Hurricane Isaac put the strength of the updated New Orleans levees

Looming on the coast of the U.S. state of Louisiana Hurricane "Isaac" will test the strength of the updated seven years ago — after the deadly hurricane "Katrina" — a system of dams and other hydraulic structures on the outskirts of New Orleans.

According to the National Center warning of storms the U.S., according to 0200 local time (11:00 MSK), the hurricane center was located 110 kilometers south of New Orleans. Meteorologists predict that "Isaac", which is now virtually at a standstill, will slow progress in the north-west for a few hours.

Gust speed that accompanies a hurricane, up to 130 kilometers per hour. But the wind itself — not the main threat. Experts fear that because of the "Isaac" water level in Louisiana Gulf Coast could climb sharply as the wind, coupled with a high tide will Surges wave. The day before in advance evacuated sparsely populated coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi marked rise in water level to a height of 2.1 to 3.3 meters.

As noted broadcaster CNN, despite the fact that "Isaac" is much weaker than the last in 2005, "Katrina" (first category of danger on Saffir-Simpson vs. third), many residents of New Orleans fear that even the updated system of dams, which cost the U.S. authorities $ 14 billion, can not cope with the first for her serious "inspection."

Previously reported that swept over Haiti "Isaac" completely destroyed 335 houses, more than 2.5 thousand buildings were seriously damaged. Nearly 15,000 people have been evacuated. The number of victims of the hurricane in Haiti, at last count, was 24 people and three others are missing. In addition, at least five people died in the Dominican Republic.

Hurricane a few airports in the U.S. states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were closed, about 1.5 thousand flights canceled. It also reported that more than 310,000 customers in Louisiana remained without electricity.

Victims of hurricane "Katrina", held over the New Orleans almost exactly seven years ago, and the subsequent floods of 1.836 thousand. The city was almost completely destroyed the business district, nearly all the tourist facilities and hospitals.

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