire.

When the Cossacks went astray from the road pop gun fell silent. So the path. The task was one — to pass in those "gate", as came true understanding of life in the surrounding state is "awake dreams." Veil falls from the eye, and Kharakternyky had seen and understood the true state of things in the world.

Due to what is happening? The fact is that, going into an altered state of consciousness, a Cossack had the opportunity to contemplate a different world, which had extended its perception. It was necessary that the opportunity to bring this "day" projection of the world. This is what the
sought, through such a person conducting the ritual.

Cossack sought a way out of the plane of the world — the world of "dreams" in the everyday world, combining two of the world at the time of entering the blinding white light. Unsurpassed courage and extraordinary strength of character demanded such an exercise.

This rite of passage is very interesting and is a source of very old techniques included in a person popular perception of the world by awakening her second nagvalnoy side. That such goals waited famous stone labyrinth in ancient Greece, where people had to find a way out, a long time, wandering without food or water. Often in those labyrinths allowed wild animals. The job was one thing to put the man in a critical situation, in which no "spratsovuvali" those of its features it had in real life. Difficulties and the constant threat of death did end their work, umikayuchi higher faculties of man mastering nearby.

Waited for this very purpose, and endless journey to holy places, where people felt the all the turmoil and threats in the way of other nations and tribes, often with slices of bread and a roof over their chairman. Those wanderings ended in the holy place of purchase ground state of enlightenment in understanding nearby.
Apparently, the same to administer and ordinary life of an ordinary man, when she, being left by understanding the actual state of things in real life, forced or deteriorate and die, or go the way of raising your consciousness, eventually developing a higher capacity. That is the key to release a person from
the state in which she gets on her birth.
When the forest was not, and has been around the bare steppe, at midnight lit a big fire, near which were senior wide semicircle characterniki. Young became Kharakternyky between the circle and fire. Began to sing long and drawn umikayuchi by singing the appropriate state for the boy and taming fire.

Finally the flames before disappearing initiates and opened wide tunnel passage, composed of large hewn Bryl. That passage young Kharakternyky and walked. It was the interior, which we discussed above, where the landscape is completely reproduced Ukraine. With white houses under the hill, willows and a bridge across the river, the green lush grass (like artificial environment created by the intention of the people described in the Toltec tradition, and some other ancient magical traditions to which their representatives have gone in life.) Visiting this place in Kharakternyky were mandatory for all dedicated. A key sign of the entrance to a place were two volyachi horns, which were set for the fire. Left (monthly) horn and opened the way to space. The path through the right — the golden sun horn — for young Cossacks was closed.

Stone tunnel that went through the left horn, led to the young Cossack Ukrainian home, where he was invited decorated with flowers, beautiful young girl has absorbed, meeting with bread and salt. The house was a table, which stretched into the distance. On either side of him were two gray-haired grandfather, who represents the sun and the moon. "Chogo come?" — A stunning question expecting Cossack who stepped over the threshold of the house, and the answer depended on its subsequent fate. If successful, an approving response, in which the purity of thoughts glimpses of the Christian soul, Cossack received a star on the hexagonal palm of his right hand. It was a pass to the legendary Cossack bridge that covered two arc misty shores of the river. On the bridge, at the very middle of it, beat the Cossack lightning out of the sky. Her dazzling white energy, and included in it those higher powers that have been characterized by its inner nature.

Next to young Cossacks course not, you had to go back.

Finally the flames before disappearing initiates and opened wide tunnel passage, composed of large hewn Bryl. That passage young Kharakternyky and walked. It was the interior, which we discussed above, where the landscape is completely reproduced Ukraine. With white houses under the hill, willows and a bridge across the river, the green lush grass (like artificial environment created by the intention of the people described in the Toltec tradition, and some other ancient magical traditions to which their representatives have gone in life.) Visiting this place in Kharakternyky were mandatory for all dedicated. A key sign of the entrance to a place were two volyachi horns, which were set for the fire. Left (monthly) horn and opened the way to space.

The path through the right — the golden sun horn — for young Cossacks was closed.
These exercises have been returned to the side of extreme agility, such as for example, to catch fish in the turbulent flow of arms to dance in the air, hardly touching the ground. Who got a hold of it all, he took an apprenticeship at one of the old Kharakternyky who taught Cossack one by one, to join this all his acquired knowledge.

Was the custom, according to which, the young Kharakternyky went from one teacher to another, learning from one or the other features harakternitskogo craft. Then gathered around their own kind, which took place in the circle of the subsequent improvement of the acquired skills. From this eventually grew a separate military unit — smoking, as it was called in zaporozkomu
army. Because the creative search for new ways of engagement never waned for dear.
When the child was born, she produced a wooden cradle in which biltsi made hole. That cradle is set so that the morning sun fell on your face baby. And then had the
first initiation, from which over time, the child develops the appropriate skills.

