In Chukotka bears attack people

In the Chukchi Autonomous Region at Cape Schmidt polar bear attacked a small town of the former military air base. One girl was lucky to escape after the attack.

Animals lived on the outskirts of the village in the abandoned "Khrushchev" and an old abandoned pigsty. They moved to the village in groups of five animals.

One of the bears attacked in broad daylight at the girl, but the men of the village buzzing horn and started throwing bottles at the bear than, obviously, it scared the girl and saved lives.

It is known that the bears could drive out of the village until the beginning of September. There are even more terrible things — at Cape Schmidt, according to eyewitnesses, one person bears ate. And officially confirmed fact — August 19, a polar bear in the same village killed a man. 32-year-old Stanislav Ettuvge sent to work in the boiler room and walked straight through the coal composition when he was attacked by a polar bear. Following this incident, the three bears were killed in the village.

In particular, shot the bear that attacked a man and a bear with a cub eighteen months. The other two bears who lived in the village, in the barn, moved away.

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