If you do not shake, then questioned

Democratic activists in the region is the local police and the KGB. Security services require a subscription to disclose details of the interrogation, citing the secrecy of the investigation. However, it is known that the KGB intimidate activists and try to force them to cooperate.

Gomel Oblast

KGB interrogated activists

January 12 subpoena Gomel KGB was called the head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov. What interested intelligence officers?

Poles"We started to ask, to any party, and many other organizations I belong to, I know the leaders? Which of them is called the Square? Was I alone in Minsk? The question: "And what is my status here?" The KGB Sergei Valnyanka replied that no status I have, because this is not a challenge in a criminal case. It is only within the framework of the law on the operational-search activity. I then said: What I have rights and responsibilities? He read the article 27 of the Constitution. After that, I said that on the basis of the said article, I will not give any evidence. "

The politician believes that the house-to-house searches and seizure of office equipment in the offices of opposition parties and civil society organizations, as well as in the apartments of activists and journalists have to paralyze their work, to intimidate the most active people:

"Several objectives pursued and solved several problems, including asset and intimidate, frighten and intimidate the society, which is more or less interested in what is happening in the country. To a certain extent — to paralyze the work of NGOs, political parties and journalists. "

In Homel KGB caused by a regional coordinator of the campaign "For Fair Elections" Vladimir Katsora, chairman of the regional organization of the movement "For Freedom" Pyotr Kuznetsov, a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Larissa Schiryakova. At Mrs. Schiryakovoy last night security officers raided and seized computers, a video camera, voice recorder and other journalistic technique.

Grodno region

After a call to the KGB — search and seizure in party offices

January 12 in Grodno were searched in three offices on the street Budennogo, 48a, where the estate are public and party organization. KGB officers came home and took the heads of regional structures BSDG — Victor Sazonov and UCP — Yury Istomin, as well as the chairman of the city cell BPF Vadim Saranchukov. They were taken to the party offices, where the search began, as was explained in connection with the events of December 19 in Minsk.

As head of the regional branch of the BPF Sergei Boy KGB media interest in the former headquarters of the participants in the presidential election. In the party offices were confiscated computer disks, computer cases.

Victor Sazonov said he had come to him and handed the agenda:

"And offered to go with them to the KGB. I drove for a while there he sat in his office, waiting for what will be. And then came, showed me a search warrant at the party office. The questions were the usual, protocol: whether there are things prohibited in the office — if there is, then issue the volunteer what I have to do with the company Sannikov. Seized two computers, disks, printed matter, books. "

And these days have also forcibly taken to the KGB, the Polish journalist «Gazety Wyborczej» Andrew Pochobut. He says:

"The very fact of such detention as it was appointed, I was feeling very dangerous criminal: I was dragged by the arm into the machine, then the machine in the hands of the KGB under conclusions. Then they tried to talk about the events in Minsk, using physical and psychological pressure. This is the assessment by the Committee of State Security of my journalistic work. When the KGB, so in effect, then, I'm good work. "

Andrei Poczobut filed a complaint about the actions of the KGB, one of which hit him during interrogation. The complaint was considering military prosecutor's office in Grodno.

Pochobut"I was also hit several times and, in addition, promised that jailed for eight years in prison, that I get an old man that raped in prison and so on. This is quite a classic set of threats. I just thought at the KGB more sophisticated methods, but it was all very banal. I'm absolutely not afraid. It's frustrating, of course, that here these people should have listened to more than two hours … But in order to frighten, they do not scare me. "


A dozen interrogation by the KGB

Mogilev region is already known about a dozen activists in the KGB interrogation. Perhaps what was more, but some of those who attended the committee refuse to report it.

Some of the opposition members were called to the KGB, not even once. Among them — a resident of Bobruisk Irina. She tried to accuse of involvement in the protest on Independence Square. Sought her to sign a paper not to participate in unsanctioned opposition rallies:

"They are motivated by the fact that Minsk requires them to provide prophylactic conversation. They are very nervous. Ripped off. Especially Kovalchuk investigator. I said to him: "Why do you start yelling at me? I'm with you quietly say. Sign all the same, I'm not going to. If you know exactly what I was involved, it will submit. "

Bobruisk journalist Eugene Vaskovich served for participating in a protest on Independence Square 12 days of administrative arrest. But it did not escape questioning by the KGB. According to Man, the investigator allegedly among other things said that for participating in an unsanctioned event it could be imprisoned for up to eight years. At the end of the interrogation asked to sign a paper read:

"What they had a conversation, and warned me that well be in opposition, and I realized his guilt and will no longer take part in such events. I asked to change the wording:" What am I going to continue to be involved because of their political beliefs in the mass peaceful activities. "

"It is clear, do not blame me for that, they are trying to tie the hands"

Today Mogilev KGB visited the head of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov. According to the activist, the KGB officer Andrei Mihunov familiarized him with a warning about the inadmissibility of illegal actions.

