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In a representative of any zodiac sign can achieve financial security. But it does take a little change and something to sacrifice.

The fact that your own sign, called the House of Personality in astrology, is responsible for the most vivid manifestation of your character, manners, It largely depends on your appearance and stamina. No matter under what sign you were born, for the active manifestation of the personal qualities and physical fitness meets Mars — the planet of the energetic, but the accumulation of material goods unrelated.

But for the economic welfare of any person responsible Venus and the sign, was the second of personal zodiac sign. This is the so-called House of money (if you are Aries, then you have a second home in Taurus, if you are Taurus, then your money manage Gemini, and so on).

Between these two signs, houses, there is some disagreement. If the first house is expressed actively, entices people to personal development, the demonstration itself, which can sometimes take the form of conflict with the environment, it makes a second home to adapt, maintain that there is, save all necessary and useful, and build the foundation of a stable, comfortable life , albeit sometimes at the expense of his own ego.

In short, if you aim to secure a stable position and financial security, you have to sacrifice some tendencies and character traits and develop the useful qualities of the second sign. This is not to completely abandon his "I", but sometimes you want to smooth out their features are too bright to an acceptable form, to become a major source of energy in achieving wealth and not a source of problems.

If you put to personal achievement, gaining new experience, a struggle for supremacy, even in the financial sector, but it is not likely to compromise, the wealth you can and will achieve, but how long it is you can not hold.


Your money house in Taurus. To achieve a stable financial situation, you need to curb excessive impulsiveness, temper, and the desire of all to beat develop the patience to learn how to do the work without haste, carefully and accurately. Easy money will go to you, if you find the work which you will enjoy.


Your money house in Gemini will make you become more sociable and curious, easy-going. If you want more material goods, and that you always want to, you have to overcome laziness and inertia and constantly learn new things, to be ready for change. Money rather go to you, if you have two or more sources of income.


Your money house in Cancer requires you dedication and team, the ability to keep a secret. You will not achieve financial stability, if you gave the impression of an unreliable and careless. And learn to make stocks. Money will come to you more often if you are in a family business or work at home, otherwise try to join a team where you will feel like in my own family.


Your money house in Leo. You have to temper the fear of the "black day" and sometimes try to spend not only unquestionably useful acquisition, but also for various fun, hobbies, beautiful things for the soul or support image. Such impractical costs will give you the opportunity to feel like a rich man, but a spiritual mood, Pull and real wealth. Money will love you if you love the thing you do, and are suited to running creative.


Your money house in Virgo calls you to a reasonable, economical allocation of resources, you need to learn how to run a private accounting, keep a permanent record of income and expenditure, including small, be careful when choosing purchases. Then you realize that the seemingly insignificant little things greatly affect your financial situation. Will seek more money for you, if you will constantly improve their professional skills.


Your money house in Libra, Venus manages, patroness of wealth, not in vain Statistics born under the sign of Virgo the largest number of billionaires. But in order to replenish their ranks, you have to rely not only on their professionalism and hard work, but learning how to tie a successful business relationship and finesse competitors. And for this it is necessary to properly evaluate all, correctly choose and maintain a balance in all things.


Your money house in Scorpio, and to draw to itself the material means, you have to be more decisive and aggressive. Will have to overcome your fear of extreme events, not to give in to difficulties and give tough resistance to those who want you to subordinate or use. Money can come to you in a very large quantity, if you will not be afraid of related problems.


Your money house in Sagittarius, this is a good sign for a wide range of business, but the stability of income is questionable, they rely heavily on luck. To attract the money luck, you need to learn to think positively, to believe in their mission and the work which you were hatching, and generally be a great idealist with exorbitant ambitions. The more you want, the more get.


Your money house in Capricorn. Of Sagittarius least people with a large fortune. Sagittarians are too wasteful, and spend all the money on maintaining the image and simply "hype", or, conversely, too immersed in the spiritual realm, and live in the world of ideas, forgetting about the "earth." To attract and keep the money, you should start to take them seriously and respect.


Your money house in Aquarius, and the financial success depends on your creativity and ability to find like-minded people. You should, while remaining serious and responsible person, to become less constrained the traditions and regulations. Try not to fall behind the times, and even be a little ahead of the others, to develop and implement the new and unusual.


Your money house in Pisces, the sign of a fragile rarely provides a steady income, but also a sign of your personality, too unpredictable. You are very creative, but your ideas can steal more entrepreneurial people. To reap the tangible fruits of their labors, you yourself have to be more clever, resist flattery, avoid dubious acquaintances and generally spend more time alone, to give free rein to imagination and resolve problems impeding success.


"Your money house in Aries, the sign requires courage and activity

astrologer Nina Rifle

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