In Canada and the United States want to legalize pedophilia

In the Canadian Parliament during the discussion of the amendments to the law called pedophilia "sexual orientation on par with homosexuality." In the U.S., the organization «B4U-ACT» fighting for the legalization of pedophilia.

Before officials made the University of Montreal psychologist Hubert van Gidzhseghem and Dr. Vernon Quincy. Scientists have tried to convince the authorities that pedophilia — not mental illness, but a special form of sexual orientation, along with homo-and heterosexuality. According to psychologists, "treat" chemical castration of pedophiles or subject them to jail — just barbaric.

One of the professors said that treat pedophiles — the same thing as gay cure of homosexuality. "We must, be in with pedophiles and to teach them to keep their sexual desire. They should not be seen as criminals. These are people who need help, "- said van Gidzhseghem.

Be that as it may, the idea of the descent of scientists to pedophiles supported by one member of the Canadian Parliament.

The American organization for the protection of child abuse are respected psychologists at Harvard, the University of Illinois and Louisville. They call pedophiles "people who are attracted to minors."


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