"They put me on January 5 on the register for repeated attempts at organizing and holding mass in the region of unauthorized activities. Of course, do not blame me for that, they are trying to tie the hands. This increased pressure on activists in connection with the events of December 19. "

Dmitry Solovyov will appeal the warning in court.


Talk about the interrogation ban

In Brest subscription to disclose not only gave Yuri Akkour.

Yuri Bakura was detained at the border, when he returned to Belarus from Poland. Border guards have given member of the BCD KGB officers who came from Brest to the border crossing Peschatka-Polovtsi, where he was questioned:

"They interrogated me as a witness. They asked what I was doing in the evening of December 19. I said that at that time was on the Square in Minsk, where he took part in the protest. In addition, interested in which of the friends I saw on the Independence Square. To which I refused to answer. They especially do not put pressure on me. "
Yuri Akkour notes that this may not be the last KGB Interrogation:

"I was questioned as a witness, the case file is not introduced. So do not ask me to sign a non-disclosure of information about an interrogation. Because I am a witness, it seems to me that this is not the last interrogation. "

Searches and complemented by pressure on students in high school who are threatened with expulsion for participating in the Square, said activist Baranavichy Jaroslav Hryshchenya:

"The authorities are trying to intimidate him. For example, a case is known fromTatiana Suslov. Local university student told the dean that she would be expelled from the university. However legitimate the documents it can not be expelled, she's pretty good student. But nobody knows how will this session. "

The apartment Brest Friend UCP Vladimir Wujek during the search were seized laptop. The activist was questioned by the KGB. Vladimir says that the KGB Interrogation directly concerned events in Minsk on December 19. Details questioning party activist voice can not:

"I was questioned in a criminal case, instigated on the preparation and organization of mass disorder. I was taken by the signature of the non-disclosure. Asked basically took a part in the action, he saw what he was doing. About these kinds of questions. "

Vitebsk Region

KGB is trying to intimidate and recruit

The former head of the electoral headquarters of Andrei Sannikov in Vitebsk, activist Vladislav Voronetsky spoke with two members of the KGB by the dean of the University of Technology, where he is trying to recover on their studies.

Recalling this conversation, activist sees it as an attempt to recruit:

"In principle, yes. After all, they said we'll help you if you're not longer in opposition. I do not know what they had anticipated. Maybe the fact that I'll say, "Oh, of course, help me to recover!" But here they are wrong. Now I myself solve problems with recovery. Now it is a matter of principle. And when they think they can buy, it is naive! "

Vladislav Voronetsky says that after failing to offer assistance in training KGB officer questioned him about other like-minded people — is likely to affect in some way and they are:

"They were trying to ask, who was with us — whether I know or that or the other … I do it almost did not answer. If necessary — and then let them davedvayutstsa.Chamu I owe them something to talk about? "

An activist of the "Young Belarus" Ales Golovan, who served in prison Zhodinskaya 10 days in jail for taking part in the action on December 19, also forced to talk about friends and acquaintances. Chatting with the KGB was on the First Department of Internal Affairs, where the guy brought the police had apprehended him at home:

"They were interested, who was driving, who called to go to Minsk, who sent a delegation from Minsk to Vitebsk to share, was there a mass mailing. These are the questions. They do not know — is it just a little bit, just what was in the media. "

Ales Halavan says that attempts to persuade him to cooperate this time was not:

'Attempted recruitment was not. They said: we are the same you know, you are such a "thug", to be sure about. Until now, me two or three talking with them on business recruitment. Here in 2004, I was sent a summons to the recruitment office, I come, and there are two people sit and say, 'We'll pay you the money, just write a statement. " Offered 20,000 "for the study of mass media." But I do not go, so now they say so. "

The activist mentioned that the KGB tried to deal with him on cooperation in 2001, 2004 and 2008, respectively, promising different benefits. At this time, only threatened, promised to prepare the documents and will make a warning for participation in an unregistered organization. Which one — in "Young Belarus" or BCD — Ales Halavan did not specify.

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