Hurricane in Kakheti, Georgia


The hurricane caused extensive damage Gurjaani district in eastern Georgia. Several homes were left without roofs, toppled dozens of trees and damaged power lines. In addition to the hurricane in the area for several days, do not stop torrential rains.

Damaged roads in some areas stopped the movement of vehicles.

Special Commission calculates damage.

Source: Channel Peak

Kakheti areas hit by strong wind and rain

Hurricane in Kakheti, Georgia

Strong wind and rain caused damage Gurjaani region Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), leaving it without power on Saturday, according to the TV company "Imedi" on Sunday, June 12.

According to the TV, the wind knocked trees and power lines were damaged, homes shattered windows and ripped off the roof. About an hour was blocked road Gurjaani — Telavi. Currently, the district is without power.

Monday will start a special commission that will determine the size of the damage.

A number of neighboring areas were also affected by the strong wind.

Source: News-Georgia

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