Horror Emitivillya repeated?

The Supreme Court of New Jersey took up the amazing action from tenants spacious ranch in Toms River. Young couple who sought a cozy nest for a happy family life, says the homeowner handed them housing, without warning that it is home to one of the other world!

37-year-old Jose Chinchilla and his girlfriend, 36-year-old Michael Callan, has two teenage daughters, lived in the "cursed" house for a week.

At the hearing, they stated that poltergeist immediately began to behave very aggressively. By day, he threw out of linen closets, "carpeting" named floors in the rooms, and at night, not only published the eerie sounds that flew out of an empty basement and resembled the noise running a sawmill, but slam the door, "walked" in the kitchen, "playing" with electricity, ran a "wandering lights" in the hallway and constantly whispering in his ears. During the same dream he pulling off a couple sheets.

And once Jose was awakened by touching something very cold to his hand and opened his eyes, realized in horror that grabbed him by the wrist is a real ghost! The man had a good view of the contours near the bed.

After all, do not your own from what is happening, Jose and Michelle in the second hour of the night, leaving everything behind, left the house, settled in the nearest hotel, and then turned to professionals — Ghostbusters.

Those quickly arrived at the scene, recorded by means of special equipment and infrared camera presence in the house of some "evil forces."

"We were shocked — said Marianne Brigando, head of the research group NJ Paranormal Investigators. — Of all the studies that we conducted up to this case, this provides the most concrete evidence of the existence of the paranormal. The home is a place of active poltergeist and certain entities from the other world. "

In any case, apparently — to be one hundred and two hundred percent sure of the correctness of his conclusions Brigando invited a "bad house" Terence Sullivan pastor of a church in North Brunswick, who, after spending a few hours of the walls of the ranch, categorically stated that housing is the "seal of obsession"!

With the support of such a qualified expert, Jose and Michelle are now refusing to pay for the days spent in great house, and the courts require the unfortunate owner of housing return them the money they have made as rent for the month, as well as paying them compensation for moral suffering and involuntary treatment in the clinic.

The fact that the weathered Jose Chinchilla paranormal experiences seriously affected his mental health, as a result he was hospitalized and passed a rehabilitation course in a specialized medical institution.

"Burn it all!"

Among the evidence supporting the dangerous neighborhood haunted hapless tenants, in particular, presented a video, which is already on the 20-second mark of the "beyond" noise clearly heard words spoken by a man's voice: "Burn it all!"

The authenticity of the recording is not in doubt, even among experts. Therefore footage from this video are the main evidence of the prosecution.

For its part, the homeowner — known around orthodontic Richard Lopez — do not agree with the arguments put forward against him and filed a counterclaim, accusing tenants of libel.

He believes that his tenants are not scared poltergeists and spirits, and the monthly rent is $ 1,500, so they came up with "ghost story" as a cover for his "personal financial problems."

Lawyer Dr. David A. Semanchik adds to tell your customers that the ranch, located at 100 Terrace Ave., Richard Lopez lease rent for more than 10 consecutive years, and no one in this case did not show to improved housing with three bedrooms claims — or conventional nor supernatural.

In turn, Jose Chinchilla says she does not have problems with money, and if there were, he would not spend 4000 dollars on the move.

However, observers note that the chance of winning the court he did not so much. "For the judge, who is always the last word, in principle, everything is clear — Sherlyn says Gardner of society Ghostbusters Paranormal Old Pueblo. — The only thing that matters to him — the terms of the lease. If they do not have a word about ghosts, so they are not in the house. Therefore, even the evidence detectives paranormalschikov hardly be considered in court as documentary evidence of innocence tenants. "

In conclusion, it should be noted that the above story is very similar happened in his time in the famous Emitiville bloody incident, which "Abnormal News" reported in detail in number 40 for the year 2010.

Moreover, the shooting of the first film about the tragedy emitivillskoy, released in rent in 1979, is being held in Toms River, in the house, which is located on the ranch, which starred Jose Chinchilla and Michael Callan, a 10-minute walk …

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