Himtreyly over Moscow


May 25. Time — 12.27. Managed an eye on the process of chemtrails in 30 minutes.

Author's comment: White lines appear in the sky at random, with no apparent aircraft.
The lines are mainly kept their candor, occasionally crossed — in some moments — created "lattice" (but not strictly).

Then (after 25-30 minutes) line began to expand and become a kind of large-scale dispersion of cirrus clouds, haze clouded loose the sky.

The sky could be seen from time to time followed by the appearance of new "strip."

May 24
Author's comment: I shot the video in the Central District, where there is no nearby airports, especially since we all know that flying over Moscow (except for emergency services) are prohibited. the more involved it? Number of aircraft .. and all the spray. childhood watching the Moscow sky, I can confidently say that the phenomena of chemtrails, until recently, is not observed.




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