Hiccups: Mysticism and Reality

15-year-old Jennifer E of the city of St. Petersburg in the U.S. state of Florida from January 15 of this year, almost without stopping hiccups 50 times per minute.

Help Jennifer!

Medications that doctors prescribed a girl, do not act. Do not help as breath holding, sugar under the tongue, brine, breathing into a paper bag and trying to get rid of a sudden illness with fear.

Jennifer's mother turned to newspapers for help, but until the Board of hundreds of readers have failed.

At the beginning of March, the disease seemed to have finally let go of Jennifer. The American press about it even hastened to declare that the girl miraculously healed with the arrival of spring calendar.

Called a miracle cure and the girl's mother, adding that her daughter is now again become a normal 15-year old child. But less than a few days, as a young American had began to suffer from involuntary spasms of the diaphragm.

New attack protracted hiccups found Jennifer at school, where she returned after a month's absence.

The girl had to immediately go home, because she went nose is bleeding and began chest pain.

"I can not think what to do now — said the girl's mother Rachel."

Prior to that Jennifer could not help any neurologist or chiropractor or a hypnotist, or therapist, or meditation, or proprietary device hiccups, or even the appearance of the air of one of the shows on the channel NBC.

The doctors could not determine the cause of such long spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm 15-year-old, in the functioning of the body which has not been found any violations.

Medicine, both formal and non-traditional, shrugs, recognizing their impotence …

In medical practice, there are cases where chronic hiccups last for months or even years. But so far not been a single case where a hiccup was continuous and at once so frequent.

Hiccups occur due to the periodic reduction of some respiratory muscles located in the chest and diaphragm. This occurs most often in response to a stimulation of the stomach, when the signal to the vagus nerve goes to the brain and from there sent to the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm, causing it to reduce, that is the hiccups.

Most often hiccup starts if there is no long, poorly chewed food, drink plenty of fluids or highly perenervnichala.

10 thousand dollars — for the recipe!

For example, what event occurred a couple of years ago with a Moscow businessman. As told neyropsihoterapevty who treated an unusual patient hiccups in 47-year-old Muscovite triggered immediately succeeding three factors. On the eve of the businessman met with competitors and business partners in a restaurant with exotic cuisine. Unaccustomed to stomach spicy food, plenty of drunk alcohol and tense psychological atmosphere caused by the next morning, the indomitable and loud hiccups.

"At first scared the household tried to avoid attack by folk remedies: cold water and holding your breath, but in vain. Medics ambulance due to the house, also have failed: the businessman continued to hiccup without stopping."

By the arrival neyroterapevtov fallen into despair patient hiccuping nonstop for 8 hours. Only after a session of acupuncture and integrated psihorefleksoterapii and receiving sedation hiccups became less frequent, and then completely stopped.

Recurring and transient hiccup is not dangerous for the body. But if it is a long and painful, then it may be a sign of a serious internal disease.

Significant in this regard, the history of the American farmer Charles Osborne Aitken from the city, in the state of Minnesota. His name is listed in the Guinness Book. The fact that he hiccups … in 1932!

At that time, Charles had just started to do well, to work 24 hours a day, his farm went uphill. One day, split pig carcass, he tried to pick it up and the strain momentarily lost consciousness. Since then, and began to hiccup — 10 to 40 times a minute.

Osborne, the rest is quite a healthy man, has spent considerable effort and money to get rid of the illness. For years, he sat on a special diet, consuming only liquid or mashed foods regularly drank prescription medicine. It has brought some results. And 93 years of illness Osborne could only guess by pauses, which he sometimes did in his speech, but on a periodic shake facial muscles. In his declining years Osborne, still hoping to recover fully, a reward of 10 thousand dollars to the one who finally cure his hiccups, but none of the doctors could not offer a cure for his illness.

"The hiccups to this day is very much a mystery. What it came up with nature, why it is needed and necessary at all? Some experts believe that it is, perhaps, a trace of a primitive instinct of self-excite the nerves serving the diaphragm. Due that it begins to constantly contract and relax. "

In the early twentieth century mass hiccups in Canada was related to the flu epidemic. So, perhaps, the cause may be some kind of virus.

When the soul admits bubbles

Ancient superstitions associated with hiccups, innumerable, and most of them, surprisingly, have survived to the present day. For example, today it is considered that when ikaetsya, soul, blowing bubbles or talking with God.

Hiccup hard — to be in the near future Swear, easy — so, someone remembered. To find out exactly who remembers his right hand little finger moistened with saliva and spend it on the right eyebrow, while going through one by one all of his relatives and friends. When will the hairs on my finger, then remembered the one about whom it was thought at that moment.

If a person hiccuped, be sure to say, "Good, because, remember, and evil, so full!"

Earlier to stop hiccups, thrice read "God", raised up his arm with a knife, and either blew on top of ikayuschemu or put on her front door key. To hiccups stopped, it was possible to cross the little fingers of both hands and hold it so a few minutes. This magical effect is an ancient means of protecting the patient from the encroachments of evil spirits. If none of the above did not help, should just chew a cabbage stalk.

Germans believe that you can get rid of the hiccups, soaking a piece of paper, cut in the shape of a cross, and attach it to his forehead, and the British advised ikayuschemu just hold your breath and count to a hundred.

In Russia, hiccup or hiccough called last illness that doctors attributed to a kind of hysteria. Hurt them are women. Manifest the disease in the bifurcation of linguistic identity. In man began to speak someone else's voice, sometimes distinctly, sometimes interjections.

On one of the beliefs, hiccups — a kind of evil spirit. Not finding his victim, it can be from forty days to several years. Dwell in man she flies into his mouth a small fly, which is not so easy to spot.

Such hiccups are treated exclusively healers. The successful treatment of the patient spits mouth small creatures resembling both the frog and rat. This is a hiccup, or, as they say, poshibka. She put in a cloth bag and thrown into the fire in the stove, reading with Sunday's prayer. Poshibka furnace roars in different voices and can break free if the stove damper had failed to make the sign of the cross.

If the hiccups do not burn, but just buried in the ground, it will come out again and someone would fill.

Hiccups are also a kind of view of damage. Power of witchcraft she began to conjure someone's name and released into the wild. Hiccups after flying on the wings of the wind in the right side of the wizard, and give the person who is specified in the name of the plot.

Sometimes witches slander hiccups on roadside rocks or bugs, and the one who is caught on a rock or a swallow flying midge, he immediately begins to be subjected to torture evil demon.

Scientists only shrug

Modern doctors in napuskateley hiccups, but more so in the hiccups as evil spirits, of course, do not believe, but really explain why a man suddenly starts to hiccup, hiccup and then it just stops suddenly, can not.

Only recently stopped hiccuping 20-year-old Iranian Zahra Hawari. Her troubles began two years ago due to the stress experienced after the family home Hawari climbed thieves.

"Over the course of the disease have examined about 200 physicians. Was written out a lot of recipes, but none of the drugs did not help. Proved fruitless and acupuncture sessions, and practices of traditional healers — said journalists are rare disease Zahra."

For a year she lost 15 pounds and was experiencing serious problems with eating. But, fortunately, today, all her problems behind.

By the way, an interesting discovery was made recently, British researchers. They argue that the unborn child hiccups three thousand times more often than an adult! And the developing fetus, they say, so trains respiratory muscles. After the birth of this reflex appears less and less, but still remains for life …

Gennady Fedotov

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