On Zaporozky Sich camp was located so that the sun rise over the horizon was visible without Obstruction. For the sake of this, even in the East cleared forest or marshes. The sunrise was a holiday, which gave the hill and energy in taking the hard way to warrior dear. Rarely missed a moment. Rose with the sun and went to bed with the sun — this has been a tradition in the bulk of the troops.
Often sat up by the fire, listening to the conversations of senior, experienced Kharakternyky. It is these conversations did the army only, firm mass of like-minded men. So are forged and tempered spirit Zaporozkoy camp.
Which martial art made Cossacks-kiri, deepening their skills with the knowledge? Among the large number of purely military equipment can be identified such.
The first is related to the achievement of the state of "whirlwind", where the looseness and separateness person comes to a state of impartiality stuffed, which is a hands-on garden brooms. In this state, the time in which moving Cossack measles, so tightly that his movements became outwardly quite inconspicuous and therefore incomprehensible. It is the terror and panic in the ranks of the enemy, where Kharakternyky lightning acted. Dynamics of movement was so strong that it did not comply with clothes, if there was too narrow.
And out of the fight in the terrible Kharakternyky lahmittyah causing general laughter brother. Because Cossacks liked the free and loose-fitting clothing that does not interfere in the fight. It boots, wide trousers, shirt and hat zhupan.
Rider-measles assumed a state of the vortex on a mad gait wide sweep saber opening horizon, and then quickly turn it over a chair. Cossack disappeared and the field swept and buzzed hellish vortex.

Of Intelligence used condition which made Kharakternyky-kira subtle terrain. Rozchinenist in the thickets or achieved in a state forest stream that flows quietly in the grass. The man with the kind of
would lose its shape becomes fluid, like water, melting into the forest.

The third technique was associated with the protection of the camp. Nearby space was limited and roll, pulling at the boundaries, which violated the flow of energy in it. This curved space imagined enemy as indestructible standing water wall. This is a horrific enemies at night and take away their freedom. When someone crosses the border of what is permitted, it is found in a modified space. To an untrained person, this means instant insanity.

Besides fighting techniques were others associated with the inner life Kharakternyky. One such technique that has been used if you wish to look at what to expect before, was sitting in the deep woods near a small lake or a forest fire. Characterniki sat motionless, acquiring the status of stone Bryl, completely stopping the flow of thoughts in your mind. At this time they had an opportunity to touch the truth, contemplating what events they prepared the life.
A lot of things with what possessed characterniki on the battlefield, require a lot of energy and tremendous strength of spirit. Update the energy accumulated in the body helped her technique which was used predominantly older, more staid warriors. Late at night, just before sunrise, they kindled a large fireplace, which laid out a hexagon (for youth — a quadrilateral), and was located in the middle of the root pear butt toward the sunrise. When the hearth burns and blazes already prigaslim blue flame, characterniki expecting the first rays of the sun, stripped to the waist and fall into the fire hexagon those to the east. Rapid update the body's energy and rejuvenation occurred at sunrise. This exercise was performed infrequently and required the development of self-control over the body. This exercise is used and when it is necessary to overcome this or that disease.

Young characterniki to acquire strength, durability and samokerovanosti spring day in East youngster, that is, in the first phase of the month, stripped and placed in a barely plowed farmland on the field. So they are gaining strength and hardening of the Earth-mother.

Whence came round of esoteric knowledge, as people came to him on either side of the Earth? In esoteric science there is one essential item that arises here is nothing. The point is, because esoteric practices need full concentration of human attention to inner light. However, one has to act on the outer plane of life. Combination of them, and it was always a problem that every nation decided in peculiar only to him the only way. One way to merge internal and external, that was found, had its mark in everyday life, in language, in the arts and the arts.
He became the origins of the characteristic features of a particular nation.
In Ukraine-Russia during the time of the Magi, this problem was solved very interesting. It has been observed that the only condition which combined the presence of man in the predominantly Inskaya area of the country and at the same time the need to ensure swift and decisive action to protect their territory, is a condition that takes the attacker prairie falcon. Therefore become a key sign of the falcon, who opened the horizon of the consistency in the internal and external level of life. It was a very important moment, which marked the birth and the gradual development of ethnic identity of Ukrainians as a single nation. Gradual stylized image of a falcon was in those
ancient times, has led to a trident, which today is the coat of arms of Ukraine.
The most interesting is the technique out in a thin body to astral projection, which was prompted by the Cossacks life. The practice of such a withdrawal was achieved with maturing long winter pores on the stove, in which enduring a blazing fire. In the first twenty days of lying when Cossack ate little, drank only spring water, it happened so-called internal melting. In man, this time dominated the golden energy, which removes all of her being. Then he got up on both sides of the energy turquoise columns and opened a space in which a Cossack and went out in a thin body on the 40th day. In this state it can move freely in space at any distance. You can still "bachiti" events that were interesting Kharakternyky which is invisible to the enemy was present in the preparation and planning of the operations. Such acquired the ability to keep forever, allowing Kharakternyky widely use it in intelligence.
Later this technique was borrowed Chumakov, which largely were heirs Kozak-kiriv. Chumakov used this ability to avoid collision with the enemy on the road, choosing the paths to their roll, which was the most secure.
The value of this Cossack technique is that the person who practices it, goes to the highest achievement — the door in the subtle body to the other horizons of existence — a clean, harmonize and rebuilding his body. This is to ensure the health and prosperity of the application of this esoteric practice …. In the state saved a person moves, thinks many times faster than the rest, and that's becoming nevidemymi is called Legkostup gymnastics.
All knowledge ceased to be a secret, and there are funds characterniki subsequent transformation of the body in such a state where it has not taken any rozpechene iron or saber.
Human skin then becomes copper, scarlet hue.

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