In Australia, because of floods inundated more than 300 roads

In Australia, because of floods inundated more than 300 roadsTorrential rains that brought Saturday cyclone Tasha to the shores of Australia, have caused flooding in the north-east. As the BBC, more than 300 roads were flooded, authorities ask residents as soon as possible to leave their homes.

As the representative of the Office of Emergency Management Queensland's Bruce O'Grady, the water level in the river Theodore exceeded previous record level of half a meter. "This we have not been. According to our data, the water level could still rise," — he said. Queensland authorities have declared several areas disaster zones.

Although the rain eased in some areas, we can expect more flooding as the water that goes into the sea, passes through the city, experts say. "Still get a large amount of water, and it is a problem, the full scale of which is not known to us," — said the mayor of Western Downs, Ray Brown.

According to farmers' organization AgForce president Brent Finlay, the damage that floods cause crop sunflower and cotton fields, is estimated at 403 million U.S. dollars.

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