How to attract money into your wallet

Even in ancient times, people wondered why some people are lucky with money, and others — not? The answer was given most often the simplest: money has magical powers, and many of the wealthy are able to lure them to him with various magical tricks. The existence of a special, money, magic, and no doubt many of today's magicians and psychics …

Bill as an energy facility

Money has, like all of those things, which focused attention of many people, has its own power. And quite high. This means that the money does have magical properties. Here we are talking of course about the cash — coins and bills. Making them of particular transactions, buying something at the store, giving a loan, opening a bank account, we, unwittingly, produce very real magical spells.

The fact that everything on Earth is connected energy interactions, and so thin that they are not yet able to grasp modern appliances. Money in these interactions are taking an active part. For example, they sensitively catch stray energy — former, current and even future owners. Money with them to the complex mental attitudes, different acting: some drawing to itself, some are pushing. For a man ignorant it really looks like magic.

It is believed that the energy of bank notes is subject to certain laws. Based on these rules were worked out and money management techniques. Someone will call it superstition, but those who use very simple methods of monetary magic, believe in their effectiveness and consider their application really helps to attract money and improve financial affairs.

We do not encourage the reader to blindly follow them, but still be aware of them sometimes helps. But these techniques largely correspond to national signs and centuries of life experience. Their application will have no difficulty, and harm in any case they will not do. But their benefits can come palpable.

What have you guys in my purse?

Any more or less experienced magician will tell you, with cash to be treated very carefully. Start communicating with them is desirable to choose a purse.

The right purse should outputting not only save money, but also "pull" them. Should not buy a cheap wallet. He does not attract wealth and poverty, because such stretches to like. At the same time, the purse should not be too expensive. It is best to buy a solid, comfortable pouch with compartments for bills and stuff. made of genuine leather. Artificial skin is dead and does not transmit energy, and it needs it for the wallet "charging", which allows him to constantly work on pulling money. Purse should be earth tones and gold — from black, brown, dark gray to red and golden yellow, it is possible even with an orange tint.

When buying a purse would be nice to use your intuition. Hold it in your hand, imagine that it's full of money that he has a thick, heavy. If you feel this, then the purse for you. This purse is able to take care of your money and to support you in difficult situations. If gravity and filling the purse you feel something from buying it is better to abstain. This purse is unlikely to bring you wealth.

After buying his purse should "revive". That it always went the money should be in one of its compartments to keep happy coin (the first money you received from the good people, consecrated in holy water, etc.), and along with irredeemable bill lowest rank. Fiat — that is one that you will never spend. Coin and banknote that reside in your wallet, will protect and guard your money, serving as a conduit of money power. This lucky charm wealth. The Americans in the role of the mascot stands first dollar they earned. He is believed to bring good luck in financial affairs.

To enhance the action lucky coins and unchangeable good idea to keep notes in a special compartment wallet and other proven traditional remedies that are well concentrated to a monetary energy. For example, an acorn (not the one you specifically went to look, and happened to find you on a walk) or a piece of horseradish root. And best of both together. But these things must be periodically replaced by new ones, because the natural batteries as artificial. tend to be discharged.
Wool — yes, photos — no!

Before the New Year should be put in a purse something from an animal — a symbol of the coming year on the eastern calendar. For example, a piece of cat or rabbit fur, cock feather, etc. (Unfortunately, the dragon will have to miss as figurines and pictures with his image for personal monetary magic do not).

It is not recommended to put in a purse photos close to you, as their energy can "interrupt" power of money. But the main thing — the monetary power will have, though weak, but constant exposure to individuals in the photographs, why they eventually may develop negative qualities. For example, the spiritual and sublime person can become coarse materialist, kind and sympathetic — heartless miser. Such cases are extremely rare, but still better to protect them from their loved ones. In short, the photographer does not place "in the arms of notes." Purse should perform only one function — money.

Money to be loved

In the future, when dealing with money, you must observe the following rules are quite simple.

That money may love you and your house, pay day not spend a single ruble. The entire amount earned should sleep next to you in your home.

As long as possible keep large bills at home and peddling them to the last. Their energy is stronger than the lower denominations of dignity, and they attract more money into the house.

Every day, you roll in your wallet order. Bills need to smooth, straighten them zagnuvshiesya corners and have a purse in order of denomination face to the owner.

Money changes hands, and they are energetic imprints of their former owners. Often this residual energy is negative. So worn bills to spend in the first place, so, keep them in your purse before newer bills, that they are always at hand.

Folk wisdom

As soon as possible get rid of bills. where there are unwanted titles or numbers. They dampen energy bill and send it to you in an undesirable direction. It is also conceivable that the figures could have been inflicted with the intent to pull money out of other people's wallets energy.

Try not to borrow money and lend money — that you would like to set up the fact that they come back to you. In a monetary magic law is the same as that of a life: give money, help the needy, and they will soon come back to you a hundredfold.

Try not to buy at the last money. Bought them a thing will bring continuous losses.

Found money won and obtained dishonestly do its owner happy, and therefore should not be detained in a purse. They must give immediate need or spend.

Up to date monetary signs, going back to the old times. Here are some of them.

Do not take or pay debts on Monday, and then the whole week will be just a waste.

Repay debts, loan and produce serious operations with money should be in the morning. Making it all night, you risk ruin. For the same reason it is not recommended to take the money after sunset.

Accumulated money can not be too many to count — this they cease to accrue.

It should be noted that these and other rules necessary to carry out monetary magic-on machine "without thinking about them. And do not expect the inflow of money every minute. This is very dangerous. You can not become slaves of money. It is important to realize that their finding of a large number of an end in itself but a means to achieve something, what you dream. For example, a decent life, buy some needed items, etc. Do not forget the proverb: "If the money — all you need, then that's all you get."

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