Huge towers found on the rings of Saturn


Scientists have discovered the rings of Saturn giant "tower", which can reach a height of more than 1.5 kilometers.

According to scientists, these objects are the result of the gravitational effects on the ring (thickness does not exceed 10 meters) satellite Daphnia. This object with a diameter of about 8 kilometers "dwells" in the Keeler gap of the ring A.

Previously, scientists have been able to watch the waves that gravity satellite leaves on the rings, but the "tower", similar to that found, scientists had a chance to see for the first time.

The discovery was made possible thanks to the special position of the Sun relative to Saturn, which shone takes approximately once every 15 Earth years. At this time, the rays incident on the ring at a very acute angle, and various irregularities shadows taller. That is the greatness of shadows, scientists were able to determine the height of the detected peaks.

Scientists point out that the existence of such towers had been predicted by computer simulation. New data show that the existing model of the motion of objects in the Saturn system are sufficiently accurate and in good agreement with reality.

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