Will the human imagination, our world is populated by a myriad of the most diverse creatures. Among them are giants and dwarfs, hideous monsters and goblins good-natured, bizarre hybrids of different animals and birds. Some of them do not look like a man, others are parts of it, living their own lives.

At all times, the distant land of people attracted unprecedented wealth and unprecedented adventure. But only in the most courageous and strong-minded enough determination to go conquer the unknown lands. Most choose not to leave the inhabited area. Even to get to the next village, medieval people needed a lot of courage. Many dangers lie in wait for travelers on the road: the wild beasts, inclement weather, robbers and bloodthirsty pirates, who are not only able to take their belongings with impunity good, but did not hesitate to deprive a person of life. But most of all scared people supernatural creatures that prey on the desert road for fresh human blood or lime traveler could simply for fun.

Some tormentors lay in wait for a man and turned him into a beast of burden. The night wanderer spirit jumped on his shoulders, and his legs buckled under the victim of excessive weight of the rider underworld. In Germany, they were called the Dark Rider, Belgium — kludde, and in Scotland — oshaert. Until dawn not get down with the unclean spirit is captured man, he was scratching his back claws and whispered in his ear all sorts of nasty things. Many travelers have died in the Middle Ages from the mischief of those demons. Even if the accident could wait for the first rays of the sun or hear the bells, banishes evil spirits, then never such a person could not enjoy life again, and suddenly graying hair is not allowed to forget about the experience a nightmare.
Fantasy Japanese islands are inhabited by their terrible monsters, Rokuro-cubic goblins.

On the night wandering the roads of Scotland, another spirit — headless body. Women and children, he never touched, but men are not spared — their mutilated corpses found in the morning in the roadside ditches.
As far Japan is also inhabited by such creatures. After sunset, they indiscriminately destroy all life that came their way. Neither the old nor small there was no escape. And if the spirits of the night could not get hold of a human sacrifice, they did not ignore the large animals and even small prey: mice, beetles and worms. The Japanese called them Rokuro-cubic goblins.

Adventures of a wandering monk

This story happened with the Japanese monk named Kveyr in the old days, when Japan was split into many feudal principalities, each leading a bloody war. Before Kveyr was a samurai, but after the death of his master, he decided to devote himself to the heavens and went on pilgrimages, carrying the sacred word to people.

Once, when he was traveling in mountainous terrain, night overtook him away from human habitation, besides impending storm, and was humbly Kveyr prepare for the night under the open sky. Finding a suitable location, he was faced with a woodcutter, who kindly invited him to spend the night in his modest hut and share his meager dinner. In the woodcutter's hut lived another four people: two women and two men who politely greeted the guests. During the evening the conversation it turned out that the owner of the hut, too, once was a samurai, but in violation of the code of honor, he exiled himself in this distant link and now, together with his fellow leads a solitary life and helps pilgrims who have gone astray.

Kveyr promised to pray for his soul, which faithfully performed for several hours, cut off from the rest of the bamboo screen room. When throat was dry from the continuous chanting of prayers, he went outside to drink water. And then Kveyra was overcome fear. Right on the doorstep, he found five decapitated bodies motionless. With difficulty overcoming panic, he leaned over the bodies of hospitable hosts and was surprised to find that their head just disappeared. In place of the neck there was no injury, and no blood flowed from the dead bodies. The monk realized that the body in front of him Rokuro-cubic goblins. During the day they take human form, and at night their heads separated from the body and go in search of food. In order to destroy these creatures to hide the decapitated body. Then the head will not be able to find a haven before dawn and will fly, filling the neighborhood with wild cries until the first rays of the sun will not kill her. Kveyr hid the body in the nearest ditch lumberjack and picked up the next, but then made him lie low rustling in the undergrowth.


It turns out that this is one of the goals came back to see if a stranger has not finished praying, to attack him, and profit of fresh flesh. When he saw that the monk is not in the cabin, and one of the bodies had disappeared, the head hurried notify their comrades. Upon learning that the production from them is gone, head in fury ran for Kveyra and soon discovered it running in terror through the gloomy forest. With heartbreaking scream attacked his head, razevaya predatory stinking mouth. Kveyr pulled a young tree and waving it like a club, began to strike the attackers demons. Soon after, four heads were forced to stop trying to destroy the man and went back to their bodies. But the head woodcutter still continued to pursue their prey. Monk is almost exhausted, but continued to defend himself. Suddenly, a monstrous creature dodged the stick and rushed straight to the throat Kveyra, but he managed to put out his hand and his head in anger grabbed the sleeve of his robes. Long continued their deadly struggle, but as soon as the monk stopped to drop off his clothes, and thus free from the pursuer's head again clicked jaws and biting his arm.

But then came the dawn of salvation, and the monster began to weaken. With the first rays of the sun stood still head and Kveyru managed to get rid of clothes. His tattered dress with tightly constricted jaw he threw his head into the abyss. All the next day and all night he was walking through the woods, until he came to the detachment of young samurai. Only now, he felt safe.
Young samurai laughed at the history of the monk, they decided that hunger and poverty brought him crazy and did not believe any of his word. And in vain, because Rokuro-cubic-goblins were not the only creatures-that torment the people. At the other end of the earth, the ocean, the other winged head filled the night his sinister cries.

Chonchon-flying head

In Chile, you can hear a lot of stories about the evil chonchonah possessing witchcraft powers. Local residents say that they look like human heads with huge ears. Ears of these creatures use as wings. For ordinary people, choncho us remain invisible, and their presence can be guessed by the flapping of wings and twang "tce, tce, tce," that they make during flight. Some people who have secret knowledge can not only see the flying heads, but also to make these demons down to the ground. To do this, you need to sing the prayer, the words of which are known only to the elite. After the prayer, double-speak some twelve words, to draw a mark on the ground Solomon's Seal, and then spread out on him his jacket. After these manipulations chonchon falls to the ground and can not fly, but only beats its wings frantically and shouting angrily.

Chonchony grudges and never forgive their abusers. Those who laughed at them in a way for sheer revenge on these creatures. They can send down the offender disease and devastation of failure would haunt him until the end of life, and nightmarish visions of torment every night.
That's what kind of story that happened a hundred years ago, the talk around Limas. In one of the houses in the evening the guests gathered, but the festive meal was interrupted by the ominous cries chonchona. One of the guests said a prayer and drew Solomon seal. On the same m and r s shal guests Uel and ka to the yard dropped something heavy.

When he came out, people found a large black bird the size of a turkey with a red beard on his head. The owner cut off the bird's head and gave it to the dog, and the carcass thrown on the roof of the house. Shortly over their heads heard the flapping of wings flying chonchonov. Guests rushed into the house, and in the morning, when the owner decided to get off the roof carcass, she was not there. A few days later the city gravedigger told that night by unknown people came to the cemetery to bury someone, and after it was revealed that the deceased was without a head.
It is not known whether other chonchony revenge for the death of fellow humans, but the dog is a feast for the benefit not matter. The day after the accident the owner noticed that the animal's belly was swollen like a dog does not swallow bird's head, and much more by volume. And in a few days the poor beast died in terrible agony, clearly demonstrating that with the evil spirit trifled with.

Natalia Ivanova
Secrets of the twentieth century

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