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Perhaps there is no more controversial figure in the pantheon of the Old Slavonic than houses. Water all there, goblins, Kikimora — ancestral enemies of man, only wizards and witches can of something to negotiate with them, mere mortals better with these entities do not meet. But the houses … You can not ever be afraid of the unseen, who lives behind your stove?

Someone who lives behind the stove?

Legends describe how Brownie squat peasant rise up to half, how big, black cat, or simply as a cluster of dark energy. Well, talk to the energy cloud little-hunting — and houses, according to the same legend, sociable nature, because that takes many guises. And, apparently, quite often: oral, and written records of different townships are full of descriptions of Russian homes, their customs and habits. What a pleasure to researchers, it all fits: wherever Brownie or dwelt in Ryazan and the Urals, it does not change yourself. He lives behind the stove: it is the warmest place. Hates it when the house arguing, abusing dirty word: tries to rein presumptuous "tenants", arranging small and big tricks. Loves horses — if the economy is stable, and can live there, beloved horse grooms and nurtures, tails and manes of their combs. But if a horse he will not like it, can be up to the death of her torture. In order to protect the animal, will take our ancestors, should be kept at a stable goat — goat Brownie spirit can not stand. By the way, to drive brownie enough to bury a doorstep goat skull …

But, of course, to such drastic measures people resorted infrequently: Brownie still mostly not built intrigues owners and protected the house. And, most importantly, create the same living spirit, without which any building — only the floor, the ceiling so the four walls … And because people treated him with respect, not called Brownie, not to offend, and grandfather, the owner, Schirihom. Cajoled offerings — the cereal bowl put the stove, the saucer of milk, and so on Kudesy (the so-called days Brownie September 20, February 10 and April 1) he arranged a feast: put the stove glass of vodka and a plate with honey and pies put tobacco. Thought: Not nearly Grandpa in a day — enraged for evermore bring upon you all sorts of trouble.

Oh, what a cute picture turns patriarchal! Is this all for real?

A non-existent entity?

Will not reflect on whether there are, in principle, Brownies. There is no proof and can not be, there could be a matter of faith and your personal experiences. Brownies do not prove anything going, but if your home that essence lives — be sure one way or another it will have an effect. So it is better, even if you do not believe in house, with him not to joke and not to show their disbelief …

I deliberately wrote, "If your house is home to the entity." Yes, Brownie — not mandatory accessory of any dwelling. Why? It's all about the nature of this spirit.

Kind but strict Grandpa owner, cute and incredibly charming Brownie Kuzma from the famous cartoon — the characters still fabulous. And in fairy tales is not accepted to ask the question, where, for example, come from a fairy: was — and all. And fairy houses: living a side by side with people from time immemorial, like as we put in charge of the higher powers — so helping to protect. Alas, the fairy-tale, a real house — the essence, though not hostile people, but still dark. For it is in fact a cluster of necrotic residual energy of the dead creatures (humans and animals), living in a particular geographic area. Incidentally, this is why the modern high-rise buildings above the fifth and sixth floors of houses can not be found: too far from the ground, the resting cause this power essence remains …

Caution: Brownie!

I scare you? Should not be afraid, be aware. In principle, the essence of which we used to call the houses, the people is friendly — apparently, it is fueled by our emotions, so to speak, we allow it to warm up by the fire, which he denied. And because ordinary houses as a nice side: repels evil people visiting the house, apartment and protect its inhabitants from the negative energy. Frequent quarrels and squabbles between home cause a surge of negative energy — and Brownie gets aggressive, and in the house start all sorts of trouble, from breakdowns to accidents, illnesses apartment dwellers to accidents.

Sometimes, unfortunately, is: A family lives in perfect harmony, and Brownie suit riots. This happens when the house stands on the site of a mass grave — the old cemetery, for example, generates surplus energy necrotic entity crowded malice and aggression. Possibly something else: in the home or in the place where the house is built, something terrible has happened, for example, murder or suicide. Tragedies such clots generate powerful dark energy — and Brownie into a poltergeist: the nature destroy everything that gets in, taking a raging torrent of unspent energy or wanting revenge.

Restless souls energy generates events to drive people into melancholy, sometimes shall communicate to suicide. We all remember the recent sensational story about a group of students, in turn killed himself. Escaped the boy explained, he knew that he would be the next victim, but was unable to prevent the events of "something or someone from the inside has led me, forcing it to do." The essence of the Dead then gathered their harvest and was still — unfortunately, probably only for a while …

What do the inhabitants of the house where he lived angry and aggressive spirit? Immediately seek specialist able to calm which sold entity. Or — to move: you yourself will not be able to control the situation.

If Brownie, you usually do not interfere, suddenly, suddenly begins to show itself is not the best, first of all, try to understand what he wants: often so Brownie draws attention to the alarming situation of the owners that they do not notice. There is some trouble in the family — and you do not see, that's Brownie and alerts.

If Grandpa is angry for no apparent reason, it should calm down. Our ancestors came as follows: the landlord picked up the whip with a metal tip and began to bypass the home quilting furniture and walls and saying:

"Know your place, know your place.

You brownie,

Must guard house, take care of household,

Yes mistress to please, not to fight,

Know your place, know your place. "

Should speak authoritatively, but quietly, without shouting.

Will be friends

Fortunately, cases of harm Brownie owners and even more embittered without them away, are rare. Death — the same part of our world, like life, and necrotic energy is as natural as vital. And so we — the people and houses — live well with each other: to bail millennium.

If you do not live on the top floor, and closer to the ground, you probably inhabited houses — and it would be difficult to establish friendly relations with him. Let the house and keeps you out of trouble — and gets his share of heat.

How to butter and treat Brownie, I wrote. Do it by all means, but still remember that Brownie does not like mirrors: as you know, in the world of the dead mirrors their relationship, so do not overdo it on the mirror surface, if do not want to anger the grandfather.

No matter how warm is your relationship with the home, moving to a new home, you will not be able to "invite" him with you: it is inseparable from the land that gave birth to it. But in a new home can make friends with the spirit of the place.

The main thing when choosing an apartment, how to vchustvovatsya in space: you will surely feel, guarding this place calm and friendly, Grandpa or hovers over it dark entity, replete with vengeance and destruction.

In Kudesy (days Brownie, September 20, February 10 and April 1), you can create protection for the home. The entire perimeter of the corners lay flat on the bulb with a bulb stuck in every 13 needles, and read the plot: "Father Brownie, keep my whole house in safety, do not let him demolish the wall but do not let the good thieves plunder, but keep me and my family from harm but trouble, from enemies visible and not visible. So be it! "

You can also get a new needle length of five or six inches, to prick themselves middle finger of the right hand to the blood and loudly say: "Schirih, guard my house, for the life of lead replete C'mon!" Then slide the needle in the upper right corner above the entrance jamb door inside the house.

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